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  1. Virogen added a post in a topic Great to be back, but... (update problem thread)   

    K thx will fix these when I have reliable net access.  
  2. Virogen added a post in a topic Problems   

    There is a background rebuilding process running so those issues will resolve themselves - our database is very large so its taking time.
  3. Virogen added a topic in News & Announcements   

    We're Back
    Sorry for all the delays - Invision had many problems upgrading us.  What should have taken a couple hours has turned into days and days of problems. 
    I originally intended to redskin this right after the upgrade but now I am in Papua New Guinea with very limited internet, so will have to re skin when I get back.  In the meantime it's all functional, which is the important part.
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  4. Virogen added a post in a topic Weird Glitch   

    OK our account was put on cached mode because it was using too many resources. As a result, it served cached pages to everyone which were based on who was logged in and viewing that page at the time of the cache. It should be fine now.
  5. Virogen added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Virogen!   

    Haha the day was hopping from restaurant to restaurant and ending with board games! Thanks all!
  6. Virogen added a post in a topic Site Problems ?   

    The screencaps are down until further notice - we are hoping within a few days.

    The boards should be up and running!
  7. Virogen added a post in a topic Site Problems ?   

    Should be better now
  8. Virogen added a post in a topic Upgrade Bug Reporting   

    Apparently our host said our board is using too many resources and started caching it, causing the problems. Hopefully some setting revisions have fixed this.
  9. Virogen added a post in a topic Upgrade Bug Reporting   

    Yup that one is the search engine bot.
  10. Virogen added a post in a topic Upgrade Bug Reporting   

    Hmm, I don't see either of these bugs. Maybe refresh your cache?
  11. Virogen added a topic in Feedback & Help   

    Upgrade Bug Reporting
    Hey all, please post any bugs you see here. If they are hard to describe, screenshots would be great!

    Bug #1 The Omega Sector logo at the top should be all the way to the left.
    Bug #2 The Quote / Multiquote buttons are fugly.
    Bug #3 Missing the links to the Ranks and Rules in the tabs under the Omega Sector logo.
    Bug #4 The default images for New Posts/No New Posts are being used; need to get the star fleet deltas working again.
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  12. Virogen added a post in a topic Board Upgrade and Redesign   

    Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions. After exploring the new upgrade further, it is actually very similar to our current version, however, this year a totally new version of Invisionboard is expected to be released. So, I am opting to choose a skin that is almost identical to what we have now because it works, but when the new Invisionboard comes out, there will be more changes (which we can't really predict because there are no previews to look at). But the upgrade we do now, even if the skin looks very similar, there will be more functionality and we can open up registrations again!
  13. Virogen added a topic in Feedback & Help   

    Board Upgrade and Redesign
    Hello all!

    As we pointed out during our fundraiser a few months back, we were going to use some of the funds to give The Omega Sector an upgrade and fresh coat of paint. Here's your chance to give suggestions for what you want to see
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  14. Virogen added a post in a topic Signature Size needs serious updating.   

    Well I think that is to streamline the pages, but depends on if there is a lot of support for it or not... People can speak up
  15. Virogen added a post in a topic Orci Will NOT Direct Trek XIII   

    Well, I never thought it would happen... I predict a two hour fan wank.