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  1. The most disliked ST canon material

    Certainly there are things I don't care for and even dislike, but I don't hate any of it. And it seems somewhat comical to talk about things/people we hate on a Star Trek forum...like maybe we've missed the point Trek was trying to make all these years. I'm therefore not voting in this thread.
  2. Avatar - Full Trailer

    I'm going to try and see it this weekend. Cameron was on Attack of the Show today....yesterday rather now that I look at my clock, talking about all the technical work that went into creating the cameras and the look and style. They didn't even get into the story, but Cameron did hit a mannequin with a folding chair, so that was cool.
  3. Favorite DS9 Season 7 Episodes

    All of them.
  4. Stargate Universe

    Pretty much posted that already Frontier a few days ago. Seeing as how the remainder of season one doesn't start until April, and would likely wrap up in the summer some time; starting season two in the fall of 2010 sounds about right. Of course it would be better if they weren't breaking for four months before getting back to season one, but we do get the start of Caprica during that four month break, so it's a win lose situation in my opinion. Of course the best of both worlds would be the cancellation of the travesty and waste of space that is Sanctuary and to air Caprica and SGU back to back starting in January. Now that would make for a decent night of sci-fi, which of course means it will never happen.
  5. Stargate Universe

    SGU has been picked up for a second season. http://www.gateworld.net/news/2009/12/stargate-universe-renewed-for-second-season/ The remainder of season one, won't start until April however. http://www.gateworld.net/news/2009/12/mgm-stargate-universe-returns-april-2/
  6. Stargate Universe

    Good advice in any situation Ael.
  7. Stargate Universe

    What?! The characters in SGA are far better developed than in SG-1. SG-1 characters were extremely one dimensional, the only reason anyone ever got to know much about them is because it ran for 10 YEARS. At least in SGA you got to see what they are like away from the constant, and totally unrealistic super contant OMFG the world is going to die today lifestyle that all three series suffer from. You could also relate to the characters in SGA, they were a community, and they did a good job showing that. In SG-1 they were this "hotshot" team that was put up on this imaginary pedestal of greatness and no one really got to interact with them. They seemed to always have things under control, they never had to retreat or call in support, no somehow these four people (later 5) managed to do everything. SGA they always seemed to be clawing to gain the upper ground, and were more of getting lucky than magically figuring things out on the fly. I never said the Atlantis characters were more developed then the SG-1 characters, only that I thought they were poorly developed in general. Though I do disagree with your opinion that the SG-1 characters were one dimensional. Though I wonder how SGA could get away from the constant and unrealistic OMFG the world is going to die today, if as you say, all the series suffer from it; which I agree Atlantis and SG-1 did. With Universe however, at least it's more of a day to day survival of basic needs compared to the Earth/Galaxy ending conflicts that the SGC was constantly facing. That constant, "we've saved civilization again as we know it," did become almost silly over time, though SG-1 wasn't the only offender of this. Atlantis had plenty of it's own, we're cool because we saved the day, moments as well. You really think the characters of SGU are developed enough to survive the end of the first season? So far we know nothing about these people, other than they are stuck on the wrong side of the universe, and that the Col. has marital problems and has an affair going on. That Rush is apparently running from something... personal tragedy, personal failure, mental stability issues, hasn't been made real clear yet. Chloe, who so far serves no point in the show, and has yet to do anything but puke all over, and within a matter of hours of being stuck on the ship finds her way into Scott's pants. Which brings up Scott, who has no experience doing much of anything apparently, strikes me as the very type of officer who is a bigger problem than he solves (trust me I have know plenty of them) and yet somehow he is the one being trusted with running far too much. Then we have the field medic acting as a doctor, who we know nothing about. The IOA agaent who we only know about from SG-1 and SGA, and has proven to be a backstabbing ...you get the rest... Unless they start making some more attempts at explaining some things, I can't see how this cast is better than the SGA cast. Not to mention that the viewer numbers for the episodes has been dropping off, and plummeted for the final mid-season finale. I will keep my fingers crossed that they make some kind of change before they start up again, because the way it sits now, there is not much hope for this series. I would much rather see them return to a "SG-1 knock-off" way of doing things than continue with the Battle Star Galactica way of doing things, might help the series survive. At this point, it doesn't matter if I think the characters are developed enough to survive to the end of the season. For one thing, it's only been a eight episodes so far. It's not exactly fair to hold up the characters against SG-1 or Atlantis and say, they're poorly developed, the show will probably be cancelled unless they change. Secondly, they've already finished production on the entire season and are waiting on word for season two. I do think it's interesting that you say we know nothing about any of them, and then immediately contradict yourself by proceeding to list the things we do in fact know about them. And you're list of things we do know about them is only a small fraction of the details we've learned so far. Having read a lot of comments on Joesph Mallozzi's blog, it seems highly unlikely that there will be any move back to the old SG style, even if they are threatened with cancellation. The SGU style is here to stay.
  8. Stargate Universe

    I felt the exact opposite, that Atlantis shined in the first season, and steadily got worse as it progressed. It was barely memorable by the final season and I was glad they finally put it out of its misery, rather than let it anguish far longer then it needed to. There were certainly bright spots along the way, but bad character development an poorly executed plots that were shoe horned into the 'cookie cutter Stargate episode formula' spelled it's death knell. Rather then trying to be its own series, Atlantis tried too hard to be another SG-1 and it ultimately paid the price by being cancelled. They've learned that lesson well and applied it whole heartedly to SG:U, to the effect that people who want just another SG-1 or Atlantis knock off, or were expecting SG:U to be another Atlantis, are crying foul and turning away. Hopefully though, and I think this is largely the case, there are enough people who can appreciate and enjoy this new direction the Stargate universe is going in, that the series won't be cancelled prematurely.
  9. I can't take the flares anymore

    I thought the lens flares could have been toned down a bit and in some instances were too much, though they never once hindered the enjoyment of the film for me.
  10. what name would you give the EMH doctor?

    "Hey, Joe, where you goin' with that phaser in your hand."
  11. Stargate Universe

    , the only somewhat likable character (bet he hated the show, and quit) I'd only watch it to "riff" it MST3K style >.> They didn't get rid of him. His current predicament is part of the plot. But man, I couldn't disagree with you all more. I like this show more and more with each new episodes. I find it to be far more entertaining then Atlantis and SG-1 were in their final seasons. I love the direction they're taking and the fact that they're going so far out of their way to try something new and different, since I believe sticking with the same old formula is what brought the previous series to a poor conclusion.
  12. TrekCore On Twitter

    Buckled to the pressure and signed up some time ago, though I haven't used it much yet. https://twitter.com/jonmichaelmay
  13. The Way to Eden

    I know a lot of people loathe this episode, but I absolutely love it, just because of it's crazy absurdity. We reach. With all the singing space hippies and their search for Eden, with Spock joining in a jam session....what's not to love? Anyone who doesn't like this episode is obviously a Herbert. Herbert! Herbert! Herbert!
  14. This episodes gets high marks, if for no other reason then its awesome title.
  15. Favorite Trek TV theme

    Either the Voyager theme, it really is a beautiful piece of music, or the season 4 DS9 theme.