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  1. How large were the brigs on starships?

    Are three cells enough?
  2. Chinese Building Looks Like Starship Enterprise

    Looks like Enterprise-E with the rear hull of the Enterprise-B...
  3. Blood Oath

    For some reason I only watched the very beginning of that episode, but I am writing a fanfiction episode whereby more information will be given about the Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt than is canonically available. Whereby Kor was said to be in command of a division at Caleb IV in 2269, he still remained in command of a division back in 2271 (and then held the rank of major general). That said, since Klingons clearly had melee weapons at their disposal, what melee weapons Romulans had back in 2271 (other than teral'ns)? Or teral'ns were standard Romulan issue? The sequence where Kor played out Klach D'Kel Brakt in a holosuite indicated that at least part of the battle was fought with melee weapons.
  4. How large were the brigs on starships?

    Brigs featured in starships of all eras: ENT, TOS, TNG (DS9 and VOY are also TNG-era). They are on starships if only because crewmen can commit offenses requiring confinement. That said, as security details are often in short supply, brigs couldn't have been too large. As with security details, brigs are highly class-dependent.
  5. Now, I understand that the answer depends on the ship class, but capital ships had to have security guards. Take, for example, a D7. (I would expect that, at least in Klach D'Kel Brakt, to have some boarding actions in D7s)
  6. Healthcare professions in Star Trek

    Wasn't that the purpose of the EMH? If earning a MD in the 23rd century still required one to go through pre-med in undergrad (or college for the ones here without a graduate education) then psychology could have been his pre-med major.
  7. Healthcare professions in Star Trek

    I am about to write a fanfic where a ship's occupational therapist was tasked with leading an away mission where they had to deliver a shipment of vacuum cleaners...
  8. Healthcare professions in Star Trek

    Because Starfleet boldly goes where no man has gone before, doing away missions in the process, it so happens that redshirts get hurt one way or another, if they survive at all. For some reason, I am inclined to say that some of these redshirts may require physical therapists, occupational therapists, or, if some alien disease afflicted hearing, speech therapists or audiologists in order to be brought back to health. And don't forget the dietetician or the optometrist. One would think that a Galaxy-class or a Sovereign-class ship, let alone DS9, would have at least one of each apiece... or they are confined to the larger starbases? (I would understand if Voyager and maybe NX-01 didn't have any of these, though) Yet these professions have not been mentioned nearly as often as the proverbial doctors, nurses and, on occasion, dentists, in the shows and the movies at least. Is there a reason for that?
  9. Education in Star Trek

    And, of course, Ferengi considered education a commodity, and not just higher education...
  10. Education in Star Trek

    We all know Vulcans held education in high regard, and Cardassians did it, too. And that many a Federation race would consider education as a tool for self-improvement. Klingons had to have some higher education, albeit not many end up actually using it. Even so, Klingons had to have higher education so that they could have traumatologists (or, in a Klingon context, doctors who would be useful to treat battle injuries), scientists and jurists, to name a few professions that even Klingons could ask for higher education in order to practice, even though those professions are not held in that high a regard. What I'm most interested in, at this stage, is how Romulans or other species did it.
  11. How other races considered medicine

    And considering how long it takes to 'grow' a new warrior (even if Klingons physically mature faster, they still start as helpless babies)? You'd think keeping them in tip-top shape would be a full-time concern of the Empire. My guess is their medical 'expertise' is mostly in puncture wounds, phaser burns and lacerations. On top of that, traumatology and/or orthopedics...
  12. How other races considered medicine

    Antaak really is the acme of only one medical speciality as far as Klingons are concerned: plastic surgery, since cranial reconstruction is a subfield within plastic surgery. I'll grant you that Klingons are boneheads in immunology or virology, though.
  13. How other races considered medicine

    Is Antaak the acme of Klingon doctors, then?
  14. How other races considered medicine

    We all know medicine was not the Klingons' cup of tea, but certain Federation races held medicine in high regard. And that Ferengi considered healthcare as a merchandise. That said, how would races like, say, the Cardassians or the Romulans consider medicine from a societal point of view? Would either race consider medicine in high regard?
  15. What Class of Ship Would You Want?

    Give me a Norexan-class ship!