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  1. Favorite Moment/Scene in each film

    The whole Voyage Home film. What? I liked the funny stuff (especially the scene with the punk and that other one where Scotty tries to talk into the computer, and Spock hating on Italian food). And I am a huge fan of comic moments, so I was ROFL the whole while. The rest, I still am trying to find. XI? The funny moments. First Contact (I watched a portion of this): Blitzed Troi. That was the only thing I found. From what I read in Memory Alpha, Generations' Data moments: A laugh.
  2. The Enemy Within

    Knocked one point off because I wanted to know what the heck was happening to the away team. Oh, hellfighter, Fencing Sulu is in The Naked Time. I believe you're in the wrong ep.
  3. The Trouble With Tribbles

    Spock, you hypocrite! You pet the tribble while you said Vulcans were immune to its effects! Anyway, I wish the tribbles were in TNG. I wanted to see Picard's reaction to them!
  4. Deja Q

    I liked the part where Guinan stabbed his hand with a fork.
  5. Miss writing Trek

    I do crossovers. Especially if all the ST series are involved. I wonder if Kirk saw Sisko...
  6. Your ideal trek book

    I'd like a crossover. Between ALL of the series. With the Borg and amnesia, plus body-switching.
  7. Geordi

    Ocular implants, hands down. Finally, the guy sees clearly! But I do miss the VISOR.
  8. James T. Kirk (HD Only)

    Huh, this one's from Voyage Home.
  9. Chain Of Command, Part II

    I liked how he resisted the torture well.
  10. Did anyone here LIKE Star Trek XI?

    I loved the movie and how Abrams tried to make it as close to Roddenberry's as possible (hard to pull off in an alternate timeline). I wish they did canon-ize the Shatnerverse series of novels. And darn, Uhura looks strong yet hot! I wonder if I can set a few of my teachers up on a date with her... *wink*
  11. Star Trek XII infomation !

    DS9, TNG, ENT, VOY, ST (2009) crossover. Maybe throw in the Borg for good measure. I barely even see a VOY/TOS fan fic 'round nowadays.
  12. Star Trek XII: Khan

    Unless they find SOME way to bring him back, settle for the Borg. I wanna see Kirk's face when he sees an assimilated officer! "I came here for adventure, not to run like h*ll!" Yeah, I can hear that.
  13. Favorite Holodeck Episodes?

    Elementary Dear Data has my vote! I've always wanted to see a Sherlock Holmes thing...
  14. Ghost Whisperer

    Is this alright? If it is, I'll explain: Ghost Whisperer is a sci-fi show that stars Melinda Gordon, who can see and talk to ghosts. I'm not really good at explaining, though. You might need to go to a Wikipedia article on it.
  15. Board Software Upgrade

    What just happened here?! One minute I come here to edit my fan fiction, and WOWIE, look at the board!