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  1. "The Twilight Zone", episode 4.07 "Jesse-Bell". "The Fall", episode 1.04. "Humans", episodes 1.07 and 1.08.
  2. Yay! Little one is on a sleep-over at the daycare... should be a relaxing night if everything goes well...:laugh:

  3. Yeah, absolute win! I assume she had no clue what was going on between you and Jean-Luc in that moment at all?
  4. "Humans", episodes 1.05 and 1.06.
  5. | This. Plus Network is a 110% guarantee for bad quality. Dumbed down mainstreamish mass appeal shit. Stuff even people with an IQ below 75 have no trouble understanding, and/or people with the worst taste you can imagine. I don't remember a single network show from the last 15 years or so that I found inspiring or challenging AND lasted for more than 2 seasons.
  6. There is absolutely no answer whatsoever in that article, it's exclusively subjective whining and non representative anecdotes. Plus it lost any credibility it might have had, the moment the author started whining the show is on streaming rather than CBS network. We don't need "journalists" for that kind of thing, we can write it ourselves.
  7. "Designated Survivor", episode 1.15. Did I misread it, or was there a subtle jab at Trump, when Kiefer Sutherland's President said "there is nothing I can do about your manufactoring jobs being lost, and any politician who tells you otherwise is lying"? "The Fall", episode 1.03. "Humans", episodes 1.03 and 1.04. I'm beginning to really love the series! It provides intriguing "what if" questions, features relatable characters, very good actors, nice overall style, builds a solid thrill arc while the pace picks up steam, while avoiding the pretentiousness of "Westworld". If it keeps that quality? It's a top contender for "favorite show of 2017" for me!
  8. "The Twilight Zone", episode 4.06 "Death Ship". It's nice to get back into this classic show after a break. This episode is especially neat: I can see ideas that inspired TOS "The Cage" and DS9 "Children of Time" here.
  9. "Better Call Saul", episodes 3.02 and 3.03. Now I'm back into the show. Love it! Too bad I'll have to wait a week for the next episode... And "Humans", episode 1.02. A most intriguing series indeed. I don't regret having bought the BDs.
  10. "The Fall", episode 1.02. "Better Call Saul", episode 3.01. So great the show is back! Was a bit hard to remember all the details from season 2 that were picked up, though ... guess I should watch the "what happened before" summary soon. And I started "Humans" with episode 1.01: I like the setting, the 80s-like electronic music adds very well to the general flavor of the show, and quite a few smart ideas were brought up already. A very promising start! Looking forward to see the next episodes.
  11. It's been a while since I watched "Babylon 5". I've watched the pilot ("Gathering") and all five seasons. But so far, I haven't seen the tv movies that followed the series, but I'm a bit confused what they're about and how they tie in to the main series. So I'd like to ask, which of them are good, if any at all? Which are are worthy addition to the collection, which can be ignored, and which should better be avoided? I understand there are five of them: 1. "In the Beginning", 2. "Thirdspace", 3. "The River of Souls", 4. "A Call to Arms" and 5. "The Legend of Rangers". I'm not really interested in entirely new stories with new characters, or B5 movies which are quasi-pilots for new spin-offs... but if a movie is a useful addition to the main series? That would be interesting. So what do you think?
  12. Thanks for your input!
  13. Yes! This too! (Guess I should have said "small screen" rather than "tv" ) Well, for me, it doesn't make a difference, because I haven't been watching tv shows on "normal" tv for 15 years or so, but exclusively on DVD/BD or streaming. But yeah, for some really strange reason, there still seem to be people who still rely on that 20th century dinosaur relic of network tv, with fixed schedules, constant ad breaks, no option for subtitles or different languages, and often subpar picture quality... If DSC was on normal free tv first, and I'd actually have to use that again before I can see it on my terms on a more convenient platform? I'd be seriously pissed... No seriously, I think video-on-demand is the future of tv. If you truly care what you're watching, rather than just feeling like random trash as background noise, you're using Netflix etc anyway already, even today.
  14. Recently rewatched TNG "Peak Performance". Not sure why, but somehow, I love this episode. Maybe it's the "Data cuteness" ... and Riker is at his best.
  15. And even if season 1 sucks, because of all the troubles ... that wouldn't be the first time a Star Trek show needs two or three seasons to really find its style, right? I'm optimistic. Important is, we get Star Trek on tv again, and as was reported, it's financially a success already and season 2 is guaranteed. There is no need for rushing anything, nor for getting everything right on the spot.
  16. Thanks, Gus! Do you others agree?
  17. Watched the first episode of the British series "The Fall" (2013) with Gillian Anderson. It's a psycho thriller, Anderson playing a police investigator in Belfast chasing a sociopathic killer; the style of the show is very European, very dry visual and musical style, much focus on details in the life of the killer, almost intimate acting. The killer has at least as much, if not more screentime than Anderson's character. It reminds me of Scandinavian thrillers or even German ones (except German thrillers are usually not that good ). Since the show is for free on Netflix, I thought I'd give it a try ... and so far, it seems okay. But I'm not totally convinced either. Guess it's something I need to be in the right mood for.
  18. These days, I'm very much into classical music. I don't play an instrument myself, so I can't say I have an educated ear for classical music, but I'm familiar with listening to it, as I grew up with it (my parents are passionate classical music listeners). So it's not quite the case for me that this music is an "acquired taste" as some say, but there are many pieces I know from early childhood on. For example, my parents often played Bach's "Christmas Oratorio" around Christmas time, or Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" when they prepared a special dinner. My mother told me the story behind Beethoven's 6th symphony when playing it, when I was a kid. There are several other pieces I remember well, which remained stuck in my memory, such as Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos" and "Goldberg Variations", some pieces by Mozart such as "Eine kleine Nachmusik", Dvorak's "Slavonic Dances", Saint-Saens' "Carnival of Animals" and "Danse Macabre" (yuck! dancing skeletons!!! ), or Debussy's "Le Mer" or Grieg's "Peer Gynt Suite". And of course, it is very hard to forget the opening of Beethoven's 5th symphony, or the 4th movement of the 9th, when you've heard it once. Some nights, when I couldn't fall asleep (which happened rather often when I was between 8 and 18 years old), I'd listen to a classical music channel on the radio. There I picked up some more, but don't remember the names of the pieces well. I remember that "new music" impressed me, such as Bartok or Stravinsky. Since I am a notorious collector, I felt I have to build a collection of classical music as well. And I was/am curious about learning more about it. So I bought a great book that's fun to read, an introduction to classical music, with short portrays of the lifes and most important works of 50 composers. I like to approach this music not randomly, but rather read a bit about it when listening to it. A couple of years ago, I already bought very cheap "complete editions" with hundreds of CDs by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. They're released by a Dutch label, and allegedly, the quality of the recordings is not all that bad (as "experts" told me is often the case when it comes to very cheap releases). Most of the recordings are by decent performers, just older, so the licensing costs are not very high -- for example, the collection includes a complete set of all piano works by Beethoven, played by top pianist Alfred Brendel in the 1960s. Also, many records from former East German state-owned labels are included, which are said to be pretty decent, but there is not much demand for them anymore. By now, I've listened to all these CDs at least once, my favorites even much more often. Since I had some money left this month, I endulged in a buying rush and bought more classical music CDs. My idea was to go beyond Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, since there is so much more to discover. So I bought some recordings by Haydn, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wagner, Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, and with special curiosity, several CDs with Bartok's music and a 22 CD collection of the works of Igor Stravinsky. Still waiting for Ligeti's "Atmospheres" and Holst's "The Planets" to arrive. (Nod to Sehlat: Thanks for pointing me to Ligeti and Bartok!) So far, I can say that I recognized several melodies I had heard before, for example from Schubert's 8th symphony, Schumann's 3rd, or Brahm's 1st. And of course a lot by Tchaikovsky. Bartok's violin pieces are eery! :D What about you? Anybody here into classical music, or even playing yourself? Which are your favorite pieces?
  19. Pizza and tv ritual with my buddy: "The Man in the High Castle", episodes 1.04 and 1.05.
  20. From the top of my head, my first idea is "the optimism/utopia of TNG". More than any other ST show, it had this very idealistic, optimistic tone. Most shows since then leaned much more on the gritty or morally ambigous side... but don't we need this optimism again more than ever? The strong belief in the power of rationality and enlightenment to improve man and better the world? Or is it too naive anyway? Good topic, btw. I'll give this some more thought and write again later.
  21. After having seen "The Pilot" and "Smile": A very solid start for Bill and the season, IMO, even if it wasn't groundbreaking. My first impression of Bill is that I like her, but nowhere near the degree of being impressed like by Clara or Rose, she's blander in comparison. I can't quite shake off the feeling she'll end up as a "filler companion", much like Martha (but we'll see). The two stories are entertaining, sufficiently clever and very solid, but not really groundbreaking... I got the feeling of having seen many of their elements before, in some combination or another. But not everything has to be groundbreaking all the time, does it? Decent, solid crafting is not bad either. So yeah, a decent start. (And thanks to Amazon Prime, I can watch the episodes the day after the UK premiere, yay! )
  22. Just watched "Doctor Who" 10.02, "Smile". Yeah, nice solid episode.
  23. Finished season 1 of "Aquarius" with episodes 1.10-1.13. Okay, it's a decent historical cop show, especially if you like David Duchovny. He plays a likable character, perhaps a tad too likable. And all the topics of that era come up: Hippies, drugs, social emancipation, civil rights, sexism at the workplace, Vietnam war, homophobia and so on. It's all there, and makes for an atmospheric watch. Especially the actor who plays Charles Manson isn't bad. That said, most of the police work shown is rather conventional. First of all, it's still a cop show, and many plot elements and characterization of the cops was rather by-the-book. It felt somewhat like "Fox Mulder as a conventional cop thrown into Mad Men-light" with a cool 60s soundtrack. But yeah, since I like Duchovny due to "The X-Files", that made it entertaining enough for me. I'm not sure if I had continued watching without him, but like that? Absolutely entertaining, even if it isn't stellar.
  24. Rewatched new "Doctor Who", episodes 9.07 and 9.08: "The Zygon Invasion" and "The Zygon Inversion". Really outstanding episodes! Capaldi's best. And I continued "Aquarius", episodes 1.07-1.09.