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  1. TrekCore is hosting another new STAR TREK ONLINE contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 13.5, and today we’re giving away five Son’a Intel Battlecruisers for PC players - read on to learn how you can win one of these alien warships for your armada! Warp to the full article!
  2. Thanks to all of you for hanging with us this past week as we’ve been covering all things STAR TREK: DISCOVERY at San Diego Comic-Con! Today we’ve got our final interview from the DISCOVERY press event, with series executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman, on how the show is being produced for contemporary times. Warp to the full article!
  3. When Deanna Troi mysteriously awakes on a Romulan warbird with no clue to how she got there, she finds that she's been surgically altered against her will to become a member of the Tal Shiar, the deadly and feared Romulan intelligence service! Warp to the full article!
  4. Comic-Con may be over, but our STAR TREK: DISCOVERY coverage continues today with another interview with new cast-member Anthony Rapp, who takes on the role of Starfleet scientist Lietuenant Paul Stamets in the upcoming series! Warp to the full article!
  5. Our gallery guru Doug Wilson has been digging through nearly every source available to add to our ever-growing image collections -- and today we're rolling our our expanded STAR TREK: NEMESIS albums, featuring a bunch of new shots from the tenth Trek film! Warp to the full article!
  6. Check out our next collection of "Star Trek" screencaps from the 4K Ultra HD edition of the film, with a step up in resolution and picture quality from the original high-definition release! Warp to the full article!
  7. Our STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Comic-Con coverage isn’t over yet! This time we’ve got a brief interview with the youngest member of the USS Discovery’s crew, Starfleet cadet Sylvia Tilly, played by Mary Wiseman. Warp to the full article!
  8. We continue our ongoing STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Comic-Con coverage with another new interview, this time with the series’ resident Vulcan, actor James Frain – taking over for Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek! Check out our new video interview with the newest man to play the role, a Sarek younger than we've seen before in Trek! Warp to the full article!
  9. After yesterday’s big San Diego Comic-Con panel for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, we hopped backstage with the cast and crew for time in the press room to find out more about these characters and their role in the Trek universe - first checking in with Shazad Latif about his little-known character, Lieutenant Ash Tyler! Warp to the full article!
  10. Now that we’ve gotten our best look yet at the brand-new STAR TREK: DISCOVERY trailer from Saturday’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it’s time to do what you know we do best: digging into the images revealed to find out what story points we can uncover! Warp to the full article!
  11. Today's crazy day continues: we've now got 250 brand new screencaps from the 2017 Comic Con STAR TREK: DISCOVERY trailer -- dig in and see what secrets you may be able to uncover! Warp to the full article!
  12. Today's STAR TREK: DISCOVERY whirlwind isn’t finished yet! After today’s cast panel at San Diego Comic-Con, CBS has released a new grouping of photos from the show’s upcoming first season, as well as a brand-new promotional poster for the series! Warp to the full article!
  13. It’s been months of buildup, but Star Trek: Discovery‘s big day at San Diego Comic-Con has arrived – and the new series took Ballroom 20 at SDCC by storm this afternoon! Warp to the full article!
  14. We’re mere hours away from the big STAR TREK: DISCOVERY panel at Comic-Con this afternoon, but the cast of the upcoming series are already making a splash in San Diego with a surprise appearance at the DISCOVERY art gallery! Warp to the full article!
  15. In our third round of coverage on the incredible STAR TREK: DISCOVERY production gallery at San Diego Comic-Con this week, it’s time to take a look at newly-revealed concept art, driving the look of the series headed to television this fall! Warp to the full article!