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  1. My Fanart.

    I still exist. I've just been having a VERY dramatic life lately. Present for the Omega Sector;
  2. My Fanart.

    Thanks, everyone! He's having lustful thoughts about Spirk. Yeah, he's just holding the hypospray casually rather than "I'MMA STAB YOO" function.
  3. My Fanart.

    I love putting him in high heels. Sexy stilettos. HA.
  4. My Fanart.

  5. My Fanart.

    MS Paint doodle.
  6. Oh dear, I missed your comment.

    Chekov is pretty cool, haha. He's such a smart ass sometimes. :P

  7. My Fanart.

    Heehee. Someone needs a hug. I'm not sure if it's you or McCoy.
  8. My Rank

    Oooh, Sovereign's popular.
  9. TrekMovie.com

    TrekCore is the best Star Trek site I've been to, because the forum is VERY relaxed, and the site includes material from all the series, and we can disagree and argue about what series we like without people getting banned over it, as long as we're civil. I've seen it get pretty passionate in here without people being unreasonable. The forum moderators uphold the rules without antagonizing people. I got a slap on the wrist for cussin' a little too much but the mod was very kind and reasonable. It made me WANT to follow the rules. The new movie had it's shining moments and it's disappointments. Any site dedicated to the new franchise needs to accept that criticism. It's not about circlejerking!
  10. My Fanart.

  11. My Fanart.

    Thanks! Skull? That's a heart diagram. Unless you mean Bones' head. I am not sure about the origin of McCoy's ring, but it was a ring that belonged to Kelley's mother. I am not even sure what color it was-- it's rumored that it was a diamond. I'd like to speak to someone who knew him and could have gotten a good look at it. Or anyone who's met him and got a look at it... ...And I was just flooded by jealousy at the thought. I get miffed every time I meet someone who got to meet him. :laugh:HA.
  12. My Fanart.

    Thanks a bunch! Some more color and line work.
  13. My Fanart.

    Awww, thank you kindly.
  14. My Fanart.

    Thank you! I'm using GIMP.
  15. My Fanart.