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  1. Apps from App Store on my iMac

    The mac app store has a tab at the top that says "purchased" There you will see a list of apps you have bought. On the right side of each row you just click the install button and it will start the download. No, you will NOT have to buy everything again. This of course will only work on things you bought from the app store to begin with, because they are tied to your account. This redownload policy has actually always been like this, even with iOS apps. More recently Apple allowed for redownloading of music you bought on the app store. Clearly it was the record labels preventing that before.
  2. Five years, really? Great work to the administrative team and staff who have sustained it for so long
  3. Directx problem

    That's not really true. Maybe 5 years ago, but not today… I would have hoped services like Steam would have debunked this myth, but obviously not. I guess some people won't be happy with Mac gaming until they can play Duke Nukem Forever. *sigh*
  4. How and why Power Users pick Chrome

    I've got so many pet peeves with Chrome. For a normal user on Windows (and probably Linux) I think it's probably the best solution out there… I mean getting users on a webkit browser is a necessity (which means Safari or Chrome). The JS benchmark graph is just wrong though… Safari is neck and neck with Chrome on JS performance. Anyway, for a normal user on a Mac Safari is still the most integrated browser… it's the only one out there that has true integration (that Applications get for free, but cross platform crap like Chrome and Firefox have to add manually). By that I mean, the integrated dictionary, pdf support, etc. I have a few niche needs though. The Chromium team has gone to lengths to make development hell. Webkit has, BY FAR, the best development tools of any browser include tools built into the JS interpreter. Things like .displayName properties that the chrome team has dismissed as not a "real world" problem even though competitive projects are all pushing for the re-inclusion. Then there's the issue of an INSANE same origin policy chrome locks down for file:/// urls. Every other browser out there omits file:/// urls from their same origin policy, but instead chrome says "hey, you're on a file:/// NO XHR FOR YOU!!!!!" Oh and forget about sensible window resizing events... 95% of the time I spend in the browser is doing application development, and since they hinder that I absolutely cannot use it. I might be more open to using it if not for their condescending tone toward us. :/ The Chrome team has driven me away from Chrome. I'll be using Safari, which is just as fast as Chrome… and the guy who heads up the JavaScriptCore team for Safari is very friendly to us, willing to work with us.
  5. Say Bye To Old Yahoo As Bing Takes Control

    This has been in the works for… months; ever sense Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo. A deal was made which basically caused Bing to take over the yahoo results. Historically this has kind of happened before. When Google entered the market Yahoo used google to power their search for a while.
  6. Apple tells everyone to STFU

    It was about the time Photoshop started to become pirated by most people.
  7. Apple tells everyone to STFU

    No, you're both missing the point… It affects every single phone out there, no one is saying any different. Yeah, you can touch a spot and make it die… The issue is that most people in the real world don't notice it! Jobs says it's blown out of proportion BECAUSE IT IS!!! Anyone that uses one says the same! I've asked people and most say their reception is actually BETTER! The fact is, people hold their phones differently… some will notice it, most will not. When you put a case on it (like 90% of people do anyway) 0% of the 1% that might have noticed it before will notice it. Jobs admitted they're not perfect, but he puts things in perspective, because IT'S NOT AN ISSUE! Now they're going to keep users happy because that's what a good company does. Brand loyalty is built by doing things like this… And the whole "Apple is selling more phones so the lower percentage makes sense" argument doesn't work either… Everything in the world is compared using percentages… with a large enough sample (i.e. 100% of the sample) you get very accurate results. Apple has done more than they should have to appease people. But God forbid they put give actual data to people that shows there isn't really an issue at all… Truth is, it doesn't matter what they do… they could give everyone free iPhones for life and people would still say they didn't do enough.
  8. Apple tells everyone to STFU

    To get hated on for releasing the best product out there then bending over backwards to appease people so they'll shut up about a non-issue? yep, sure is…
  9. Well, kinda… First off they give numbers about how this whole antenna "issue" isn't really an issue at all. The iPhone 3GS had a 6% return rate. The iPhone 4 has a … wait for it… 1.7% return rate… That's amazing! The iPhone 4 drops less than 1% more calls the iPhone 3GS (while Apple did admit that's still too many it does put this non-issue in perspective). 0.55% of people that call Apple support are calling about the antenna non-issue. Bloomberg report that Steve Jobs new about this issue in the beginning is, to quote Steve Jobs, "bullshit". Every phone has a spot you can touch or hold that causes it to drop reception. This is easily demonstrated, Apple just labeled their spot with a black strip so user's know where to put their finger… To top it all off, you can still return your iPhone without the 10% restocking fee (which they've said for weeks now)… and they're giving you a free case. If you have already purchased a bumper, they'll give you a refund. If you don't want a bumper then they're sourcing 3rd party cases too to give you. Sources everywhere as you can imagine: So basically Apple said… "This isn't an issue… the media is blowing this out of proportion. Real users love their iPhones because it really is the best phone on the market. Our data shows this isn't an issue… but since we love our brand we're going to give everyone free cases if they want one. So STFU about this non-issue" And if you are still complaining it really does make you look bad. — So yeah… 98.3% of iPhone 4 owners seem to think this is a non-issue. I'd say more than that because people return their stuff for all different reasons… Does that mean the media is going to shut up now? Probably not… haters gonna hate.
  10. I am Matt and I am a PC and a Penguin. However, thank you Me1000 for your hard work to keep us happy. (Which must me one hard thing to do! ) Indeed it is… haha I'm kidding, it's not a problem. I tried to pretty it up a little bit (open the images in a new window or something), but the software has some security that I though it best not to go around. I might take a stab at it again sometime but I'm crazy busy ATM.
  11. The attacker(s) used a security hole in Coppermine, which we never patched. It is almost certain the attack was not by an individual directed at us specifically, but rather a bot that crawls the internet looking for sites which still use the outdated version of Coppermine. So if an IP is found (which I doubt it ever will be, because it would be extremely difficult to find) banning it won't do much good because it's probably changing frequently if it's not a bot net…
  12. Firefox 4 Beta

    Oh Firefox how I once loved you… It's a shame the innovation and renewal you brought to the industry has slowed so much. I'd like to see about a 300% increase in the javascript engine before it's released… hey, I can dream right? If IE9 delivers like the developer previews of it have (and that's a BIG if), then Firefox is about to be the slowest browser out there… How the times have changed.
  13. Gawker... Enough said. I guess they're still bitter because they stole the iPhone prototype. The iPad could print money and they'd complain the money wasn't green enough. Tabliods are not news. /typed from my iPad.
  14. iPhone iOS4

    but as long as we keep flash the status quo it will never change. That said, I rarely every visit website on my iOS devices that require flash…