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  1. Tin Man

    The only Betazoid that I found interesting was Suder because he was unique
  2. If You Could Remove Anything From Canon...

    I must protest your comment about Chekov. He was adorable, and without him, we would have never had learned that anything of signification that happened in the world occurred in Russia. Data would have been better without an emotion chip altogether
  3. This is from http://io9.com/58920...ew-hottest-book I read it on myriud.socialenginemarket.com, and although it's absurd, it's quite hilarious (except a rather violent scene at the Circle K at the end). This part is just too much :
  4. If You Could Remove Anything From Canon...

    Ezri. She pretty much gutted Dax for me. I would have either shipped Jadzia off to Trill or anywhere or killed her without replacing her with someone so incompetent. For Voyager, I would have avoided adding a Borg as a member of the crew. She was basically a Vulcan/Android rip off that made everyone else's position obsolete. Instead of giving her an area of expertise, the writers made her omniscient, causing her to overshadow everyone else. Data was knowledgeable, but he didn't take over everyone's jobs like Seven did either. Also, I would avoid creating a character to prance around the ship in a catsuit. It's a cheap, desperate ploy for ratings.
  5. Don't forget the episode "The Swarm" when she forced her way through alien territory after they told her not to trespass and destroyed their ships when they tried to defend themselves, a Kirk move for sure. Picard wouldn't have cared about the Ocampa. He would have let them die, and used the Caretaker to go home because of his precious prime directive. I wish the writers put more effort into developing B’Elanna rather than basing her on racial stereotypes. Star Trek does that too much, which bothers me. The bit about Chakotay is absolutely true. Neelix shouldn’t have been a regular cast member. He should have made sporadic appearances like Guinan or Vorik. It’s sad that the writers never explored the Maquis on the ship. If you force people into a position, there is bound to be conflict.
  6. It's about time! I was hoping that they wouldn't be on this season. Amy was the most empty, pointless character. I hope that the Doctor gets a better companion, on the par of Martha or at least Donna. I just wish that the writers could write women without turning them into lovesick puppies that follow the Doctor around. I ship it. (I've been shipping it as a matter of fact) Davies is on hiatus because his partener is critically ill. According to this, Starz will renew Miracle Day only if Davies is on board. MD was alright; however, it doesn't compare to the brilliance that was COD. It had great potential, but didn't follow through.
  7. This is hilarious, but I'm tired of people grouping fantasy with sci-fi. Vampires do not belong in the world of sci-fi, and thus Twilight, along with Buffy and the rest, is none of my concern.
  8. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    The Fades! That series was brilliant. I'm watching series 3 of Misfits now
  9. Unnatural Selection

    Data picked up a strand of Pulaski's hair and said "Live cells." However, the cells in a strand of hair are dead, are they not
  10. Doctor Who companions

    Martha and Jack were the only ones who didn't annoy me to tears
  11. He was hilarious! He reminded me so much of Q
  12. Strongest actors in each series

    TOS: 1. Leonard Nimoy 2. William Campbell 3. Deforest Kelly TNG: 1. Patrick Stewart 2. Brent Spiner 3. de Lancie DS9: 1: Jeffery Combs 2. Armin Shimerman 3. Andrew Robinson 4. Avery Brooks DS9 had the best talent for sure VOY: 1. Robert Picardo 2. Tim Russ 3. Roxann Dawson
  13. Metamorphosis

    The universal translator could tell that the companion was female because the idea of "male and female are universal constants." That has to be the stupidest thing that I've heard on Star Trek. Gender roles aren't even uniform on earth. Quite narrow-minded for Star Trek.
  14. Was she? I didn't notice her, who did she play? Wait, I forgot, in the UK, it airs a week later, I believe, but this was her.