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  1. You have a talent, Rusty.
  2. I don't know. I've not been excited about anything Trek related in a while. Each of the reboot movies sucked the life out of it. I tend to find much joy in watching the original movies. If Tarantino doesn't do one so be it. It's vaguely exciting to think what might be as the expectation is so low. Star Trek is virtually a dead parrot it feels nowadays. Discovery's the first series I've not beat a path to the door off when it comes out (Enterprise I remember beg borrowing and stealing a friend at school's VHS that he used to tape it off Sky1 or whatever it premiered on here). Galactica, now that's something else.
  3. What the Hell, I'm game. Can't be as bad as what we've had so far.
  4. How would you improve Voyager?

    Year of Hell is pretty much what the show should've been like or at least similar. Everything just fell apart after Caretaker, the Maquis friction, characters and so on. Voyager could've been more.
  5. Goodbye everyone.

    Best of luck, Scotty. I for one appreciate the screencaps and though sorry to see you go, respect the decision sad as it is. Take care fella.
  6. 30 Years in 2017

    Shame De Kelley didn't get a brief scene with Crusher, passing the baton from CMO to CMO. Where do the years go by?
  7. Favorite Fan Fictions?

    Glenn Scully's were something I used to follow frequently, going so far as to shape and bolster my Enterprise stuff. Shame he disappeared. Nowadays, most of the stuff I read is at Ad Astra when I can and certainly it's where I write -or did, it's dried up somewhat in recent months. All shaped by the authors I liked to read (novel wise), Peter David, Diane Carey and Vonda N. Macintyre chiefly.
  8. Indeed, I've never seen anything in it but I took things at face value really. As for the whole Crusher rigmarole, I would've thought the writers had a share of the blame putting it into the mouth of Crusher. Or their hands were tied by doing so with Middle America and all that.
  9. I'm back online

    Know the feeling, Harms. Not that my personal life has improved, ha. Checked back in on a whim and glad to see you're still kicking about. (Mac)
  10. RIP Richard Hatch

    No, just no. Devastating news.
  11. Just leave the chair vacant. Not physically of course but TNG managed without making helm a major character (Wesley aside) for much of the run, TOS had episodes minus Chekov or Sulu and TWOK...and ENT could've done without it quite easily.
  12. A Little Love Letter To TNG

    Honestly, out of the bridge crew, Riker was a better match for Picard than Crusher. More than true. Doesn't make sense for Picard to be involved with anyone on the ship as such. Kirk managed but Kirk was a different life.
  13. Star Trek Beyond gripes

    1) The way that Pegg was talking about adding a gay character being a big deal that had to be addressed pointedly, I was worried that the crew was going to make a big deal out of this. "I didn't know Sulu was gay! OMG!" was what I was expecting. Instead, it was a nothing scene really and none of the other characters brought it up. Yes, they picked the wrong character, did this over Takei's objections, and based the decision on Takei's orientation which was very poor form, but the execution of the scene wasn't bad. I saw Kirk as an audience stand-in in this case, kind of breaking the 4th wall. With Sulu's husband back on the Starbase while it was under attack, it added some dramatic tension for Sulu's character. 2) Others have already refuted this, but I will just say that he was staring because he was acting as an audience stand-in. 3) Nimoy was huge to Star Trek, but he was just a supporting character in the first movie and had only a couple lines in STID. He was closest to NuSpock followed by Kirk and we saw how the news affected them. I thought this felt natural. Everyone was going to be affected differently by the news. I'm not sure what you were expecting. 4) Are you talking about the failure to find the Franklin? I'm sure Starfleet stopped actively searching over a century before the events of the film take place. I thought it was very plausible that they would lose an ENT era ship. 5) They were on a break for most of the movie. I'm not sure what the problem was that needed a solution. 6) Idris Elba was under-developed, mainly I think because they wanted to keep their twist (which was recycled from Insurrection; face stretching, fountain of youth, villain being same species of humaniod that he is attacking) under wraps. So they screwed up on two counts here. Firstly they knowingly or unknowingly (even more damning, watching previous movies in the franchise should be a prerequisite to writing a future one) recycled plot elements from one of the worst Trek movie made. Secondly, they overplayed the mystery card and ended up with a generic, under-developed villain. 7) This story screamed "We wrote this in only 6 weeks!". Too many shortcuts were taken. 8) Chekov got a lot of screentime when he was stuck on the planet with Kirk. He barely did anything in the first two movies, but with the amount of development he got, I would no longer support recasting the role. It was way too late in the process to add more than a title card. That movie was hitting theatres in a few weeks. As there's no like button I'd say I quite agree.
  14. A Little Love Letter To TNG

    Doesn't help that Crusher was written as being involved with Picard or romantically attached. This in spite of what some people might say Picard being responsible (as captain, re: Kirk's words in Star Trek VI) for Jack's death. As the movies show, the series could've gotten by without a CMO as such. As for cherry picking the show, I can't bring myself to watch it nowadays. Focus, when I have the time and in the mood, TOS or DS9.
  15. "Everything changes."

    "-But stays the same, Junior"