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  1. Hiya

    Welcome on board, Beverly!
  2. Gambit, Part II

    Who said it was faked, lol! Hmm. I got the impression that Data's facial expression shows that he does understand Picard's joke turning it into his own pretending not to understand...
  3. Gambit, Part II

    ...and that Troi played along...
  4. Gambit, Part II

    Data's "joke" in the end....pretending to take Riker to the Brig...
  5. Preemptive Strike

    Ro Laren's decision is sort of understandable, I think....because of her past, on the Enterprise she isn't treated too well at the beginning...
  6. "Strange New World"

    Oh! That transporter accident In that century I could understand Troi's mother and Barkley in tng LOL Superior Vulcan logic ..."And act really friendly..." That's soooo mean!
  7. Infinite Regress

    Here Jeri Ryan could really show her skill in a great range of roles...impressive how she could switch within one camera shot. Tuvok and Janeway are fighting for her life like for a sister's or a daughter's life....
  8. May I guess where you did your driver's licence...? LoL
  9. final exam in didactics tomorrow

  10. final exam in didactics tomorrow

  11. Potentially Habitable Planet Found!

    Time for someone to invent warp drive!!
  12. Hello

    Wecome Ensign R!! Same rank...eh? Live long and prosper!
  13. Have been wondering about this: Does it sound like proper/ normal English...no idea...but to me it sounded a bit funny....Well my English Teacher used it once as an example of more traditional use of language, so I guess that makes it right, she definitely knew her stuff (enough that most of her students over the years got at least high B's in their English exams when it counted). It's very authoritative and succinct English. Using "so" in the statement obviates reiteration of what was previously discussed. The captain is confident in the veracity of the (always very important) discussions and decisions prior to his direct order ("Make it so") and affirms it that way. He could only make it more succinct by saying "do it". Wow Artemis! Are you an English teacher/ linguist or something? This explanation sounds very well informed and professional Thanks!
  14. Thanks....It was just because it sounded like a direct translation from a different language to me...then this similarity was what made me stumble over it