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  1. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    Right now I am working on the Left Behind series. Excellent group of books!
  2. Last Videogame You Played?

    Lately, I am replaying Evil Within and RE 4. Working on first playing of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, & Dying Light. Depends on my mood
  3. Person Below You thread

    Agreed I hate crowds TPBM has every trek movie, series (including TAS) on DVD
  4. Alien Prequel Confirmed!

    Hollywood is afraid to take chances. The old ideas worked once they figure they will work again, so why take chances. Also the creativity in Hollywood is gone.
  5. Star Trek 4 - "Plexicorp"

    San Fransico. I think...
  6. What were they thinking? a game

    What was Sulu thinking when Kirk took his gun (shore Leave).
  7. NJ Convention, July/August

    I have never been to a convention and I am thinking of going this time. I live less then an hour away. How much will a ticket cost? What should I expect? I am not into celeberties so what else is there to see or do?
  8. What were they thinking? a game

    I am getting to old for this S#@t. What was Kirk thinking the instant he saw Kahn on the screen?
  9. Your tv collection on dvd

    TV Series on DVD: Star Trek: Orignal Series complete Star Trek: Voyager complete Star Trek: Enterprise complete Space 1999 complete UFO complete (on order) I better get moving you folks have more then me. Remember the one with the most toys wins! (LOL)
  10. These Are The Voyages

    A lot of folks say that the entire Enterprise series was a holdeck adventure. That kind of bothers me, it's like negative criticism, and usually starts a war on the internet boards LOL.
  11. Star Trek XII greenlit

    OK.... It looks like I may be at the theatre by myself. LOL
  12. Star Trek XII greenlit

    I for one am looking forward to the new movie and the thought of #12 coming is exciting. I see folks wondering how they could green light a movie before it comes out. Does anyone remember back in the 80s when Back to The Future came out? It was such a succes that they filmed the next two sequels at the same time. So with that in mind, green lighting #12 doesnt surpirsie me. I am wondering why folks are upset about the new movie when we havent seen it yet. It is defintly not the same as TOS but I look it this way a Star Trek movie is coming out!!!!!! Folks talked negatively about TNG, & DS9, & Voyager, & Enterprise (Their still talking bad about Enterprise) whern they first came out. Let's just relax and get some popcorn and give the movie a chance. I for one have planned a day off from work (like I did for all Star Trek movies) and I will be there for the matinee and maybe more.
  13. Voyager DVDs

    I loved it! In ways it reminds me of TOS. TOS is my favorite but Enterpise and Voyager are a tie for a very close second favorite. As far as favorite episodes go: I liked so many but the few that stand out are: Endgame I loved the finale! Year of hell Brage of the dead Blink of an eye one small step Memorial Timeless
  14. Voyager DVDs

    I finally finshed watching my complete series of Voyager DVDs. I started in June. 90% of the time it was like wtaching them for the first time again. I saw all of them during the orginal air date years ago so I didnt remeber all of the epsiodes too well. I think I will either go with the complete series of TOS next or maybe take a break from Trek and go to the complete series of Space 1999.
  15. These Are The Voyages

    I can think of one word to describe the last epsiode of Enterprise....Dissapointing! Why did we have to see the birth of the fedeartion as a holodeck projection from the perspective of Riker???? Why not do it from Archer's perspective and his crew they started the whole thing! Riker is just a memeber of the federation (one of billions). I like the TNG and all but it didnt belong in the finale. Just my humble thoughts.