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  1. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I am completely fine with Star Trek changing to meet the needs of a new audience, but they can't have it both ways, and that's what I'm feeling right now. The 'Federation doesn't fire the first shot' bit is probably the main example of this series that is exciting - it shows that for all of the changes, we're still playing with the philosophical underpinnings that have made Star Trek great from the beginning and despite the invited Star Wars comparisons, it shows they're not completely planning to go for swagger and bravado. So, the show itself looks fine, but let's talk for a moment about marketing. I can't buy for a second, even a second, that this is 'ten years before Kirk and Spock' in the TOS timeline. The technology looks very advanced, and that's perfect for today's audiences, but it just creates problems for trying to imagine this before the original program. Nothing here feels like an extension of what's come before, or enrichment of the universe as we know it. The Klingons look far more like they did in Star Trek Into Darkness than anywhere in the Prime timeline. There's also the fact that if the show isn't enriching the existing timeline, then how can the creative constraints of doing so be worth it? What do they benefit besides some marketing? For all of the Abramsverse flaws, save the Starfleet delta badge issue, it's been committed to being its own universe, and all three films would be served worse if we had been told these were the "untold adventures" of the original crew or something. It's fresh and new and shiny, and that's great, and I'm okay with it, but I feel that CBS should commit to that and save both their creative team and their fans a lot of unnecessary headaches. Before anyone makes any assumptions, I'm 22, and I'm still working my way through Prime canon, and like two out of three Abramsverse films. I'm as far from a purist as you can get.
  2. DISCOVERY Delayed Again ? No Release Date ?

    I remember being able to tolerate it fine for the first film, which I mostly liked, but not the second.

    *Spoilers!* I would concede this is probably critically the superior film, but I just can never stand the "everything is perfect... too perfect" plotline, no matter how well-done it is, because it always leaves me feeling less of one character or another's intelligence, and furthermore, it also tends to leave a feeling of waiting for the moment they finally realize what's up. It seems terribly often, it's the woman (Lei- Gamora) who is advising the guy (Ha- er, Peter) that something's wrong, and usually someone (C-3- Mantis) comes close to letting them know the truth in a moment that's just too terribly obvious to the audience...and the other nitpick sinking in here is that once you discover Ego is a villain, there's an 'evil switch' and you see almost none of the idealism or sympathy you'd seen before, as if the character's dimensions had more to do with Ego's acting than Russell's. I rather wish they had kept the idealistic side, and had Peter refuting him verbally as well as killing him. My only nitpick with Rocket and Yondu, completely forgivably, is that it struck me a little odd to elevate Yondu's relationship with Peter while having him kill all of his other Ravager comrades pretty casually. There's an explanation - they'd already killed most of the ones who liked him in the first place, so what was left was strictly mutineers - and it was a visually dazzling scene, so it actually didn't bother me per se, but it did feel a hair off. Yondu stole the show for a second film in a row, and that was the point, and he got one of the best and most finalized deaths the series has offered, even if the line was just a bit on the nose for me. The Mary Poppins bit was hilarious. Rooker really sells a character that probably sounded like a nightmare in marketing meetings and should've been a disaster by conventional wisdom. As a further note, I loved the Sovereign and Ayesha, and I... sympathized with her a lot. I wish they had set up Rocket stealing the batteries a little more specifically - we really don't see them being THAT rude. I think just having her say something dismissive/rude about him during her exchange with them would've done a LOT of good to justify Rocket's behavior, and as we see in the Trashpanda joke, he has buttons the other Guardians don't. As it was, it almost felt more like Rocket contrived his own reason to steal for stealing's sake, which is fully in line with the character, but lead to me feeling bad for Ayesha instead. The post-credits stuff was all fun as usual, although if you'd taken my bets beforehand, I would've bet Adam Warlock, Grandmaster for Thor Ragnarok, another look at Thanos, and another Howard the Duck cameo. I was right about one and a half of those. Seeing the original Guardians was pretty cool but I ever so slightly wish the shot could've somehow included Yondu, and if they get a film or play a role in a sequel, I'd hope to see Rooker alongside them in a flashback. Howard the Duck cameos in the main movie but I still nearly missed it! Where's his movie? I sound critical as hell, but it's only because a lot of the hype said it was the best Marvel film yet, which set the movie up for my more critical eye. I actually really liked it, believe it or not.
  4. I've thought about this a lot lately, as I recently did an analytical paper on the development of the Klingons over the course of TOS. I haven't had the pleasure of reviewing the later series much in the last few years, but I did pay special attention to each episode's portrayal of them. I think a really important thing to note is in all of the Klingon-centric episodes, the focus was almost entirely on a commander, be it Kor, Koloth, Kang, Kras, etc. all written as basically the same character, with actor availability being the deciding factor just as makeup was a deciding factor in the Klingons graduating to recurring villains. The important thing though, is the additional Klingons usually served as little more than henchmen. Excluding Mara for obvious reasons, I believe in "Errand of Mercy" and "Day of the Dove" in particular, there's only one scene each of Klingons amongst only themselves. I say this because I think it leads to a rather simple solution - the more familiar, bald TOS Klingons can be the commanders, with the ridged Klingons of the later series can be the warrior "caste" working behind them. The commanders are aggressive and brutal, while the warriors are more concerned with honor - perhaps even just about following orders. There is, of course, some room to mix up between the two, a ridged captain here, a bald warrior there, but I would imply that this is the usual fashion of things. There's ways to develop this. The aggressive commanders are chosen explicitly because they can undermine the Federation and scare them, similar to theories I've heard existed before ENT - one could even connect them to the Klingon aristocracy and caste system that had been implied but muted in previous series. (Kruge as a 'Lord', reference by Spock to a 'warrior caste', etc.) You could easily develop conflict from here - warriors torn between following orders more concerned with posturing than honor, even fostering bigotry against their leadership, i.e. the conflicts from Undiscovered Country that are mostly hidden behind the curtain of mystery around Gorkon and Chang's intentions until the former's death and latter's defeat. This allows, in my opinion, an easy way to separate and co-exist the two versions of the race in an interesting way, that remains open for future development and conflict into the society while still respecting the prime timeline's overall continuity. Featuring the two sides interacting directly in particular would open up a completely new way to see Klingon society, which up to this point has been a tad uniform, whether the portrayal is negative or positive.
  5. Shatner Ready to Play Kirk Again

    You know, I would absolutely love to see Shatner come back if there was a story possibility that made it work. There's ways - the Nexus remains pretty unexplained, there's always the Borg, and of course, we still have holograms. That's all without the much more plausible but far less satisfying time travel and alternate timeline plotlines. I'm trying to say that I think it could be done, essentially, and there would of course be ways to make it work for an emotional story, with Pine or someone else, but there's another problem - is the effort going to be worth it? The real problem is there is undoubtedly a segment of the population who cares far more about ShatnerKirk than anything else about Star Trek, and they are the reason his willingness to come back keeps making the rounds. There's still a lot of mostly older fans for whom the man is Star Trek, and everything else is a pale imitation. I don't share that sentiment, but they need to be acknowledged. It's difficult to tell if they would jump back for a Shatner appearance in a new film. I certainly know fans of TOS who didn't see some of the TOS films. If this was something that we knew would reach a wider audience, maybe it could be worth it, but if we build it, will they come? The other thing is my experience is most people who aren't in that slice of the fandom aren't especially interested in seeing him back. They moved on some years ago from the issue, and they've been happy to enjoy the adventures of the other dozens of members of Star Trek's cast. I don't think they need this, and if it didn't work, then it would be a waste of time for them, even a step-down, for undoing Star Trek Generations' most well-known flaw would probably shine a stronger light on what it did well for Kirk. I have also mentioned earlier my criticism of the focus on Kirk and Spock's relationship in Star Trek media, and feeling the franchise (well, mostly the PR / marketing dept) has been reluctant to develop it beyond its two most iconic characters. Honestly though, I truly wish we had just gotten that cameo that was written for him for ST09. I think that would have been the perfect compromise. It's a very well-written piece and respects what came before, his existing contribution to the franchise, and the character's passing, passing the torch to the new cast without overshadowing them. We all know that Shatner asks for a nice sum and doesn't like cameos, but I do want to credit that it was never offered to him in the first place. As for the question of respect, I find Shatner more fascinating as a person than Kirk as a character though, at this point - I respect his acting mentality, while I consider it out of date with the current industry, it's probably the same toolset that made him succeed back in the '60's. Acting was much more of a business and much less of a creative profession - you count your lines, and you're more often being paid for marquee value than talent. It's a little upsetting he hasn't drawn back on those habits, but they got him to where he was, so I imagine he sees no reason to change that. I think he understands some of the ways that big ideas influenced TOS' success in a way I'm not sure the franchise's later iterations did. For all of his ego problems, I do believe he genuinely cares about his fans, and I think his efforts with the documentaries have shown that he cares about Star Trek beyond himself. I can certainly respect him and his contributions.while still being critical of his flaws. The long and short of my post: I would be completely open to it, but you would really, really need a strong story for it, and I worry more about whether such effort would pay the expected dividend than whether or not it could be done in the first place. Wish Shatner could've done a cameo when it was the best time, but respect him.
  6. Quinto's Spock Should Appear on DIISCOVERY

    Sorry to bump this, but after the SNL skit, my mind's a lot been on the specific question of seeing Kelvin actors as the younger versions of the Prime characters - it's nice to see that most people seem fairly okay with Quinto, but are more worried about story and letting the show stand on its own. I share those worries and I would definitely prefer someone with as much stature as Kirk or Spock be held back for a few seasons. As for confusion between timelines, I think if the visual style remains distinct, it could be possible. Seeing Pine in a different outfit for SNL felt clear enough to me and most people he was playing Kirk Prime. (The Shatnerspeak helped.) I would rather see someone like Admiral Archer or T'Pol (not even an ENT fan, mind you) Pike or even Number One, a favorite character of mine, but I'm not holding my breath, to be honest. Developing minor characters enriches the universe a lot for all involved, is one of the benefits of having a larger franchise, and frankly, I think the franchise rests too much of itself on Kirk and Spock, even today. They're fantastic characters, but it should strive to be much, much more than those two.
  7. Almost all of the jokes were terrible, and while a lot of the costuming worked, Spock almost looks worse than Spocko... all that said, for the moment at the beginning where they're playing a bit straight, before Spocko shows up, they at least seem like they know what they're doing. It didn't quite give me the 'we only know Star Trek from those jokes on SNL' vibe that some of the parodies today give me, and that's coming from someone who grew up with many of those. Certainly it was nice to hear a reference to the Romulans instead of the more obvious Klingons, or worse, a TNG villain. I actually think it's important to see how 'well' that Chris Pine seems to pull off the ShatnerKirk vibe here - he's obviously hamming up the imitation for the sake of the parody, and it's all pretty fair within reason, but it feels a little deeper than that - the posture and seeing him on the classic set. It makes me feel like we could see Pine playing a young Prime Kirk, not Kelvin timeline Kirk, and that he could pull it off, if he just dials some of this back. Also, I'm certainly glad they didn't forget Chekov or Sulu, as some parodies do, but no McCoy? Boo.
  8. Section 31: A Necessary Evil In A Utopia?

    I don't know if this will sound like a cop-out or hair-splitting for the intended moral/ethical questions, but I can't imagine Section 31 being compatible with the idea of a utopia. The idea of a utopia to me, implies the absence of exactly the things that necessitate the existence of S31 in the first place. Of course, whether or not (Star Trek's) Earth is a utopia isn't the same question as is the Federation a utopia...
  9. Glad this series is still going. I remember being really intrigued by New Voyages, but my interest piqued right when they hit their huge hiatus of nothingness - on the same token, I didn't hope on the STC train because I was rather fearful it would fizzled out in the same fashion, but it seems to be going extremely well and I look forward to trying it after I can go through TOS again. I'm curious what their long-term game plan is. Hopefully they can continue as long as they wish, since they're non-profit. It's devastating the whole Axanar thing had to sink the Trek fan film world. The passion of fans was inspiring to me.
  10. DISCOVERY Delayed Again ? No Release Date ?

    I would agree it's the future of media, although I don't know that I'd call it television at this point. I'd say that for me, for the programs I love most, those are the ones I actually do make the effort to watch live when possible. To me, there's something special about being there week after week, all of the speculation and wondering, and for me, the convenience of streaming really takes that away from that experience unless you're talking about a season finale/opener situation, and even those are often resolved so quickly in-story that streaming doesn't do them justice, either. But you know what? I think a serialized television show with an emphasis on streaming is a good move for Star Trek, I really do. I think it's something that shows CBS and Paramount are willing to try something new, even if it's via their own dumb All Access program, and I think the serialization will allow for storytelling that will open up people who might not otherwise be interested.
  11. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    When you put it like that, it sounds like a pretty intense plotline! It'd certainly be a break from trying to create the next vengeance-driven barbarian, and using George would probably add a lot of emotion to the plot - sort of like what STID wanted to do with the Marcuses but never quite panned out. (Speaking of which, I wonder if the door's closed on Carol coming back?)
  12. DISCOVERY Delayed Again ? No Release Date ?

    I'm not worried. Let them take as much time as they need. I do wish STID and STB had had more active development time - it may seem like they had no excuse, but it felt like both films kind of sat for a year or two with nothing happening, and then were rushed the rest of the way. Abrams has a busy schedule, I know.
  13. Star Trek XI Toys Updated 2-11

    I'm sorry to bump this thread but I just wanted to say I remain fond of these toys and I'm still bummed the second series never saw retail. I'm always a few days and dollars away from customizing a proper McCoy and Chekov - but it'd sure be nice to have a few Klingons or something else in the 3.75" scale to go with Nero. (I'm aware of the previous 3.75" lines but they're all crew-focused. May collect them yet, but)
  14. Chris Pine Talks STAR TREK 4

    Well, not the place I expected to run into some fellow lovers of Peggy Carter, but always happy to see I'm not alone! I'm hopeful for "STAR TREK 4" and I think the inclusion of Hemsworth is a signal that we're moving beyond just trying to come up with cool villains, as I felt the previous two movies tried to do, and was a part of their story issues. The casual audience loves a good villain, but a Star Trek film needs to be more than that.... I mean, assuming George Kirk isn't going to be assimilated into the Borg or something...
  15. Star Trek Cinematic Universe

    I would say Star Trek is virtually already an extended universe - there were points where the TV series aired concurrently, while crossing over characters and taking place in the same universe and continuity. Part of the problem is I don't think Star Trek can lend itself to doing wildly different stories in the film medium - a different captain on a different ship won't broaden the universe for anyone who isn't already invested. A space station wasn't enough for many people, as we know. I think a show focused on one of the alien species would be prohibitively expensive (as cool as it might be to see something about Klingons, for example) and the other familiar canon characters don't overlap with the timeline well - although consider, films based on the TNG/DS9/VOY era could all be released in a short span and mix with one another. It's important to keep in mind, as the post above suggests, the Marvel films are not all pulling the same audiences, and that's part of the idea. You can pull in new people with Guardians of the Galaxy who may tune in for future Marvel films either by tone, or because the Guardians cross over. I know many people who only know Thor from his The Avengers appearances. Marvel is making multiple franchises that crossover, while other studios are merely trying to expand franchises into mega-franchises. Suicide Squad was new, but BVS largely continued Man of Steel, without a separate Batman film - which lead to some of its story problems, imo I feel, these days, Star Trek has always been at it's finest on television, and while a number of the films are great, the film series still largely works as an extension of the existing media franchise. I find it extremely unfortunate Paramount and CBS can't be more cooperative. It's a huge shame we can't get a TV series with the Kelvin timeline characters, but I know it'll never happen.