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  1. Ooooh gurl, she's back. :carter:

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Hey sailor!  :thumbup:  

      Welcome back.  Missed you.  :dance:

    2. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      Mate! Lovely to see ya. 

  2. Full power to the death ray!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Can we dial it up to 11, sir?  :P

  3. 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting, Orlando, FL

    As a matter of fact, we do. That fear is ALWAYS there. From pretty much the moment we learn to speak we hear that being gay is wrong, immoral, evil, that gays will destroy the fabric of society and are deserving of imprisonment or worse. If you're not gay you can't understand what it's like to live with this fear, the constant stress and pressure of having to come out again and again and again, or worse to have to keep it hidden in the knowledge you could be thrown from your home or your job for no other reason than being gay. Even the most out-and-proud queer person you will ever meet will think twice before holding their partner's hand in the street or giving them a kiss goodbye at the station. The fear of discovery and reprisal will never leave us, because society has taught us to be SCARED of the reactions of straight people. The tension, the instinct to protect ourselves - that literal tensing of our bodies in preparation for your reaction before we take that tiny step to show our partners the smallest amount of affection in public - it will always be with us. Don't try and minimise that just because we're not allowed to be murdered at this point in time in this part of the world. People out there want us dead and they're not afraid to make it so.
  4. 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting, Orlando, FL

    Yeah, we can get married now, why the hell are we still whining about "equality"? Thank you for demonstrating the total straight-washing of this massacre that's going on in most of the media.
  5. 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting, Orlando, FL

    Sorry, you don't go into a gay club armed with an assault rifle because you don't hate and want to murder gay people. This was deliberately targeted against a queer venue.
  6. 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting, Orlando, FL

    Twitter is alive with hate. People couldn't start cheering fast enough. To sum it up: Fifty less paedophiles in the world, so glad they shot perverts and not innocent people, someone is finally doing God's work, and let's not forget Donald Trump's "thanks for telling me I was right". Religious leaders and elected officials are tripping over themselves to say we had it coming. Sehlat is right. No one will care about a club full of dead faggots. They'll say the usual empty words and offer the usual hollow prayers but nothing will be DONE. And then there's this: A man with a car full of weapons and ingredients for pipe bombs was arrested on his way to LA Pride. We almost had a repeat performance the very same day.
  7. I don't know if any of our substantial queer population live in Orlando but if you do, please mark yourselves safe. Absolutely no words... apparently motivated by seeing a gay couple kissing in the street in front of his son. Some people think our fight is over, just because we can get married like normal humans now. If anyone says we don't need Pride anymore give them a big fecking slap from me.
  8. At least 50 murdered in shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando. Any of my space gays there check in here plz.

  9. Ay up sailors!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Ahoy, matee... wait.  That's my Pirate-to-English dictionary. :P

      Nice to see you around these parts again!  

    2. Robin Bland
  10. TNG Short Slash Story: "Another Crack In My Heart"

    GOAEUIRRHYUOPDRUY[W4I5MKVEMS0[4N3MNCFI HE'S BACK YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS Ahem. Yes. Always made me sad to think Keel had gone down with his ship. Thank you for correcting this.
  11. Just as long as they remember to stick collars on the uniforms this time (seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to lose them for TNG?) and don't make them from what looks like curtains I'm totally fine with this idea.
  12. *shakes off dust* o hai thur!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie


      Welcome back!  Missed you.  :)

    2. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      Hello mate! Haven't seen you in a while - what Sehlat said! :)


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    2. kenman


      Kurtzman not Orci....still not the best thing to hear...but better at least hte blowhard that is Orci is no longer touching Trek. 

    3. Garak the spy

      Garak the spy

      Hey, chances are his name is there just for some shining effect, I mean like, so that they can say that he is involved, and to mention all the other shows that he did in a way to point out that "hey, this guy made that show you like, better check this one out too!". I think that most of the work will be on the hands of the writers.

    4. kenman


      Kurtzman apparently is a producer on several shows, and he has only actually written a handful of episodes for each. 

  14. Jennifer Lien Arrested Today

    Not really surprising. I mean, would we be talking about it if she hadn't been in Star Trek? Of course not. I doubt anyone outside the Trek fandom would even know her name. She didn't exactly have a stellar career after her stint on Voyager.
  15. Jennifer Lien Arrested Today

    Huh? There were three f-bombs dropped (not by me for once) on the first page, not including re-quotes. No one is complaining about the talk of bosoms. I'd ask everyone to confine strong language to the KM section if you find it necessary. Family board and all that. Yes, I'm aware of the irony, they're just words but still.