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  1. I'm just skimming through Enterprise now, life is too short to watch episodes that sound boring. I watched 'Judgment' which was a bit meh, Archer getting broken out of frozen prison right at the last minute etc. I also watched 'Regeneration' which was interesting at first, but 22nd Century humans easily killing 24th Century Borg? And stopping an assimilation from happening? No. Get out.
  2. Black Mirror: USS Callister trailer

    Orville looks better.
  3. I mean the Vulcan/Andorian episodes are good, and the temperal cold war episodes are interesting. But there are so few of them, it's almost all filler.
  4. I'm still struggling through Enterprise Season 2, every time I put it on I sit here wishing I was watching TNG.
  5. Bryan Fuller Exits "American Gods."

    I'd like it if he come back to the Discovery writer's room.
  6. Maybe it is set in the post First Contact/Enterprise universe. Perhaps the Enterprise E crew going back in time led to the first warp 5 ship being called Enterprise. Then perhaps in this universe the technology advanced at a different rate than in the original universe, and perhaps the Klingon augment virus was cured in this universe. Perhaps this universe's cure for the virus made the Klingons look how they did millions of years ago.
  7. Isaacs Blocked by Shatner on Twitter

    He's a mental case.
  8. All I have to say is, yes they should have set it post TNG Era. I find it hard to accept that it can be Pre TOS when the technology outdates TNG. I don't see why they are so afraid to go forward.
  9. I would have picked up the series after watching 'The Cage', put the show in prime time and built my network around it.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode, it's the kind of Sci Fi that I enjoy the most. Good stuff.
  11. Good for him. He says what a lot of us are thinking.
  12. I just caught up with Episodes 3 and 4 after being on holiday for a week. I thought both episodes were pretty good, though I didn't think they were going down the monster of the week route. I'm not keen on Michael at all, but Saru, the Cheif Engineer and Tilly are all interesting characters at the moment. I could do without the Klingons speaking Klingon now though. I get it, they aren't speaking English. The last thing I want to do after a hard day at work is read scenes worth of subtitles though. Stop that please.
  13. I thought there had always been a Federation/Klingon war before TOS, Picard stated on the TNG episode 'First Contact' the following. "There is no starship mission more dangerous than that of first contact... centuries ago, disastrous contact with the Klingon Empire led to decades of war..." If we class ENT's 'Broken Bow' as Earth's first contact with the Klingons, but Michael's mistake being the Federation's first contact with the Klingons (They hadn't met since ENT times, pre Federation), then couldn't this be the incident that Picard mentioned?
  14. I was really surprised when they killed off the Captain, I just assumed that she was going to be a part of the series going forward. I wonder if they will spend several episodes inside the Starfleet prison, that could be quite interesting to see. If Michael has been given life inprisonment, I hope they don't just let her go after one episode. I'm really excited to see what they do.
  15. I watched Episode 2 tonight, it's very dark isn't it? I'm enjoying it so far, I can see it catching on with the mainstream but it might not be every traditional Star Trek fan's cup of tea. It's not exactly an optimistic view of the future.
  16. I quite like Genesis, even though it makes no scientific sense. Masks is trash though.
  17. Why DS9 and VOY Aren’t On Blu-ray

    Later DS9 and Voyager don't look too bad on a HD TV, but the first two or three seasons of DS9 look terrible now days. If you go from beautiful HD TNG to early DS9 VHS transfers it's very hard to ajust.
  18. Code Of Honor - It's racist and offensive. "A WOMAN?!" Lonely Among Us - It's just not a very interesting story. P for Picard!! Justice - "CAN'T RUN?! We can run can't we Commander!!" Haven - Cringe Angel One - More Cringe The Outragous Okana - Not intersting in the slightest The Dauphin - A boring Wesley love story The Icarus Factor - Pure filler Up The Long Ladder - Embarrassing Manhunt - Filler Shades Of Grey - Really? The Hunted - A Troi love episode The Loss - Troi gets snappy Qpid - The worst Q episode, cringe Half A Life - Boring! The Host - Dr Crusher gets some action Violations - Fell asleep The Masterpiece Society - How many times do I have to watch Troi with men? Cost Of Living - Troi's mother equals filler Man Of The People - Another bad Troi show Rascals - Awful awful A Fistful Of Datas - A terrible holodeck show Lessons - Picard shouldn't have love interests, it never worked Suspicians - Dull And I've ran out of TV time slots, season 7 was missed.
  19. I watched Episode 1 last night, I quite enjoyed it when I over looked the technology looking about 200 years more advanced than it's supposed to at that time. I feel that it would have been better to have set it in the 25th Century, to avoid stepping on egg shells with regards to canon. Michael's Vulcan mentor didn't have to be Sarek after all. I don't see why they have to change the look of the Klingon race, the way they were was fine. It will take some getting used to. It was visualy very impressive, but that means nothing to me if the story going forward isn't interesting. We shall see! They left it on an exciting cliff hanger I'll give them that. I'll be watching Episode 2 tonight.
  20. Shatner: Nimoy faked wanting out of Trek for leverage

    He's senile.
  21. I'm rewatching Enterprise, for the first time since 2010. I'm up to early Season 2, and am really enjoying the Captain Archer and Trip characters. Phlox is decent as well. However the rest of the characters I am finding very dull and unintersting. Reed in particular is very depressing, any time something goes wrong he tries killing himself. There have been a few good episodes (the Daniels stories I find the most intersting) and a few terrible ones as well (The Ferengi episode and the one about Freighters). With that being said I remember the last season being good so that's something to look forward to.
  22. DSC Uniforms Explained

    I just hope they go with it. I could possibly see them thinking the roll necks look too mid 1960s and just ignoring them all together. An idea I have come up with is the DSC uniforms being assigned to ships exploring the Beta Quadrant, and the 'Cage' uniforms being for ships assigned to ships based in the Alpha Quadrant.
  23. DSC Uniforms Explained

    I will keep my fingers crossed for that.
  24. Being in the UK, we get it on Netflix. So I signed up for a free month and have installed it onto my PS4. I'm waiting until Thursday night so that my Mum and I can watch it together.