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  1. Hm. A $15 million dollar bomb to kill 36 terrorists? Doesn't sound terribly efficient. Well, anyway we must spend 2% of the GDP on the army (and no, the costs of hosting refugees does not count).

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Kind of like using a photon torpedo to kill a few gophers in one's backyard, isn't it?  

      That bomb was one of 20, and was very very expensive.   Yet we can't afford the Meals on Wheels program (just one of those bombs could fund MOW for a LONG time...).

    2. prometheus59650


      Speaking of efficient,how about 57 Tomahawk cruise missiles to so horribly brutalize an airfield the Syrians can use it the next day?

    3. Sim


      Yeah, this is money printing for the arming industry, with the side effect for PR for the commander in chief. Did someone say "military-industrial complex"...? :P And yeah, of course the NATO allies are required to spend 2% of their GDP, too ... on American arms, otherwise Trump will sell them to Russia. No matter how much they spent on easing the consequences of American wars, such as refugee streams (after all, that money doesn't go into the pockets of the arms manufacturers). America first! No idea if that's too much of a conspiracy theory, but ... naw. War has to pay off, otherwise it wouldn't be started. And paying off means for those who hold the power. America is an oligarchy.