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  1. Sim added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    "The Twilight Zone": "The Dummy".
    "House of Cards", episodes 4.11 and 4.12.
    "Westworld", episode 1.03. <--- Still intriguing! I like the idea about "bicameral mind theory"!
  2. Sim added a post in a topic Favorite Fan Fictions?   

    I finally managed to read three of your stories: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot", "Another Crack in my Heart" and "Strangers in the Night". I picked them because they were the first standalones on the list and not too long.
    Great job! I think they are really well written, as far as I can tell, not being an English native speaker. Especially Jean-Luc gets formidable attention, I can perfectly hear his voice and *see* him in front of my eyes, when reading your description. Really well done!
    That said, "Strangers in the Night", while probably serving its purpose, appeared to me like it wasn't too Jean-Luc specific, I guess it'd work just as well if you just replaced his name with someone else's... but then, it isn't a character piece anyway.
    However, the first two really have ... like someone else said, a "lost scene" quality to them. Especially the Walker/Jean-Luc interaction is really spot on, IMO.
    But again, I noticed that slash fan fiction is not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I do think they are well written, and I perfectly sympathize with your feelings and motivations for writing them... I just felt I'm not really the best addressee, as I don't share the same romantic enthusiasm for Jean-Luc. If I had to choose a character in one of the stories to change bodies with, I guess it'd be Jack Crusher or Guinan -- leaving the scene just before the action starts, and be happy for the two friends.
  3. Sim added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    My job as German ambassador! Hope it's not too preachy...
    Oh yes, worlds! That happened before. Like in that treaty between the Federation and Cardassia, that included the exchange of a couple of worlds and sparked the whole Maquis conflict.
    I also imagine that a defeated enemy would be required to give up conquered civilizations, like Bajor.
  4. Sim added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    IIRC, they don't fully occupy it à la Germany post-WW2, but are heavily present for humanitarian aid and cultural exchange. The 2nd "The Fall" book describes the situation with strong analogies to occupied Iraq, as far as I can see.
    To my knowledge, there was no resistance in West-Germany. Perhaps because the denazification was soon stopped after the high ranking Nazis had been tried, and the many middle and low rank Nazis were integrated into the new system:
    The 50s and 60s in West-Germany were a time many people even considered a kind of "Nazi restauration", as many leading positions were occupied by former Nazis and society, outside of academia at least, featured a kind of "let's not mention the past!" atmosphere. German crimes were hardly ever mentioned, and when the war was a topic, it was mostly to mourn the German victims -- poor Germans expelled from the eastern regions, poor Germans bombed by the Allies. (Until 1961, there even was a party representing the interests of the expelled Germans in the parliament. Their main demand was gaining back the lost territories.)
    Among the most prominent examples of lesser Nazi ranks were first Chancellor Adenauer's (CDU) chief of staff, Hans Globke, who had been co-author and chief commentator of the racist 1935 "Nuremberg Race Laws", or the 3rd Chancellor Kiesinger (CDU) from 1966-69, who had been Nazi Party member as a student. It would happen that Chancellor Adenauer (CDU) referred to the "superior influence of international Jewdom" in his speeches to justify his pro-Western stance -- "better don't mess with the Jews, they're too powerful". Until the 70s, even newly printed maps would show Germany in the borders of 1937, while the eastern territories were only marked as "currently occupied by Poland/USSR", because the government did not officially accept the division of Germany.
    The very conservative governments (dominated by the then very conservative CDU) between 1949-69 more or less continued the Nazi propaganda -- down to some of the same slogans and narratives -- against the Soviets. Many former Nazi propaganda experts were employed by the Western Allies and the West-German government. Only difference being the Americans were now painted as "big brother" helpers and friends against the Bolshevist threat, the last best hope for saving Western civilization from the eastern hoardes.  Especially the Berlin Airlift 1948/49 and America's support during the Berlin Crisis 1958, then Kennedy's Berlin visit, were very crucial for changing the West-Germans' view of the Americans.
    So most former Nazi sympathizers were won over for the new system, while the few remaining hardcore Nazis, who had founded the largely unsuccessful "German Reich Party", were ostracized. Their party was banned in 1953, IIRC.
    It's a great achievement of the conservative CDU/CSU to integrate former Nazis, the German right in general, into a democratic system. It was the first time in German history that the right actually embraced liberal republicanism, at least most of the right. The CDU/CSU governments also sealed tying West-Germany into the Western political order, and ending the view of France as "arch-enemy" (that view dated back to the Napoleonic Wars and had been central in nationalistic propaganda on both sides) by establishing a very tight cooperation.
    All this changed with a new generation coming of age. A radical leftist student movement, sourrounded by a less political hippie-influenced generation, waged a couple of protests and uprisings around the universities in 1968. Albeit inspired by the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam war protests and other such movements in America and elsewhere in the West, the German variant of this movement had a decidedly more political, radical leftist flavor.
    The hard core of these "68ers", as they were called, radically denounced the new system as "post-fascist" and the difference between actual Nazi rule and the new reality in the republican system was blurred in their eyes, instead they favored communist alternatives; some even joined pro-Mao or pro-Vietcong political groups (so called "K-groups"). They often didn't see fundamental differences between the Nazis' imperialism and the alleged imperialism of the USA in Vietnam; as America apparently supported their former Nazi Allies in the West-German government, they can't be fundamentally different. On top of that, it was a massive generational conflict, of course, when the children of former Nazis started asking their parents uncomfortable questions, and radically rejected their claim of authority, as their parent generation had forfeit all authority whatsoever in their eyes, due to their Nazi guilt.
    The less extreme "68ers" soon became more moderate as they grew older, and eventually embraced the free system. They found a focal point in the first (moderate) left-wing West-German post-war government: In 1969, the moderately left-wing SPD won the election for the first time, Willy Brandt became Chancellor, and made German guilt a topic (perhaps you remember him falling on his knees at the Warsaw Ghetto memorial). The new SPD/libertarian FDP government (1969-82) thoroughly reformed the conservative post-war society, sought to integrate the new young generation, and democratized society further. A common dictum back then was "now finally, Hitler has really lost the war" (after Brandt had become Chancellor).
    A hard extremist core of the "68ers" formed a terrorist group, called Red Army Faction (RAF) and committed many bloody terrorist attacks, kidnappings and even an airplane hijacking throughout the 70s; the moderate left government took many efforts to prosecute them. This situation reached its peak in the "German Autumn" in 1977, when Chancellor Schmidt (SPD) was ready to resign, if an anti-terrorist action had been unsuccessful (but it succeeded).
    I guess by the mid 80s, the change of society had reached a saturation point: Most real old Nazis had retired or died by then, and even a right-wing President (Richard von Weizsäcker, CDU) called May 8th 1945 "a day of liberation" even for the German people -- it caused moderate uproar among very conservative people, but the vast majority accepted this statement.
    And the new CDU/CSU government by Chancellor Kohl didn't attempt to set back the clock either, after regaining power in 1982, but more or less accepted most reforms their left-wing predecessors had enacted. There had been two successful, democratic changes of power via elections, and political scientists called this a proof for the maturity of the new republican system.
  5. Sim added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    Yeah after WW1, Germany was not occupied, so the guilt clause backfired. But after WW2, the country was occupied for 40 years, so it couldn't backfire (or even if it had, the Allies could have stopped any backlash at its root).
    So yes, I don't think the Federation would be smarter than to ask for a "guilt clause" when a neutral zone after a kind of "stalemate" ... but when it's an unconditional surrender? Maybe Cardassia after the Dominion War? I'm not so sure. Maybe they're going to be present on Cardassia for quite a while, and might try to fundamentally change their society.
  6. Sim added a post in a topic The Transporter as a weapon?   

    Well the transporters can't beam through deflector shields, so in a combat situation, where the enemy ship has the shields up, the transporter cannot be used.
    But yeah, it's weird it wasn't used at least sometimes in a sudden surprise attack, like when the shields weren't up yet.
    The closest thing to using the transporter as a weapon I can think of, was in TOS "Day of the Dove", when Kirk ordered the Klingons to be beamed up, but they were kept in the buffer long enough to disarm them.
    Maybe it's a matter of energy management? Perhaps beaming huge amounts of matter, like in a ship hull, would be less energy efficient than just using phasers and photon torpedoes. Why waste so much energy (which empties the power banks until they are reloaded), when a phaser beam can do the same or even more damage, while using less energy?
  7. Sim added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    Yeah, and on top that totally silly male nurse... hilarious!
    When I think of it as a pilot to a series that was never produced, I can easily forgive all that. It feels to me that they crammed a lot of ideas that don't make much sense on first glance into the movie, in order to set the stage for future plots once the series goes on air. I have the feeling they would have better explained much of it, had they been given the chance.
    But then, I'm glad the series wasn't produced, because we got the much superior NuWho. A happy end after all! :D
    I guess it would be similar if a pilot for "Star Trek: Phase 2" had been produced a couple of years prior to TNG ... I wonder how the franchise would have continued in that case...
  8. Sim added a post in a topic What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?   

    Last week, my copy of the German BD release of the "Doctor Who" 1996 movie arrived, just on release day. I got one of the special edition books that is limited to 1,000 copies.
    And I just rewatched the movie. I know it isn't very popular among many fans, but I like it. IMO, it's a perfect bridge between the classic series and NuWho. McGann is great as the Doctor, it's a pity we didn't see more of him. Also, the movie has a very strong "90s American tv trash" vibe, and I just love American 90s tv productions -- so for me, it's a mix of different elements I love, DW on one side, and a US/90s/filmed in Vancouver tone on the other.
  9. Sim added a post in a topic What type of war reparations would the Federation have asked for?   

    ^ Yes, this...
    Or to expand this even further: There is a lot in terms of politics and security the Federation would likely ask for.
    The Allies had the "demand" of reshaping German and Japanese societies entirely, after WW2: Japan's emperor had to officially declare he isn't a god, there was a "denazification" in Germany, both governments were reorganized to allow a free, liberal democratic system, and their economic policies were reshaped for Allied businesses to get a foot into these countries.
    My guess is the Federation would make many such demands along these lines, though those probably aren't "reparations" per se. But reshaping government structures, political system, and open borders for cultural and economic exchange? Yes, I think so.
    Maybe also a symbolic acknowledgment of blame for past wars -- proud Klingon or Cardassian nationalists would probably consider this "shame" the worst kind of payment.
  10. Sim added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    I agree on Star Wars... for me personally, only the movies matter, as I'm not into any of the animation series or expanded universe.
    And as for canon? It does matter for me, because although the fictional world comes to life in my head, I want to be able to share it with other people.
    Not sure why that is. But when I can share a certain work of fiction with others, it somehow feels more "real". Maybe it's something about projecting the own feelings towards others and vice versa, or something, haven't really thought this through (maybe Robin could present an interesting insight on the theory or philosophy of fiction? I have the feeling he might be in the know on some of these mechanisms).
    So yeah, canon does matter insofar as it's a convention a certain number of people agree on to define their idea of a work of fiction. But it's no strict code of law or a Bible that was dictated by God himself, or something to that extent -- whenever a number of people that suffices for my sharing needs agrees on a shared fictional reality, it becomes true.
    Likewise, when an aspect of this fictional world becomes so real for me in my head, this fantasy would probably be unfulfilled, if I didn't write it down -- as fan fiction -- to, again, share it with other people. Not that I have done so before, I haven't written fan fiction yet, but I perfectly sympathize with the notion of it.
  11. Sim added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    The only reason for me to care about canon is for the purpose of adjusting my expectations when it comes to further productions.
    When Han died in TFA, that fact as "canon fact" only matters for me insofar I expect Ep. VIII to acknowledge this fact and continue the story accordingly.
    Which is why the ST post-NEM "relaunch" novels are ("head", if you will) canon for me: It's most unlikely we'll ever see an "official" continuation of the 24th century shows on the screen again. So whatever happens with the characters post-NEM is absolutely up to our minds. So the novels are a continuation as good as any other -- and since they got a fairly wide distribution, perhaps even a better one than others, because I can at least share my views and opinions on it with others.
  12. Sim added a post in a topic General Star Wars Discussion   

    --- double post ---
  13. Sim added a post in a topic Nice to Meet You!   

    Thank you for your reply! =)
    Not unpopular at all, at least not on this board... or rather, only half-unpopular. DS9 seems to be the favorite of many people here, including myself.
    The character development on DS9 is really amazing ... still holds the test of time after 20 years, IMO.
    But TNG is a favorite of mine, too... maybe I'd have a different opinion on it, if there wasn't so much nostalgia connected to me with TNG. I can't really decide which I like most, TOS, TNG or DS9... it changes depending on my mood. But I agree DS9 is the most sophisticated show.
    My least favorite is VOY. I tried to love the show, but didn't manage to. IMO, there are too many inconsistencies and missed opportunities... and while DS9 had so amazing characters that watching even mediocre episodes was worthwhile, VOY is the opposite for me: I just don't care about the characters, so even watching the better episodes is tiresome. (I like the VOY "relaunch" novels by Kirsten Beyer, though.)
  14. Sim added a post in a topic Gisele Bundchen Beams Aboard the Enterprise   

    Ah, thanks for the explanation.
    Yes, I agree. You are no ******* slave just because you've signed a contract with an employer. Hardcore libertarians may feel it's okay that everything is fair deal and you give up your civil rights to your employer and you are a mere slave the moment you "voluntarily" sign a work contract, but that's a totally fucked up philosophy IMO.
    If the employer has a beef with his employee? He can sue him. If there is no legal handle against the employee, via the only legitimate venue, which is the legal process -- well, bad for the employer, then.
    And no, just because someone refuses to reveal his entire private life to the public on the basis of a mere accusation, he is not guilty by default. By that logic, all people who were ever lynched by a mob were guilty, too.
  15. Sim added a post in a topic Gisele Bundchen Beams Aboard the Enterprise   

    So what was the problem with this guy? Was he accused of assaulting his wife/girlfriend or something?
    Or just of cheating on his wife? If so, why the **** is that the public's business? It's not the matter of anybody, except him and his wife. IMO.