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  1. Yes I agree, it was an outstanding episode! I'm not so good at analyzing why it was so incredibly effective, but it definitely was. The plot itself on paper may have resulted in a less gripping episode I guess -- in retrospect, some of it appears rather obvious. But the execution was so brilliant that this didn't even occur to me while watching. Just everything was right: The cuts in the beginning between Billie shot and her previous talk with the Doctor about becoming a companion; that "proletarian" character that turned out to be Simm's Master in the end, the silly humor in between ("mainly the tea!" ), the SF element of different time zones on the ship, Missy's weirdness, the creepy scenery of the hospital, the associations to mental ward horror movies when the Cybermen were built ... just everything blended perfectly together IMO, it was immensely thrilling, not a single second was boring. An amazing creative firework! Amazing episode!
  2. Watched "Mad Men" episode 5.03... ... and "Doctor Who" episode 10.11 "World Enough and Time". Whoooooo! Amazing episode!
  3. "The Twilight Zone" episode 4.17. "Homeland" episodes 1.03 and 1.04. "Mad Men" episode 5.02. And "The Leftovers" episode 2.06.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply. My answer is too much KM, and with respect for our dear Sehlat, I posted it in KM rather than here: Perhaps that's not warranted, but I have a huuuuuuuge lot of sympathy and love for hippies! And yes, I don't think intolerance towards intolerance is prejudice. I just wonder if sometimes, we are too quick diagnosing intolerance, because some people just express themselves or behave naively or insensitively, and insinuate these people worse intentions than they actually have, simply because they are culturally alien to us? (Like, say, Evangelicals, rural gun nuts and whatnot are culturally alien to us, deliberately using stereotype labels here ). Perhaps it's prejudice to assume intolerance even in people where there perhaps just is lack of awareness and sloppy insensitivity -- or, in harsher terms, lumping certain people together as "racists" i.e., just because they share certain traits with genuine opponents of equal rights for ethnic minorities? But I better don't continue here ... in case you are interested, there is the thread in KM.
  5. ^ This. Equality of males and females, and of people with various skin colors should be a given. If this alone already offends someone? Not worth paying attention to his "concerns".
  6. ^ Good points. I agree, diversity was always a key message of Star Trek, but I want to play devil's advocate for a moment: The show often avoided the really hot questions in these regards, by making the "diverse" people culturally very similar, most of the time. (It's easy to praise diversity, when basically all humans -- and many aliens--, regardless of skin color or gender, are basically rational liberal Westeners, culturally.) And just in case the point I was trying to make was lost: If "diversity" is supposed to mean more than empty words, it must not just include non-male, non-white, non-straight people... but also white males who struggle with adapting to diversity. (Yet this demographic is oftentimes not included when people say "diversity". It's even easily mocked -- it's easy to say "Ugly Americans", but is this prejudice really much better than others?) IMO, ENT did a good job including this demographic, with the characters of Archer and Trip especially. Diversity is not always a thing that's easy to embrace, especially when you're not used to it; being scared of the alien often is a normal reaction, and one that deserves some understanding. Yet ENT's characters didn't give in to their initial irritation, but did their best to "build bridges", as you say. So yes, Star Trek always did a great job showing "we're all just people", including people who struggle with "diversity". (And I'm writing all this also as a reminder to myself, because I know it's usually much more difficult for me to understand and accept people who struggle with "diversity", than taking different skin colors or sexual orientations for granted -- yet I feel my "prejudices towards prejudiced people" are not really better than their prejudices ... or are they? At any rate, many people take this "prejudice against prejudiced people" as a very visible arrogance, and also thanks to that, we have to deal with a terrifying American President now.)
  7. Watched the new "Twin Peaks", episode 3.07. Nice the focus is more on the town again. And Coops story finally takes some pace! And "The Leftovers" episode 2.05.
  8. Yeah... when I grew older, I realized ALL women are nuts ... just like ALL men.
  9. Yeah in some cases, Archer/Trip behaved indeed too petty and small-minded... but most of the time, I felt they were well-meaning, just a bit overwhelmed by the "alienness" they encountered. If the show had been written better and more complex, this could have been an interesting exploration of that theme... but the show was too busy playing it safe by not becoming too complex or demanding, so yeah. I don't want to turn this into a KM topic, but I feel we "latte sipping liberal elitists" could sometimes use a little more sympathy for "simpler" people, who aren't used to too much diversity, and are rather scared by it, which in many cases is a normal reaction -- yet have their hearts at the right place. Archer and Trip are deliberately portrayed as more rustic people, characters more rural Americans can easily identify with, but IMO they aren't outright racist, chauvinist or immoral; they are just more "natural", down to earth, insofar they don't have their heads filled with all kinds of enlightened abstract concepts that let their superegos guide their behavior. They rather believe in good manners their grandma taught them. When this attitude doesn't devolve into hate of the alien, but actually is guided by "grandma's good manners" despite all confusion, it's one I can respect a lot. Yes! I'm increasingly thrilled by what we learn about the show!
  10. Yeah... I remember when I first watched this episode when I was 8 or so, I never understood that weird behavior towards her. And while I felt Miranda Jones was a bit weird too, I instinctively got that much of her "unfriendliness" was an understandable reaction on the untypical weird behavior of the guys around her. I remember I decided it's one of the things I won't really understand until I'm older. Unlike Janice Lester ... in that case, I was totally oblivious to the misogynist undertones of the episode. As a kid, my obvious explanation was that just this particular woman happened to be nuts (just like some men we saw on TOS), which said absolutely nothing about women in general or gender roles, in my eyes back then. Oh... back to the topic: I like this twist on Vulcans on DSC. So far, we just had aliens who were more or less typical representatives of their respective races and cultures ... that someone can have one heritage, but a different kind of cultural background, adds more layers to the Star Trek universe. Great idea! Guess that means the updated ST universe will be a bit more complex than it used to be.
  11. I watched "Better Call Saul" episode 3.10, too. Pretty good as usual, but I don't buy it that Jimmy gives up his million just to make an old lady happy. That's way too moral and sentimental for that character, IMO. Apart from that? Great season finale!
  12. Did we discuss this episode before? I remember I found myself pretty much alone when I said I like "Masks"!
  13. "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 3.04. A rather boring episode, IMO.
  14. Yay! A release date, finally! Just on the day of the next federal election in Germany... but I guess it won't be available on Netflix here before early on the 25th, anyway.
  15. My wife and I watched "American Gods" episode 1.08. Great season finale, it's really a most intriguing show IMO. I'll definitely check in for season 2 next year!