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  1. BBS Upgrade

    We're still working with support to fix this. Sorry!
  2. BBS Upgrade

    Hey all, sorry the board skin wasn't compatible with the new upgrade, so we've enabled a default for now until it is reskinned over the coming weeks.
  3. Problems

    Hmm, since I can't reproduce the error code and no one else is getting it, it may be something with your computer / browser settings. I, however, am not an expert in diagnosing what these codes mean. As for the signatures, I just looked for settings to turn off the preview text and there are none. I suggest asking a mod to message the users to edit their signatures if they are too large now due to the previews.
  4. Problems

    Hmmm, how often? Anyone else getting it?
  5. I'm working on making this look more Trek-like!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      The addition of the starfleet deltas on the side was a nice touch... ;-)

  6. Problems

    OK I've made a few fixes - but this new board upgrade is much less friendly for amateurs like myself to modify - and based on the feedback that most are okay with this color scheme, I'm fine with leaving the default. It is quite functional and pretty.
  7. K thx will fix these when I have reliable net access.
  8. Problems

    There is a background rebuilding process running so those issues will resolve themselves - our database is very large so its taking time.
  9. We're Back

    Sorry for all the delays - Invision had many problems upgrading us. What should have taken a couple hours has turned into days and days of problems. I originally intended to redskin this right after the upgrade but now I am in Papua New Guinea with very limited internet, so will have to re skin when I get back. In the meantime it's all functional, which is the important part.
  10. Weird Glitch

    OK our account was put on cached mode because it was using too many resources. As a result, it served cached pages to everyone which were based on who was logged in and viewing that page at the time of the cache. It should be fine now.
  11. Happy Birthday Virogen!

    Haha the day was hopping from restaurant to restaurant and ending with board games! Thanks all!
  12. Site Problems ?

    The screencaps are down until further notice - we are hoping within a few days. The boards should be up and running!
  13. Site Problems ?

    Should be better now
  14. Upgrade Bug Reporting

    Apparently our host said our board is using too many resources and started caching it, causing the problems. Hopefully some setting revisions have fixed this.