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  1. Kerdor added a post in a topic No Man's Sky   

    I'm still playing and enjoying the game.  Yes there are promised features that arent there; but that doesnt bother me since I never bought into the hype.  What's fun for me is to land, look at all the pretty landscape; look for silly creatures and find whatever anklebiter spidercrab things are around and exterminate them.
    If the anklebiters arent around; its a fairly relaxing game to play once you have enough exosuit slots to not have to worry about running out of recharging fuels.
  2. Kerdor added a post in a topic Pokemon Live-Action Movie.......Really !   

    I for one would be highly amused if Sir Patrick voices Pikachu.  And his lines wind up being 2 recording hours of him saying Pikachu in various ways.
  3. Kerdor added a post in a topic No Man's Sky   

    Not mine; but wish it was lol

  4. Kerdor added a post in a topic No Man's Sky   

    It harkens back to ye olde days when a good chunk of the wasted time in game was spent playing inventory management or inventory Tetris. 
    It's interesting stylistically to bring it back; but for sentinels sake can we have the tradegood items stack without having to do some convoluted crap to exploit them into a stack via crafting?  If i can hold 250 units of Plutonium in one slot why can't i have 2 Geknip or 2 GrahGrah in one slot?
    That change alone would make things somewhat easier
    I would also like better autolock targetting.  While I Suck(tm) at first person shooter style gameplay; it should NOT be so hard to keep targetted on a spidercrab thing that is trying to gnaw my ankles so I can pump it full of boltcaster bolts.  Sentinels being harder to hit I get; but not the anklebiter annoyances.
    I had to restart my game - had the preorder bug where I got the preorder ship and could not get the hyperdrive recipe.  Was only ~5hrs of learning in; so the reset didnt harm me really.  Besides - i wound up restarting on a less annoying graphically planet.   (First one was snowy red-white with tons of flora; which makes for hard to spot waypoints etc).  My 2nd planet was Marslike; but no snow.  Somewhat easier to spot waypoints and i dont have forests of mutant tree things everywhere.  Doesnt hurt that I found a drop pod right away; and found abundant Emeril and Gold resources.  Was able to mine enough to fly to the system spacestation and go from starter ship to a 23 slot one for 1.2m units.  And did i mention that Plutonium is prevelent on my starter world AND is one of the in demand items insystem?  I have more mining and moneymaking to do
  5. Kerdor added a post in a topic No Man's Sky   

    NMS is a good 'waste time exploring and collecting stuff' game.  Even if the interface leaves something to be desired (on PS4 anyway; would be better with keyboard+mouse for me)
  6. Kerdor added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    As awesome as Tom Baker  doing some voicework for Rebels... Even more important is Wedge gets mentioned; oh; and Grand Admiral Thrawn is now canon.  New novel (written by Zahn) to come out next year in addition to being in Rebels.
  7. Kerdor added a post in a topic The Kitty Thread   

    Neko Atsume; the bottom ends.

  8. Kerdor added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    Well, one of the theories about who Rey is just got Jossed... at least in one combination.  (Pablo Hidalgo is the official SW Lorekeeper for Lucasfilm.  Generally speaking if he says something is or is not; it's the official view)

  9. Kerdor added a post in a topic Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS!!!!!)   

    Off the wall theory.
    Rey is the daughter of either Ezra or Kanan from Rebels.
  10. Kerdor added a post in a topic Something Wrong   

    The Omega Sector Jedi Mindtricks You Into Buying Things.
    Or malware.
    Mostly malware.  Pay no attention to the sentient AI that is Omega Sector.
  11. Kerdor added a post in a topic Destroying the Enterprise... Again.   

    I don't think they built too many Constitution class ships.  Any still existing in the 24th Century are probably museum ships.  Excelsior class ships could fufill the main ship of the line role/warship role; and for other roles a smaller vessel would be more applicable.  Oberth for pure science, the Miranda/Soyuz for more general missions, and Excelsior for more flagship-type duties.
  12. Kerdor added a post in a topic Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS!!!!!)   

    You might be on to something.
    Snoke did superficially look like a Muun (those tall-headed members of the Confederacy); and more importantly while the novel Darth Plagueis is Legends canon... many events and characters from that novel are referenced in the first of the new official canon novel Tarkin.
  13. Kerdor added a post in a topic Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No Spoilers)   

    No, this is not the actual crawl from the movie.  It did however tickle my funny bone.

  14. Kerdor added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    Could think of the 'resort to lightsabers' as not wanting to go into an hour+ fight with special effects/CGI to show their respective Mastery of the Force, showcasing and possibly explaing how each's master is better.  Shonen Anime/Manga go down that route, and it drags out fights for months if not years of RL time.  Can't do that in a movie. 
    Based off the original trillogy; use of the Force was done very understated.  You had 1 instance of Force Lightning (multiple applications) when Palpatine tortures Luke; but all other uses of the Force were visually simple.  Throwing objects, moving objects, acrobatics, mind reading/control, ESP-like sensing and Force Chokes.  I
    Prequel trillogy was more of the same, except with more of most of the above.  Even in the canon Clone Wars/Rebels, use of the Force stuck to easy to show and not need to explain things.
    Admittedly, they should have toned down Yoda's kiai'ing (shrieking etc) for the entire Dooku lightsaber fight.  It was way too much.  Corrected for the Yoda vs Palpatine fight.
  15. Kerdor added a post in a topic Doctor Who Series 9 Discussion *Spoilers*   

    I'll just leave this here.