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    Star Trek! TNG being possibly my favourite, seeing as it had some great characters, it was the first series that I watched as a child and consequently was what I grew up thinking Star Trek was all about and it combined a more modern feel than TOS with the same fantastic writing and issue-tackling that Gene Roddenberry started out with.
    Other sci-fi: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Farscape, Red Dwarf
    Fantasy: The Lord of the Rings [will finish this later]
    Reading, writing, casual gaming (with my favourite game being Batman: Arkham Asylum and with an affinity for the Silent Hill franchise) and, oh, yeah, Batman. I like comics in general, too, but I'm not very widely-read.
    I study German, English Literature and Classical Civilisation at A-Level, and have a passing but uneducated interest in linguistics.
    I'm also not a very good conversationalist, but I like to think I'm friendly - so drop me a line!

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  6. What the hell is going on?

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