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  1. Here's to the last five years and the many many more to come. *Raises glass of Kali-fal*
  2. Welcome To Romulus

    Chapter 3 up in 1 week. I promise of the preator's life!
  3. Design Competition

    It's on the right lines It's on the shortlist so far. Here is a design for a fighter that will be used along with the winning design: Anyone know who the designer is? Their contact details? So I can contact them.
  4. Design Competition

    Either will do.
  5. Design Competition

    Design Competion Here's your change to get involved with the new mirror universe mini series! We are looking for designs for a fighter craft to take part in the mini series finale and maybe more. The winner wil have his name on the Dark Frontier Operation Delieverance end credits and website. Design Specifications TOS style 3.35 metres long 1 pilot 2 phaser banks with or without a Photon torpedo launcher. Closing date of the competition is the 10th February, and all enteries must be sent to: Putting the fan back in fan films.
  6. Relativity

    Good episode.10/10
  7. The KELVIN

    Avery Class Concept by Richard Martin. Parallel development of Kelvin/Saladin Conversion by Kenneth Thomson Jr. based on original 3d Studio model by Thomas Phong. AVERY CLASS TOS and TMP (CONJECTURAL CLASS AND NAMES) (NOTE: SOME NAMES ARE FROM JACKILL'S SHIPS OF THE FLEET VOLUME1, MOVED FROM THE 500'S DOWN, and FASA). Ships with no text after it have either been placed in scapyards or given to Federation civilian organizations. NCC 450 AVERY Missing in action. NCC 451 MARTIN NCC 452 KENT NCC 453 LITTORIO NCC 454 TRENT NCC 455 TICONDEROGA LOST IN THE LINE OF DUTY. NCC 456 GUANNADA NCC 457 ALLEYNE Destroyed in Romulan war NCC 458 DIEKMAN NCC 459 STRONG NCC 460 WILKES NCC 461 HARLEY NCC 462 BROOKINGS LOST IN THE LINE OF DUTY. NCC 463 QUIGLEY NCC 464 JOYNER NCC 465 THOMASON Destroyed in Romulan war. NCC 466 MCWHIRTER Destroyed in Romulan war. NCC 467 LINCOLN NCC 468 HAGGERTY NCC 469 PACKARD Destroyed in Romulan war. NCC 470 NIXON Destroyed in Romulan war. NCC 471 CLAXTON NCC 472 BISMARK NCC 473 RANCOR NCC 474 LEYAND Refit NCC 475 MURREL NCC 476 DANLEY Missing in action. NCC 477 EARL Missing in action. NCC 478 TREHLOW NCC 479 LEBLANC Refit NCC 480 WAYLANDER NCC 481 LEANING TOWER LOST IN THE LINE OF DUTY. NCC 482 BAVARIA NCC 483 LEGENTIUM NCC 484 TURNER NCC 485 FITZGERALD Missing in action. NCC 486 COLEBAUGH NCC 487 ROBBINER NCC 488 BOUDICCA Destroyed in Romulan war NCC 489 MOORE NCC 490 CASTLEORD Refit NCC 491 NASPYPANY NCC 492 NEAL NCC 493 T'LORRA Refit Missing in action. NCC 494 EARHEART NCC 495 BETRAS NCC 496 CANNON Refit Museumed. NCC 497 SUDRIAN Refit NCC 498 CAWLEY NCC 499 AUSTRALIA Refit NCC 514 KELVIN New TMP Ship. New TMP Ship later retrofitted in the 26th century for warp coil/feild tests.
  8. Emanations

    This episode is a prime example of the stupidity of religious beliefs. Threre is no afterlife, you rot in the ground. Also the women pressing for her husband to die, to me she doesn't seem to love him at all, having a meeting and deciding he needs to die, just becausehe is disabled.
  9. Hi

    Welcome to the forums. Were mad but harmless.
  10. Star trek pick up lines

    And whether they work... :blush:
  11. What Star Trek book are you currently reading?

    Star Trek The Lost Era: The Art Of The Impoosible. It's nice but kinda weird to be reading about Curzon Dax.
  12. Episode Commentaries

    I understand, I'll get one done asap. Will the others that have volunteered please make one too if possible. NeoSuperBlissey, I'll add your name to the list.
  13. Greetings :]

    Welcome to Omega Sector. We're mad but harmless.