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  1. Hello, I was just wondering about this since I've read that they have tried to correct them after the fact for Netflix and streaming and while I know there wasn't a recall/replacement for the goofs I was curious if given the re-releases/repackaging if they have or at some point the updates will make it to disc form? I have all the series and movies on dvd (some multiple versions...) and picked up a blu-ray version here or there but was looking toward collecting TNG but would be nice to have the finished/definitive version. Just curious.
  2. Star Trek:The Original Series Remastered DVD!

    Using one of the codes at its only like 106. with free shipping. Don't remember when the sale expires this time but it comes to about the same price the original dvds were, when first released.
  3. Star Trek:The Original Series Remastered DVD!

    They are the original episode previews, not the remastered ones... I was hoping it would have both or at least the ones for the remastered eps. I also had heard that the end credits would be done with shots from the updated fx but they weren't. I guess since all the eps haven't aired yet maybe they hadn't actually made the trailers for the eps not airing untill later. I've only had a chance to watch one full episode (WNMHGB) and it looks nice! I did look thru a few other eps and the new shots do look much better on the dvd's allthough looking at the early eps (with the older model/lighting) is disapointing in that I was hoping for them to be brought up to match the newer ones... Guess its only a few eps but still. Oh and a question, will screencaps be added to reflect the updated episodes? It wouldn't have to be full eps since the new shots/fx are usually only a few minutes an episode.
  4. Ok, this obviously isn't a new question in trek forums but it is new to this one and I thought I would get it started for those here. What (overall) is your favorite trek series? I love them all but just choose your personal "best show".
  5. Our Return, Announced

    Awesome! :bigsmile: I was away for a couple of days and just before I headed to check out the "TrekPulse Return" forum I see the thread on the Trekbbs. I like the colors, very used to seeing blue for the trek sites but I like it!