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  1. The best season?

    I think it's the second season, it's one that contains the episodes with the best plot and great comic (The Trouble With Tribbles, A Piece of the action), dramatic (Amok Time, Mirror, Mirror, Journey to Babel), and action moments ( The Doomsday Machine, Obsession). The relationships between the various characters are well defined and all the crew have his moments. The first season has many beautiful episodes, too, but I think it focuses a bit too much on Kirk, Spock and McCoy. No Chekov. And also other characters have a very marginal role (sometimes they don't even appear). And then there's the third season ... the infamous third season. Ok, ok, it contains episodes known for their ugliness (Spock's Brain, And the children shall lead, The Mark of Gideon), but I think its biggest problem is that there're many mediocre episodes, nor beautiful, nor bad, but forgettable. However, I do not think it is SO bad: there are also beautiful episodes, like The Tholian Web, The Enterprise Incident or All your yesterdays.
  2. need a coffee... or two LOL!

  3. need a coffee... or two LOL!

  4. A Piece of The Action

    Not as funny as The trouble with tribbles, but it's a great episode, anyway. The best things are: - Fizzbin - Spock frightened by Kirk's driving.
  5. The Immunity Syndrome

    "Why, thank you, Captain McCoy." Good episode, my favorite part is the difficult choice of the captain between Spock or McCoy. But I didn't like how it was remastered the giant amoeba: it was better before.
  6. Galileo Seven

    8: the part of this episode on Taurus II is great: I really like the tension created between Spock, in command, Boma and McCoy. And also Scott, who is like McGyver using the phasers as fuel. But the part on the Enterprise is boring: it's just Ferris coming in and out of the bridge, telling the captain he has no time
  7. The Cloud Minders

    It takes an eight from me. My favorite part is that relating to social conflict between the inhabitants of Stratos, the privileged, and the miners: I've ever seen a reference to apartheid in this. I also really like the relationship between Spock and Droxine, because it is very sweet and delicate, even if it's not a true love story.
  8. The Trouble With Tribbles

    10 and over! This episode is superb: there isn't any moment of boredom; every dialogue, every scene is brilliant and it also has an excellent BGM. It's hard to say what I love more, maybe the bar fight, but I just love it from beginning to end. What would Picard say, finding a tribble in his cup of Earl Gray? Of course "... ... merde ..."
  9. I like this episode, it takes an 8. It is capable of showing, in an intelligent way, how much stupid racism is, and, also, how much dangerous it is, generation a neverending hatred. The scene of the countdown for the self-destruction is really good: those close-ups remind me of a Sergio Leone movie.
  10. Ultimately Human: October 2009

    All great photos! I love Nimoy with kitty and Whoopi Goldberg.
  11. Egg and Bacon Ice Cream

    Eww... no offense to the cook, but I prefer a simple chocolate&vanilla ice cream.
  12. What's the weather like in your area?

    After three days of strong wind, today is sunny but very cold: 6,5° Celsius.
  13. Let's See Your Halloween Decorations

    Exactly the same here in Italy: some restaurants have a "Halloween menu" but that's all. Here "costume party" means just Carnival.
  14. TOS remastered

    I do not know if TOS is better now or before. I love TOS for the stories, I never paid very close attention to the effects or corny costumes (like the Gorn). When I read that CBS would have remastered the effects, I grimaced: "What the hell are they doing?". Then I saw some scenes on Youtube: ok, I have to admit that some things are well done, really, but others not, and I like the most as they were before (like shuttlecraft Galileo in "The Galileo Seven" leaving the planet or the cloud of "Obsession"), because they have exaggerated with the CG. And I dislike they cut some scenes... why? I have the three seasons not-remastered and I'm happy with them, but I'm evaluating whether to buy the new version ... maybe as Christmas present (hoping that for Xmas the third season is out: Italy always comes last -__-), but I'll take the dvd, not the blue ray, because they are too expensive.
  15. Likes and dislikes

    Likes: the characters, the chemistry between all of them, the beautiful stories. Dislikes: The role of women: sometimes it seems they're there just to be kissed by the captain. This bothers me because on other topics, Star Trek had innovative ideas. Indeed. I am sure that the authors had still many stories to tell, new planets to visit. Curiously, the last line of "The turnabout intruder" is "If only ...", which is what I think about TOS sometimes: if only we had more episodes... Here we are again: maybe, with one or two more seasons, we could see good episodes for the rest of the crew, too.