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  1. I thought there was a Malcolm/Dominic image thread here before, wasn't there? If not, it's here now! Now, if only there was an image of Malcolm in his skivvies with a weapon in his hand! :inlove: . . .definitely using too much Vidal Sassoon product. . . We need to make a T-shirt for Dominic: Official Sex Kitten ...need a cold shower? Then my work here is done...
  2. I thought there was a Trip/Connor image thread here before, wasn't there? If not, it's here now! Ah, light therapy... so relaxing, so rejuvinating, so... so hot electric BLUE... ...and here's a posed shot of Connor as Connor, in that drooly gorgeous blue suit!
  3. Levar Burton ashamed of "Extinction"?

    I don't know if it's rumor or not, but I don't think Levar Burton has anything to be ashamed of--from what I've heard, Scott, Dominic, Linda, and Jolene had about a half-hour to deal with what their 'alien' selves' behavior was going to be like, and I'll bet you that Scott had to pull out his primate training from "Quantum Leap"... ...that was a grreat QL ep... Sam leaped (leapt?) into a NASA space chimp... anyone remember the ep title? I like "Extinction" because it's NOT a Xindi episode! Yippee!!! ...and poor Dominic (or his stunt guy in Loque'eque makeup) got really, really bruised under the faux UV light... talk about duty over and above!! Wait a sec... wasn't the alien captain trying to kill L-Archer, L-Reed, and L-Sato the same actor who played the weird bounty hunter in the last episode of "Firefly"?
  4. rate season 3

    ...gosh, how I wish the Xindi plot line was just a really, really bad dream, like Bobby in the shower! (and if you know to what I'm referring, you're older than you look, too!) I liked "Extinction" and "Similitude", but I think the Xindi (and the MACOs) should have gone the way of the dinosaur in less than eight episodes--and should have been Romulans because we know the Earth-Romulan War began in 2160-ish--and anyone who knows me from other ENT boards know how I feel about Reed and Tucker... (Something along the lines of, "If you didn't have Reed improving weapons and Tucker improving warp reactor engines and energy output, you wouldn't HAVE a Coalition to morph into the Federation!") I think that Connor was directed (by TPTB, perhaps?) to overplay Trip's anger and grief at Trip's loss of his sister, and I really, really think that the scriptwriters gave Reed (Dominic) the $#%&! end of the season, getting snarled at by Archer, snarled at by Tucker, insulted (snarlingly!) by Hayes, beat up (badly!) by every nasty alien out there, and ignored by everyone else... ...and, of course, if you know me from other ENT boards, you just know what I'm going to say about Season 4 (so I may as well not bother!)...
  5. Enterprise Hunks

    Greetings! Happy New Year 2013, guyz and guyzettes!! Let me make you happy! ...and my favourites, below, natch!
  6. Dominic Keating with Hairspray

    My computer is blocking the plug-in for some weird reason; can you post the URL or link so I can go directly?
  7. is too busy to find out what her status is

  8. is too busy to find out what her status is

  9. These Are The Voyages

    Why, oh why are there no negative numbers for this ep?! I call it "the abomination" simply because killing Trip Tucker (fixup novels for him notwithstanding) is right up there--or down there--with blowing up Vulcan in XI. How illogical can one get?! As I see it, if the Coalition doesn't have Tucker (and Reed, preferably together) working on higher-warp engines and better shields and shipboard weaponry, you can kiss the Federation goodbye because there's a very good chance the Romulans would have won the war... ...ooh, there's a plot for a fic--the Romulans win because Trip died! Someone go smack Daniels--and B&B--upside the head to fix it so we do win it!
  10. Extinction

    I loved this episode! I loved it because it wasn't directly about the Xindi War, which I hated so very much for so many reasons.
  11. No--I'm very sorry, but I see XI as the incursion, and it has no place in my 'personal' Trekverse. If you want, consider it a parallel timeline, but blowing up the planet Vulcan is as illogical as killing Trip Tucker, fixup novels for him notwithstanding.
  12. Enterprise Hunks

    "...I love a man in a uniform... I love him even more when he's out of it..." I'm surprised no one's put up any skivvy shots from "2D/2N"!! (and "Acquisition" would have been gads better with Mal in Decon with Trip! ...and more explosive, probably, too...)
  13. Top three? That's easy... I'd say Reed, Mirror-Reed, and Trip, but I don't think the Mirrorverse officers are quite what one would think of as "officers and gentlemen", so he's out (but you've gotta love the nasty-looking beard Dominic had in "IAMD" and "Twilight"), so, instead, it will be: 1. Malcolm Reed 2. Trip Tucker 3. ...and coming in distant third place, Jonathan Archer, because he has a cute doggie... :huh: ...oh, no... not the doggie!
  14. Enterprise Hunks

    ENT hunks? Dominic and Connor, hands down... ...I love a man in a uniform, but I love him more when he's out of it... :inlove:
  15. The Communicator

    It has interesting ramifications, but what bothers me is that Reed knows squat about espionage, counter-espionage, or misdirection in this episode, but he's revealed as a former Bureau operative in "Affliction/Divergence" Say what? Even Archer made mistakes here that I thought he'd know better than make. However, as drama, it was tense-making; you know they're going to get rescued, but just how close will it be? And if they had killed off Reed, they would have killed off my support of the show... oh, right, they did that in S.3, when the Xindi were introduced... And now for something completely different... Does anyone know the name of the planet Archer and Reed were on, or the government whose military captured them as 'enemy spies'? It's driving me nuts! ...arrggh! Lieutenant Reed is fixating on his guilt, and it's starting to drive Archer nuts, too!