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  1. come back Glenn, all is forgiving. 

  2. Canon books.

    It might do one day. Star Wars hurts. I have all these books, the X-Wing series, Zahn's books, Kevin J. Anderson's and Shadows, then Episode 7 comes along and wham, not canon anymore. With Trek, I didn't mind they weren't canon -yet when I wrote my stories, novels like Rogue Saucer, New Frontier etc, I always was conscious not to infringe upon or even wrapped into my stories as if they were canon. I used to treat New Frontier as canon, it was hailed in Star Trek Monthly as the 'fifth' Trek series, got a huge write up -coming as it did before ENTERPRISE.
  3. You're not alone in your opinion. I at least have this feeling about the JJ films in general. Into Darkness in particular. It seems each movie consciously or not is trying to echo it's respective opposite in the classic series (like the fourth reboot film being a time travel film). With Shatner, his mere presence would have to be big because it's him. I sometimes ponder his much talked about Enterprise guest spot that never happened. He'd surely have dwarfed the episode even in his incarnation as Emperor Tiberius. Part of me is done with Star Trek so whatever happens with this movie is neither here nor there.
  4. Canon books.

    Not sure if mentioned but Jeri Taylor's Mosaic was referenced in the Star Trek Fact Files which seemed to make it canon in some respect -and I wonder if the same was true for her Pathways book. Never read anywhere if they are but figured being involved with the show as she was, there was a touch of canon to them. Shatner's, as much as I like the first four books, are in a world of their own. I think it was a shame there wasn't another Starfleet Academy book.
  5. Don't mind on this end. All for it.
  6. In The Mirror Darkly pt 1 & 2

    More people like First Contact than Wrath of Khan? When did that happen?
  7. Enterprise got good in its final season but too little too late. If it had been like that early on, it might well have lasted. Wished they had managed to show the start of the Romulan War at least. Visualise episodes with it all going to pot and the bridge crew hearing the news war is declared and then classic cliffhanger with..."TO BE CONTINUED".
  8. Such an ordeal to click unfollow on topics. Spam.

  9. You have a talent, Rusty.
  10. I don't know. I've not been excited about anything Trek related in a while. Each of the reboot movies sucked the life out of it. I tend to find much joy in watching the original movies. If Tarantino doesn't do one so be it. It's vaguely exciting to think what might be as the expectation is so low. Star Trek is virtually a dead parrot it feels nowadays. Discovery's the first series I've not beat a path to the door off when it comes out (Enterprise I remember beg borrowing and stealing a friend at school's VHS that he used to tape it off Sky1 or whatever it premiered on here). Galactica, now that's something else.
  11. What the Hell, I'm game. Can't be as bad as what we've had so far.
  12. How would you improve Voyager?

    Year of Hell is pretty much what the show should've been like or at least similar. Everything just fell apart after Caretaker, the Maquis friction, characters and so on. Voyager could've been more.
  13. Goodbye everyone.

    Best of luck, Scotty. I for one appreciate the screencaps and though sorry to see you go, respect the decision sad as it is. Take care fella.
  14. 30 Years in 2017

    Shame De Kelley didn't get a brief scene with Crusher, passing the baton from CMO to CMO. Where do the years go by?
  15. Favorite Fan Fictions?

    Glenn Scully's were something I used to follow frequently, going so far as to shape and bolster my Enterprise stuff. Shame he disappeared. Nowadays, most of the stuff I read is at Ad Astra when I can and certainly it's where I write -or did, it's dried up somewhat in recent months. All shaped by the authors I liked to read (novel wise), Peter David, Diane Carey and Vonda N. Macintyre chiefly.