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  1. The Jem'Hadar

    DS9 2x13 - The Jem'hadar - Great episode, introduction of the Jem'Hadar, we see the first Vorta, altough not yet called by that name. Interaction with Jake and Nog was fun, with all the squeeling Nog does, it's amazing he applied for Starfleet Academy :-) 10/10 In my opinion, Season 2 is as strong a season 3, great season but can't wait for season 3
  2. Watched: DS9 2x13 - The Jem'hadar
  3. Eye Of The Beholder

    Watched it today, was an okay episode but I really do not like W/T together, wrong, just so wrong on so many levels. 5/10
  4. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

    Watched it today, although it still mirrors are present society, I did not really care much for this episode. 6/10
  5. Future's End pt1&2

    Watched the first part last night, finally, everything comes together, best episode(s) yet! 10/10
  6. False Profits

    Did not really care much for this episode, 4/10.
  7. Tribunal

    Really a great episode, watched it today again, O'Brien episodes always are good but I liked this one even more than the others. That Cardassian justice system, you got to love it, especially when we are not the ones depending on it. 8/10
  8. Watched: VOY: 3x05 - False Profits & 3x08 - Future's End P1 (skipped Remember & Sacred Ground) DS9: 2x25 - The Tribunal
  9. What is everyones issue with Gates Mcfadden...

    I have to say, regarding your comment on Crusher, I agree. I do not hate nor love the character, she just wasn't that interesting. When I first watched season two with Pulaski I did not really like her but in the years after, I began to appreciate her and I have to admit, last time I watched season two on Blu, I found her to be more interesting as a doctor as Crusher has ever been.
  10. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    If that would happen..... I certainly would not buy a single season if that would happen. The other way around I would probably do, to help DS9 get to HD I would be inclined to buy Voyager also on Blu.
  11. The Collaborator

    Well I really love this episode, every time I watch it I enjoy it immensley. Really love Bajoran politics and their culture. It's also commendable the creators did not do the obvious, solve the accusation before the election so Bareil could still be Kai. This sets up so many intriguing storylines in future episodes. This s actually one of my favorites of the season. 9/10
  12. Masks

    I read here a few weeks back, that you'd watched and you liked it, so I did try and like it but it did not hold my attention and if it's because I was tired or the episode did not hold my attention, I dozed off more than once.
  13. Masks

    Watched it today and I have to say, I did not really care for it, dozed off 3 or 4 times at least during! 4/10
  14. Whom Gods Destroy

    Watched it tonight, really liked this episode, also liked the chess thing as a code and thought it was well done that they did not create a situation in which Kirk gives up the life of his crew for one individual. Also like this episode in regard to the kickstarter project Star Trek: Axanar, really looking forward to the movie, I donated! 7/10
  15. The Swarm

    I do like this episode a lot, think they could have done more with these aliens, maybe recurring, now it was just a lttle more than a pest problem. The other story about the doctor was superior, great story. 7.5/10