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  1. Season 4 of ENT now, I really liked the Nazi aliens episodes, and the Soong's Augments trilogy was fantastic.
  2. I'm at the end of Enterprise Season 3 now, and have for the most part really enjoyed the season. There have been two or three duds, but the darker tone of the show is much more enjoyable over the first two seasons. I'm looking forward to seeing how Season 4 holds up, every recent review I've read is overwhelmingly positive.
  3. Jon Paul Steuer (The first "Alexander Rozhenko") Dead at 33

    That is just horrible RIP
  4. I've been watching Season 3 of Enterprise, I've been quite enjoying the story arc format and the Xindi story. It's much better than season 2. However out of no where is there episode 'North Star'. They only mention the Xindi once in the entire episode.
  5. I would have been fine with Voyager using Neelix for the job to be honest. They could have used him and then beamed him into space 😂
  6. Perhaps the Spore Drive becomes classified so that it's never created again. Which would explain why Voyager didn't make one to get home I guess.
  7. Yep there wouldn't be a problem if they had have done that, but they insisted once again to set it around TOS. I like this idea, but when they enter the prime universe do they have to all of a sudden change their uniforms, hair styles etc?
  8. I'm just skimming through Enterprise now, life is too short to watch episodes that sound boring. I watched 'Judgment' which was a bit meh, Archer getting broken out of frozen prison right at the last minute etc. I also watched 'Regeneration' which was interesting at first, but 22nd Century humans easily killing 24th Century Borg? And stopping an assimilation from happening? No. Get out.
  9. Black Mirror: USS Callister trailer

    Orville looks better.
  10. I mean the Vulcan/Andorian episodes are good, and the temperal cold war episodes are interesting. But there are so few of them, it's almost all filler.
  11. I'm still struggling through Enterprise Season 2, every time I put it on I sit here wishing I was watching TNG.
  12. Bryan Fuller Exits "American Gods."

    I'd like it if he come back to the Discovery writer's room.
  13. Maybe it is set in the post First Contact/Enterprise universe. Perhaps the Enterprise E crew going back in time led to the first warp 5 ship being called Enterprise. Then perhaps in this universe the technology advanced at a different rate than in the original universe, and perhaps the Klingon augment virus was cured in this universe. Perhaps this universe's cure for the virus made the Klingons look how they did millions of years ago.
  14. Isaacs Blocked by Shatner on Twitter

    He's a mental case.
  15. All I have to say is, yes they should have set it post TNG Era. I find it hard to accept that it can be Pre TOS when the technology outdates TNG. I don't see why they are so afraid to go forward.