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  1. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Season finale of Season 4 of the Walking Dead. I just...SO MANY THEORIES!
  2. Sehlat, I had to look up this movie because I had always been under the misconception that Jar Jar directed it. Now I understand why you keep mentioning Michael Bay. *Face palm* I was thinking, "Gosh, he really hates Michael Bay!" I'm not a fan of him either, and it's no wonder I hated Armageddon! I completely agree with you on everything you said about Deep Impact. It was also one of those movies that made you think and sparked your imagination. The characters were actually 3 dimensional and not 2D straw men. We need more movies like that. Children of Men is another example of a good movie with excitement and depth.
  3. SOMEONE WHO SHARES MY OPINION *takes a breath* Excuse me while I calm down! But you even share my opinion about how much better Deep Impact is! I'm going to quickly list the things I hated about Armageddon. 1. The misogyny (even the scenes with the female at the space station pissed me off because she was treated so poorly) 2. Liv Tyler's character (she is a good actress, but her character was just there as DADDY'S PRECIOUS and a sex toy) 3. The stupid animal crackers scene 4. That damn song that was the movie's unofficial official song 5. How the hell are oil workers more competent at space stuff than NASA is? 6. THAT SONG. Deep Impact was so much better. I loved that movie.
  4. Stargate reboot?

    Because I was formerly obsessed with the movie Stargate, I'm pasting my 2 cents here (I had posted them elsewhere). Never underestimate an obsessed fan, even if the obsession was in the late 1990s. I just have to throw my 2 cents. Feel free to ignore because I am totally not into Internet debating There is some interesting information for movie buffs. The movie Stargate will always be one of my PREEEECIOUSEEESSS.
  5. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Season finale of Attack on Titan. That show is emotional, and there's only 1 season of it right now. >.< I still need to catch up on season 4 of The Walking Dead *sighs* If you like anime and The Walking Dead, I recommend Attack on Titan.
  6. Star Trek: Fashion Fails

    Sehlat, you know where to find all the fashion fails!
  7. Your favorite music

    I am pretty much the same way. I love classic 70s rock and a few groups like The Village People. I don't care what people say. I love The Village People! I find it harder to find new music as I get older. I don't know why that is, does anyone else feel the same way?
  8. Nightwish live at Wacken on YouTube is one of the best things ever. I just felt the need to announce that.

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    2. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      I have the DVD/CD combo set. I LOVE THAT CONCERT, and I love the 2 bonus performances, especially the Ghost Love Score at Beunos Aire.

    3. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      The set is called "Nightwish: Showtime, Storytime". Theres a documentary of the tour, how Anette Olzon left the band and how Floor Jansen came in in middle of the tour...and the prank the band pulled on Floor Jansen by giving her a "Wet Floor" sign.

    4. Mishi


      There is a blu-ray of it? This I did not know. WANT!!! I also want the documentary now!

  9. Your favorite music

    That was my initial reaction too! Could you imagine if that track was mixed with jazz (take the techno away and just have the girl blabbing to jazz). THE HORROR. Sim, it's the entire "You can't listen to him!" therefore the teenage girls want to listen to him even more, lol.
  10. Your favorite music

    What selfie song? I don't know. (Do I want to know? lol) But then, I'm not a good indication, I deliberately refrain from keeping track of anything that goes on music-wise these days. I just listen to my 70s and 80s and 90s music and wonder whether today's music really IS dreadful or if I'm actually too old for it, lol. *Cringes and starts twitching* Here is the YouTube video of it. The first few seconds are basically the entire song, "but first, let me take a selfie."
  11. Your favorite music

    Sim, yeah, the vocals of opera make my skin crawl. Somehow Nightwish isn't like that though. He sounds like a rich, entitled brat. I've actually seen pictures of him, and he dresses like a giant douche. I guess I'll toss him in the same NO category as modern rap. It's hard to find good music sometimes. Has the awful #selfie song made its way to Germany yet? *shudders*
  12. Your favorite music

    Same. I HATE opera. It's almost up there with how much I detest and loathe jazz. Yet, I love Nightwish! I love Tarja and Floor (I think Floor is their best singer to date). Also, I have never heard a Justin Beiber song. Why do people hate him? Is he just some punk kid or something?
  13. It was, wasn't it? THAT was TELEVISION. lol It's amazing that it's still so well-known today that people dress up as original Power Rangers and other characters from the show at conventions. IMO. Yes it was! It was a huge icon of the early 90s, so I am not surprised! I remember rushing home from school to play power rangers with the neighborhood kids, lol! We had an imaginary ninja hideout and everything.
  14. Awesome! I love the pictures. I always enjoy seeing good cosplay pictures. Looks like you had a fun time. *sings the power rangers theme song* That was the shit back in the day!
  15. STAR TREK SPECIAL - Comics Crossover from IDW

    This has nothing to do with the comic's story, but I admire the line art and shading on that cover. I don't know how traditional comic book artists do it! I need to figure out their technique sometime because art on the computer is an entirely different ball game.