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  1. "The Fall", episode 1.05. A really strong season finale! "Hannibal", episodes 1.08 and 1.09. "Mad Men", episode 4.02.
  2. Good points on "Smile". As I said above, I enjoyed these first two episodes well enough, but they indeed appeared a bit too conventional, too unoriginal to me. "Pilot" reminded me of the Tennant Mars episode and to some extent even TNG "Aquiel", and "Smile", you named it. Not bad, but seasons 8 and 9 had a much stronger start IMO.
  3. So we had Judaism in the first movie, Hinduism in the second, Christianity in the third and ... UFOs in the fourth. If they do Islam this time, I hope Harrison Ford won't get death threats from islamists or something ... But seriously, I'd like it if they returned to classic religious themes. Are there Muslim artifacts that are sufficiently known in the West they could build a story on? At least they could add some Eastern martial arts if they did Buddhism...
  4. In the last months, Netflix Germany added so many interesting shows, it's hard to catch up. After finishing the first season of "Humans" (loved it), I decided to return to shows I started a while ago, but somehow didn't finish: "Hannibal", episodes 1.06 and 1.07. I had seen the first five episodes last year, because I wanted to get an impression of Fuller's recent work, but then forgot about it. I'm glad I returned: I found these episodes pretty entertaining. And "Mad Men", episode 4.01. It's been quite a while since I watched the first three seasons. Thereafter, I wasn't in the right mood for the show and more or less forgot about it, and season 4 wasn't readily available anyway. But thanks to the convenience of Netflix, I decided to continue. I found that these days, I enjoy it better to watch one or two episodes of different shows in a row, rather than binging episodes of a single show... keeps things fresh.
  5. Yeah. As others pointed out often enough, you can read it in the exact opposite way, too: Maybe there were some troubles in the beginning, but the fact they delayed the release date two times (and now refuse to give a definite one) might very well be because quality control is in place and does work: They care about the quality of the show and take the time to make sure the show meets that standard -- rather than hurrying a half-baked product. If that's the case? The delay is not a sign of more troubles, but on the contrary, a sign that those responsible care about the quality of the show. Based on the information we got at this point, this interpretation is just as good as any other.
  6. "The Twilight Zone", episode 4.07 "Jesse-Bell". "The Fall", episode 1.04. "Humans", episodes 1.07 and 1.08.
  7. Yay! Little one is on a sleep-over at the daycare... should be a relaxing night if everything goes well...:laugh:

  8. Yeah, absolute win! I assume she had no clue what was going on between you and Jean-Luc in that moment at all?
  9. "Humans", episodes 1.05 and 1.06.
  10. | This. Plus Network is a 110% guarantee for bad quality. Dumbed down mainstreamish mass appeal shit. Stuff even people with an IQ below 75 have no trouble understanding, and/or people with the worst taste you can imagine. I don't remember a single network show from the last 15 years or so that I found inspiring or challenging AND lasted for more than 2 seasons.
  11. There is absolutely no answer whatsoever in that article, it's exclusively subjective whining and non representative anecdotes. Plus it lost any credibility it might have had, the moment the author started whining the show is on streaming rather than CBS network. We don't need "journalists" for that kind of thing, we can write it ourselves.
  12. "Designated Survivor", episode 1.15. Did I misread it, or was there a subtle jab at Trump, when Kiefer Sutherland's President said "there is nothing I can do about your manufactoring jobs being lost, and any politician who tells you otherwise is lying"? "The Fall", episode 1.03. "Humans", episodes 1.03 and 1.04. I'm beginning to really love the series! It provides intriguing "what if" questions, features relatable characters, very good actors, nice overall style, builds a solid thrill arc while the pace picks up steam, while avoiding the pretentiousness of "Westworld". If it keeps that quality? It's a top contender for "favorite show of 2017" for me!
  13. "The Twilight Zone", episode 4.06 "Death Ship". It's nice to get back into this classic show after a break. This episode is especially neat: I can see ideas that inspired TOS "The Cage" and DS9 "Children of Time" here.
  14. "Better Call Saul", episodes 3.02 and 3.03. Now I'm back into the show. Love it! Too bad I'll have to wait a week for the next episode... And "Humans", episode 1.02. A most intriguing series indeed. I don't regret having bought the BDs.