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  1. Omg not long til Xmas!

  2. Omg not long til Xmas!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! have a fab time!
  4. Pe"taQ

  5. Happy Birthday IntrepidSovereign

    Happy Birthday!! do we get to find out how old you are? lol only kiddin, have a great day!
  6. Pe"taQ

    Right this is a bit long, but hope it helps! here petaQ p'tahk, pahtk, pahtak or p'tak (an insult, epithet) STE [The unofficial definition: useless; garbage; non-functional; generally unable to get anything done right. This is a devastating insult to someone who has just made a muddle of something. "My interpretation is that this refers to a weak individual who doesn't carry the Warrior Spirit within." This may refer to a weak individual who doesn't carry the Warrior Spirit within; someone acting non-Klingon." (Riku Anttila) Useless garbage or incompetent person, possibly equivalent to English "shit" or "shithead" (Mark Shoulson, HQ 3.1). This epithet has the root taQ "be weird": as a sentence, literally "be weird, you all!" "To call someone a petaQ would be calling him some sort of weirdo or pervert." (Kevin A. Geiselman) - Romulan Gen Jarok sees Worf and asks Riker, "Tell me, how do you allow this Klingon pahtk to walk around in a Starfleet uniform?" (The Defector) - patahk (Sins Of The Father) - Duras, the other of the two to compete for the title of Chancellor of High Council, is communicating with Picard, who has been chosen as Arbeiter of Succession, about the Sonchi- ceremony. While at this, he sees Worf, at the time discommendated, enter the bridge. "Keep that pahtak away from the ceremony, Picard! He has no place on a Klingon ship. " (Reunion) - J'Ddan, a Klingon exobiologist who has been working on the Enterprise, is suspected of involvement in a security breach and sabotaging the warp core. As discommendated Worf escorts him to his quarters where he is confined, he tries to bribe Worf to help him steal a shuttle and escape in exchange for helping Worf to regain his honor. Worf is silent, but when they reach their destination, he hits the man several times and snarls at him "I don't know how you transferred secret information to the Romulans, but I will find out!" The man spits out "petaQ". Worf continues: "And when we inform the High Council, they will put you to a slow death!" (The Drumhead) - The day's battles over, partisans of both Duras and Gowron have gathered in a bar for drinking, boxing, headbutting and armwrestling, generally joymaking. Worf's brother Kurn exchanges a few punches with another Klingon, then laughs and sits with him at a table. When Worf enters, he introduces the other Klingon to him: "Worf, good! This piece of baktag is captain Larg. He commanded the squadron that tried to destroy us yesterday." (Redemption II) - Worf says there's evidence of a Klingon having been aboard a Federation outpost, where messages have been stolen. Klingon governor Torak isn't pleased: "You still try to blame us!" "Have the courage to admit your mistakes - or are you a lo'Be Vos?" "At least I don't wear the uniform of a p'tak!" (Aquiel) - Kahless, the Klingon messiah, has apparently returned from the dead. Gowron, Head of High Council, is not a believer. As he is transported to Enterprise, Picard is there to welcome him. "Welcome aboard, Gowron." "Where is he, Picard?" "I assume that you're referring to Kahless." "I am referring to the filthy pahtk who's using his name!" (Rightful Heir) - "pah-tak" is in the script but may not have been in the aired version (The Chase) - P'tak (First Born) - Quark has been kidnapped by the widow of Kozak, a Klingon who tripped on his blade at Quark's bar and whom Quark has, in order to enchance business, told everybody of having killed in self-defense. He awakens in a Klingon room in the presence of Tumek, an elderly Klingon. "Where am I?" "You are on Kronos." "Kronos... the Klingon Home World!" "You are in the ancestral home of what used to be known as the House of Kozak." "What's it called now?" "Kozak died without a male heir... the house no longer has a name." "What about Kozak's brother, D'Ghor?" "That pahtak's name is not spoken in this house! He is no brother to Kozak! His family has been a sworn enemy to this house for seven generations!" (House of Quark) - Three Klingons come down laughing from Quark's holosuites and notice some Romulans sitting around the table. They surround the table and Morka speaks: "Who let these filthy p'tahk in here?" Another replies "Maybe we should show them the way out" (Visionary) - "Klingon" B'Elanna rescues weak and timid "human" B'Elanna from the Vidiians, telling her to "Get up, p'tahk!" when she regains consciousness after fainting. (Faces) - Kor calls Worf "this traitorous p'tak!" (The Sword of Kahless) - Worf throws a thief he caught on Odo's desk saying, "This p'tak just robbed my quarters!" (Bar Association) - Regent Worf growls to Mirror-Garak, "So this is the p'tak who lost Terok Nor to the rebels." (Shattered Mirror) - B'Ellana categorically rejects Tom Paris' suggestion regarding Ens Vorik by saying, "I am not helping that Vulcan p'tak." (Blood Fever) - The Doctor's holo-son Jeffrey shouted, "I'm going to become a warrior and I can't do that if I'm being led around on a leash by some bloodless patahk!" (Real Life) - [K'Tar] glared at Qua'lon, then spit on the floor. "You petaQ! Your men have ransacked my home. Taken my belongings, my treasures, beaten my son, dRacLa." (STK: 166)
  7. After watching Star Trek 5 (Tos) Film with my husband we got into a heated debate! lol. I put to him if there was to be an ultimate sci fi battle between Star Treks Dominion and the Star Wars Empire (Darth Vader etc) who did he think would win? Him being a massive Star Wars fan said the empire! me being Trek said the Dominion! What do you guys think and why?????
  8. Anyone know of any UK up coming Star Trek cons?

    I know of a Northern club where people meet monthly to watch various Trek episodes and films, dress in costume, chat, sell and buy etc so if this is any use I can PM you the address (cos dunno if I would be in trouble for posting the web address so I wont!). If its any use pm me or let me know! I was thinking more cons where Trek stars attend if anyone can help?
  9. I have always liked Trek but recently getting into it massive, especially TOS, VOY and DS9. Does anyone know of any big up coming Star Trek cons coming up either this year or next year (other than Starfleet Ball)? If not any ideas where I can find out? As silly as it sounds I have scanned around the net but only seem to come up with American ones! Have heard about Starfleet Ball, tho never yet been but hope to in 2010! So also if any of you guys have ever been to the ball I would love to know of what goes on there and what you got up to!. Help!, over to you guys the experts!..........
  10. Rare Photos: October 2009

    Great pictures!
  11. Happy birthday Khan Lovr!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Who Are Your Top 3 Favourite VOY Main Charcters?

    Hmm this ones easier than the DS9 one! 1- Janeway 2- Seven Of Nine 3- Tuvok 4- The Doctor ( Emergency Medical Hologram) Maybe not easier than the DS9 one actually!, I cant pick between these four, sorry lol
  13. Who Are Your Top 3 Favourite DS9 Main Charcters?

    Ooh just three? that's a tough one! Thought the whole cast were fantastic, but heres my topest of top three! lol ...........................................drumroll please.............................................. 1- Jadzia 2- Worf 3- Quark Could we not do favourite pairs on DS9? lol Would then have to be; 1-Jadzia & Worf (my fave characters) 2- Bashir & O'Brien (the on screen friendship was brilliant) 3- Quark & Morn!
  14. Warning status?

    Hey Ael Im a girl! lol . Thanks for your help by the way x