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  1. Last Videogame You Played?

    My upgrade went through. Yay! Here's my character at the moment, and my personal faction has a good start.
  2. Ten Forward Lounge

    My laptop battery's been acting a little odd the past few days, and I'm starting to wonder if it's reaching the point where it might need replacing. Any advice? The computer's nearly a year old now, so that's certainly possible.
  3. Last Videogame You Played?

    Well, there's a new war going on in MechQuest on Lagos, and I hope House Wolfblade can save our commandant Xaria. I've been testing a couple of new customized mechs designed to crush Shadowscythe units. I've also been playing EpicDuel recently, and I'm hoping to make a faction soon. Anyone who wishes to join should let me know.
  4. ST:O

    Some of it looks interesting, but I don't use a Windows OS at the moment and I generally don't play a lot of games that require monthly fees. There's been a lot of talk over at TBBS about issues related to the game engine and servers. Sounds like certain parts are particularly buggy. But for what it's worth, I hope the game staff are able to resolve those issues quickly and help the game kick butt.
  5. Sesame Street + Lady Gaga = Viral Video!

    People are weird.
  6. It's a one way trip!

    Finally got a new ship. I should spam more.
  7. Happy Birthday Mystic's Dream!

    Happy birthday. (Better late than never )
  8. Have to get fillings...

    The little fillings really aren't that unpleasant to deal with. I'll echo the motions that it's much better to endure that than to let them get worse. I'm sure I drove my poor dentist crazy in my youth with not taking the best care of my teeth. I'm better nowadays though.
  9. Ten Forward Lounge

    * sneaks in * RL is a pain sometimes. I wish I had more days off.
  10. Viewing Windows files on a Mac

    I got OpenOffice the other night, and I think it'll meet my needs well for the moment. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still learning some things...
  11. Little Voltron!

    I found a pic of her with a helmet, thus answering my own question. I also had to chuckle at several Voltron-related oddities, including this one that turns into a working camera (maybe Voltron slept with Reflector one night or something? ) and this very unusual Thomas the Tank Engine combiner from Japan! The Lego iPod dock is cool too, as are the robot flash drives.
  12. Anyone know a good program for viewing Excel-formatted files on a Mac? I might get around sometime to adding dual OS functionality on mine, but I'm not ready to do that at present. I found some information online I'm interested in, but didn't know the format (I had to register at another forum to even be able to see the download). Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. What is this?

    It's certainly a very interesting image.