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  1. TOS - ENT Title Sequences

    Nothing about the graphics or music, no. Just cast names.
  2. Rag Trek

    No matter what instrument(s) this melody is played on, it never ceases to send chills down my spine. Great find, Dax!
  3. Jon Stewart interviews Kate Mulgrew

    Dax, let's face it: No non-Trekkie has ever even heard of Rachel Garrett, let alone the unnamed woman commanding the first Saratoga portrayed by Madge Sinclair in "The Voyage Home".
  4. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    True Blood Not bad, considering it was advertised to me as "Twilight on TV".
  5. Whose the better Stargate Scientist

    Carter, easily. I mean, they're all brilliant at what they do, but out of those three Carter is the only one who isn't so full of herself that she would dismiss other opinions just because they either don't conform to her own or were simply made by someone other than herself. Seriously, as far as people skills go, SG scientists got worse with every new show. But at least both McKay and Rush showed signs of improvement as time went on.
  6. star trek 2 sequel: production update 1/12/12

    A new engine room, huh? Better be, cause the last one SO wasn't Trek-like.
  7. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    ^ That would be season 6's "Relics" For me it was TNG season 4's "Data's Day". A classic Data episode, you just gotta love it.
  8. TOS - ENT Title Sequences

    TOS had its garphics and music altered? I must say I never noticed that. Have any examples? Unless you mean the new remastered episodes. I wasn't counting those.
  9. Avery Brooks Busted for DUI!

    Hey, he's only human. And anyway, everyone gets to make mistakes, media personality or not. It's the repeat offenders that people need to worry about. I for one just hope that Mr. Brooks will take care not to be counted among those and will be happy to leave it at that.
  10. gets to do the exam today that he missed yesterday. Awesome Prof is awesome!

  11. gets to do the exam today that he missed yesterday. Awesome Prof is awesome!

  12. It's Your Choice: New Canon Opening Credits Theme
  13. Which Series had the Worst Girls?

    Voted for VOY myself. As for the example pic: I'd hit that!
  14. New here

    *stands at attention* Welcome aboard, Admiral!
  15. This Eraser Can Save Your Memories...

    Sitting in the university library right now, so I couldn't afford to ROFL, or even LOL, but I definitely grinned at that. On the topic at hand: I like the idea. Would even see about getting one for myself if 1.) I hadn't just bought a 8 GB flash drive a couple weeks ago and 2.) I had any money left to spend.