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  1. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    I think T'Kuvma decimating all the Starfleet ships and declaring their borders as Klingon territory probably got the ball rolling on the whole war thing. No one's even mentioned T'Kuvma's martyrdom, but rather seem to focus on all the deaths from that battle, (e.g., "my cousin was on that one ship that got blowed up and it's all your fault," etc.).
  2. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    SPOILERS I knew it would be the case, but I don't understand why Michael is being blamed for the war and all the deaths. She mutinied for about 30 seconds and accomplished nothing while "in charge." If she had managed to get the shot fired, and that in turn spurred the Klingons to decimate the fleet, okay now we're talking, but the captain wakes up in 30 seconds, takes control, tries to negotiate peace (against her first officers advice) and Klingons go to town on them. So maybe it's Georgiou's fault? Or nobody's fault, as it seemed like T'Kuvma was going to have his war one way or the other. Otherwise I'm enjoying the show...except for the entire premise. Erm.
  3. Nog's Leg

    Here's a nit-pickery that may or may not be legit. How was Nog injured? Should he have just been disintegrated? Do the Jem'Hadar not have weapons as cool as the Federation/Klingons/Romulans? Per Wiki, they used plasma rifles. Does plasma not disintegrate like phasers? A couple of buddies and I were talking about this and didn't come up with anything interesting, so I though I'd bring it here looking for better ideas.
  4. is boldly going where many posters have gone before...

  5. is boldly going where many posters have gone before...

  6. New Trekkie

    I've posted here (infrequently) already, but allow me to introduce a fairly new Trekkie. Not that he's NEW new (3 months old) but newer than most of you, anyway. And YES, his name is James.
  7. Struzan Posters

    Thanks for the help. It wasn't a fan site though, it was a site in the UK that sold posters. They were legit posters. Just wondering if anyone else out there have seen them before. Tried to Google thing but to no avail. Maybe I just dreamed them.
  8. Struzan Posters

    A while back I remember seeing a set of posters on some European website for TNG, DS9 and VOY. Each poster featured a close-up of the Captain's face for each respective show and then a bunch of little heads for all the cast members as well as their ships, all set against a space backdrop. Maybe it was Drew Struzan, maybe it was a Drew Struzan lookalike (I'm pretty sure it was Struzan though). I specifically remember the VOY poster had Janeway's face as a profile and she was looking up. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? And more importantly, anyone have these images or know where I can find them? Drew Struzan's official site has some great Trek pieces, but not the ones I'm thinking of. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. TrekMacros

  10. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    Déjà Q Q: "I feel like celebrating!" Picard: "I don't!"
  11. Did anyone here LIKE Star Trek XI?

    Yeah, I pretty much agree. I get what they were trying to do, I think, but it also didn't seem as well thought out as the rest of the ship. Or maybe it wasn't the design, but rather the lack of people, that bugged me. One of the things I really dug about the new ship was how BIG it seemed on the inside because of all the extras you see in the background doing whatever it was they were doing. It was a ship that was definitely run by more than just seven people. Engineering didn't have that same feel. Oh well. Maybe next movie. I meant "they" as in the production crew. I misread or misunderstood a previous post apparently. I thought it was people involved in the production of the movie who were blaming Engineering on lack of budget.
  12. Geordi LaForge *added*

    Was watching Deja-Q last night. Lots of Engineering in that episode!
  13. Geordi LaForge *added*

  14. What's the weather like in your area?