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  1. Inglorious Basterds

    He reminded me of the bastard child of Bruce Campbell and Henry Winkler, with that authoritative chin and those kindly eyes... killing people.
  2. Daedalus Fanart

  3. Daedalus Fanart

    A Reman warrior. I bought another sketch book, so I should be getting back to more traditional art soon.
  4. Daedalus Fanart

    Ael - I have recently become smitten with Romulan culture, ever since my typography project last quarter where I made a homage to Romulan character symbols for a font, which I will probably post soon. Hellfighter - Geeky Vulcan = Redundant. Har har. Cheile - Excellent. I like it when people know what they want. It makes my life easier. Incidentally... there is actually a story behind T the Romulan (who actually goes by Rahaen as a Romulan) and Joseph the Vulcan (I may just call him Seph. Sounds almost Vulcan, and I cannot find any sort of Vulcan naming guidelines, other than a lot of the time male names start with S and a lot of the time female names start with T). Rahaen did a very silly thing for a Romulan and fell in love with Seph. Seph found this to be quite illogical and turned Rahaen away, who in turn became quite bitter, as Romulans are wont to do sometimes. True story.
  5. Daedalus Fanart

  6. Daedalus Fanart

    Someone had mentioned that Andorian ale is blue. I do not know about Andorian liqueur though... This is my friend Joe. Something about Joe the Vulcan sounds... weird. Anyone know the Vulcan form for Joseph?
  7. Daedalus Fanart

    My padre as an Andorian. Though he looks a little more like Papa Smurf...
  8. Favorite Actor/Actress?

    Actors: Anthony Perkins Brent Spiner Christopher Lloyd Don Knotts Dylan Moran Harold Ramis Lance Henriksen Roddy McDowall Tommy Lee Jones Tom McCamus Tony Shalhoub Actresses: Andie MacDowell Geena Davis Jennette Goldstein Mary Steenburgen Sela Ward Sigourney Weaver Most of these guys are pretty old school. Not into the newfangled youngin's these days.
  9. NBC vs the World (Conan, Leno)

    Speaking of Ol' Yellow Eyes, Brent said on his Twitter:
  10. Dreamland

    It is a noirish love story that takes place within a dream.
  11. NBC vs the World (Conan, Leno)

    Though aren't all the kids watching TV on the internet these days?
  12. Daedalus Fanart

    Thank you again. I am having a ball doing these manips, so anyone who wants to be an alien can send me a picture and I will do one of you.