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  1. @ Sim; Dream Theater might have been my doing, I'm a big fan of theirs. My tastes are all over the place, started off with metal of various genres, began exploring my dad's collection of seventies prog rock as a lot of what I was listening to was inspiried by these groups. As I've gotten older my tastes have expended and I listen to most things now, Rap and Hip Hop aside
  2. Favorite Alien Designs

    The Borg's a favourite of mine, great design concept and scary. Most Trek enemies before them basically just wanted to beat you down and rule over you. The Borg weren't like that, if they won, you'd be eradicated as a species and all that would be left was a number and whatever knowledge they thought was worth keeping hold of in their quest for perfection. Species 8472 were an interesting lot as well.
  3. STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Online

    Trashes my lest favourite starship design ever, runs away in my second least favourite, or so it seems anyway. Oh well, at least the plot might not be a lost cause like the last film in the sense that it has something of an original plot, or so it seems. Shan't hold my breath though.
  4. I'm Back, Yo.

    Squeeeee! Welcome back :D
  5. First Teaser!

    This confirms nothing, other than the existence of a new series, I might get vaguely excited once they start giving us details.
  6. What Do You Look Like?

    Looks like you're having fun there Sehlat, music is such a great thing to have in our lives. It was Transgender Day of Visibility yesterday, so of course we were out and about doing stuff, my wonderful girl Rebecca got some nice pics of me. Also throwing in a nice pic of me and Rebecca together, she is such an amazing woman and I can't even begin to describe how much she's helped me in recent months with things.
  7. Queer/LGBTQ Characters?

    Actually I find The Outcast distressing. You have a character expressing a gender other than they were born with and they were basically strong armed into going through conversion therapy to suppress it. They could have done that so much better instead of the 'You're not normal therefore we're going to stamp it out of you' allied with the crew hiding behind the Prime Directive. Being someone who's trans and in a relationship with another woman and aware such practices are out there for real, that hurts like hell that they went in that direction. As Sehlat and other have pointed out, the world's moved on and Star Trek is ridiculously out of touch now. Hell in the early 90's and while Star Trek was blundering around, B5 had Ivanova casually declare her love for another woman (Talia) and no-one batten an eyelid. It was quiet, low key and no big deal made of it, which is how it should be. I don't relate to Star trek any more because of all this and until someone gets with the times that case of affairs will continue, sadly.
  8. Big changes afoot here. Left my husband for a number of reasons, found a wonderful girl who really gets me and now moving in with her. She's a huge sci-fi and anime fan and very gentle and loving and I'm the happiest I've been in years with her.

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    2. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      And that is what's important.   I was in a really bad engagement a few years before I met my current wife; I sympathize.  

      If I'd gone down that other path, I would've been miserable.

    3. Sim


      All the best, and: To happiness! :)

    4. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      Good luck with everything, Starblind! Hope you continue to be happy! :)

  9. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Loved Ghost in the Shell when it was popular a few years ago. Stand Alone Complex was a great anime series. I watched the first two movies and some of SAC. My wife is a hardcore anime fan, and even though anime is not as much my thing as it is hers? Those were some very striking and entertaining films/episodes. A visually lush and yet gritty universe. I remember seeing "GITS2: Innocence" in a theatre years ago, and it was utterly mesmerizing... I know, it's very well written, very deep stuff that gets you thinking, hence the quote in my siggy right now, among other things.
  10. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I've gotten heavily into Ghost in the Shell lately, call it my obsession for the moment, partly because of various themes explored and partly because it holds a mirror to parts of my life in some ways.
  11. RIP David Bowie; 1947-2016

    This has really hit me too. I grew up with dad having his music on a lot, I had a massive crush on him as the Goblin King as a kid when I saw Labyrinth and when I saw his gender non-conforming artwork and expressing himself that way it game me hopes of similar dreams at a time when I didn't really understand myself and who I was. I'm really going to miss him
  12. I've recently gotten into listening to a lot of stuff by Two Steps From Hell thanks to my sister getting me into them.
  13. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Well I recently tracked down and got the Terrahawks series on DVD. Well worth doing IMO :D
  14. The "New" Ninth Planet

    Drat! If they hadn't demoted Pluto we'd be talking about a Tenth Planet and I could be cracking wise about how I hope they don't call it Mondas
  15. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS!!!!!)

    Well I got my chance to watch this today. Overall it was pretty good, though I'm sad about Han not being around any more, though that said I kinda had a feeling something was going to happen, a feeling that that invincible aura he and Chewie had was now slipping with age and driven home when Chewie got shot early on. I have to admit the use of the Force seems to be getting ever more ridiculous now, case in point being the laser bolt being stopped in mid air for what seemed an eternity and Rae unlocking Jedi master power with no guidance whatsoever. Overall it was an enjoyable use of a couple of hours for someone who's very casual when it comes to Star Wars