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  1. Ohai there

    So I dunno how many of you remember me, but I used to lurk around these here parts several years back. Then I kinda got swept up in other things and vanished off the face of the boards. Just felt like dropping by to say hello, I am not necessarily going to be a frequent visitor again, as my time is consumed by a lot of other things and I have a hard time putting my focus into more than a couple things at once. But I think I'mma come visit more often than once every couple years Anyways, hiya to anyone who doesn't know me and to those who do ^^ Long time no see, eh?
  2. The Kitty Thread

    <.< This is actually my cat, and I took the picture. He's sitting in Kerdor's lap. XD
  3. TrekMacros

    They're only slightly strange, considering this is a board devoted to trek fanaticism. It could be worse. *snicker*
  4. Outside Your Window...

    If I looked outside right now, I'd see the ANNOYING painters and their trucks and garbage and crap painting our building and the other building across the courtyard, dirtying up the pretty area of grass and trees >< *irritated by the painters*
  5. Anime/Manga

    If you like samurai types, try watching Rurouni Kenshin, and the OVA to that - Samurai X.
  6. TrekMacros

    o.o Epic thread is epic. These are hilarious, btw. *snickers*
  7. The Incredible Adventures Of Duster The Cat

    Awww.... Your kitty is so cute! Duster looks so comfy laying there :D
  8. Music Club - Mika

    This song made me want to laugh, not because it was bad or anything, it just did. I think I can say I liked it. ^^
  9. Sci-Fi Battle Royale

    Zoe - Firefly Data - TNG Delenn - B5 G'Kar - B5 Sisko - DS9 Deep Space 9 - DS9 The Doctor - Voyager Mollari - B5 Jadzia Dax - DS9
  10. Music Club: Breaking Benjamin

    Definitely adding this to my mp3 player, I enjoy the lyrics, the music and the vocals. Very nice song. :D
  11. Music Club: Tegan & Sara

    This really is one type of song that seems to grow on you. Now I have it on my playlist and my mp3 player. I don't really know why I like it yet, but I do. Even the vocals were kind of iffy to me at first, but now I like them. Good choice.
  12. Music Club: Eagle-Eye Cherry

    I like what I've heard, and it did seem to have aspects of several genres in it. Very cool imo. ^^
  13. New Member

    Hey hey :D Welcome to the boards, glad to have you here. ^^
  14. What Do You Look Like?

    Hehe, thanks. The one with the feathers was at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota. I try to make it every year, although I've missed the last couple. :/
  15. Happy Birthday to Tronny!

    Happy birthday :D :thumbup: