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  1. "American Gods" episode 1.05. Finally the story takes up some pace! And I just LOVE Gillian Anderson in this weird role! I like this show more and more... And: "Twin Peaks" episode 2.13. "The Fall" episode 2.04.
  2. "Twin Peaks" episode 2.12. And "Mad Men" episode 5.01.
  3. Started a thread in KM about this topic, too, btw.
  4. Yeah it's indeed a bit thick at times, but usually, I think I understand most of it -- the general gist or statement at least, even when I don't understand every single word. But it leaves me with a certain kind of uncertainty -- have I really understood everything? Or was there anything I missed afterall? When then, the episode is a mind-frak even for native speakers, I'm just not sure who's to blame.
  5. 10.07 "The Pyramid at the End of the World": An entertaining episode with a good amount of action and tension... but I'm still left a bit confused: I was hoping for a couple of last week's open question to be answered, but the episode didn't. Bill sold the world to give the Doctor his eyesight back -- and we don't know what that'll mean yet, looking forward to next week. So... I guess I'll have to rewatch this and last week's episode again, to let it all sink in ... and I won't really be able to decide whether I like this episode, when I know how the arc will be concluded. A problem I have with watching very complex and/or confusing episodes, like "Extremis" last week, in the original English version is this: Due to the language barrier, I'm never 100% sure if my confusion is because I missed something that was said, or if it's a general concentration and/or memory problem, or because the episode actually is so confusing and I'm supposed to feel confused. In other words: Is it me, or the show?
  6. "The Fall" episode 2.03. "Twin Peaks" episode 2.11. "The Young Pope" episode 1.03. Intriguing series! Jude Law gives a great performance. If I have to describe it, I guess the best thing I can come up with is that it's like "Hourse of Cards in the Vatican". Albeit a bit more focused on humor. And "Doctor Who" episode 10.07 "The Pyramid at the End of the World": My first impression is good, but I think I have to rewatch.
  7. ^ Just want to say, Mr. Picard, I'm very glad you're here with us. You're a true enrichment of our community! I absolutely enjoy being honored by having the chance to read your views. What you say about the religious right Trekkie is very interesting. I assume we -- liberal Trekkies, I mean, just like people living in a liberal environment in general -- perhaps sometimes fall short of understanding politically very different people, because we underestimate how complex even people with a very different worldview are. "Outgroup homogeneity bias" at work -- we have a stereotype in mind, a simplified model of people whose mindset is far from us, and underestimate both how different these people are from one another, and how much more complex they often are than we assume they are. Guess that doesn't just happen when righties in their bubbles rant against caricatures of "them bad libruls", but we are victim of the same mechanism. I assume this divide is especially grave in America these days, because the different sides live in virtually seperate bubbles, geographically and media-wise. Most American pop culture is deliberately vague on a couple of key questions, mostly religion and politics, to allow very different approaches of access. If you want to make a successful tv show, you need ratings, and limiting yourself to just one subgroup, excluding half of the country from the onset, is not a good marketing strategy. So I guess writers have made it a key skill to include nods and allusions that allow one segment of viewers to feel confirmed in their views, without alienating others. Guess that's also the explanation why homosexuals have so far been vastly underrepresented on Star Trek -- it's one of the few points where this ambiguity can hardly be maintained. And that's why some run amok all of a sudden, the moment DSC now longer maintains this ambiguity. Still it surprises me that Star Trek, with its strong focus on ethnic and gender diversity, apparently managed to attract even very conservative fans. I'd have assumed it would be one of the shows that flies less well among those than others. On the other side -- except for hardcore racist righties, the ST world was okay, most of the time: In TOS and TNG, the white male was leading; diversity is okay, as long as the diverse folks don't give the orders, right? Sisko and Janeway avoided the clichés of their respective non-white-male status righties get annoyed over. (I think many sexists or racists do not just say, but actually *believe* "blacks are okay, as long as they are not angry/racists against whites" or "women are fine, as long as they don't behave like shrews" -- aka, these groups are okay, as long as they don't complain about disadvantage.) And ENT, in a manner of speaking, was a deliberate attempt of making "Star Trek for Republicans" (or, less politically, "Star Trek aimed at the less diverse regions in America"), representation-wise at least (and think of the "24"-ization of season 3). The husband of my best buddy, who only recently watched all the ST shows and became a big ENT fan, doesn't get tired of describing Archer as "a Republican", not without some admiration.
  8. More "Twin Peaks", episoded 2.09 and 2.10. And "The Young Pope" episode 1.02.
  9. Yes, I've seen "The Elephant Man". True, it's not too abstract at all. I assumed that because it was one of Lynch's early works, he wasn't into fully realizing his stilistic visions yet. A good movie IMO! Heartbreaking. But it's been a while since I saw it.
  10. Ah, so you're a genuine Lynch fan! I do like his style too, occasionally, but I can't swallow too much of it in a row. But then, I haven't even seen enough of him to be able to give a fair estimation of his work, so maybe I'm just prejudiced. I haven't seen "Eraserhead" (maybe I should), but his "hard" nightmarish stuff is what I think about when I think of his style -- "Mulholland Drive", "Lost Highway", to some extent "Dune" and the "Twin Peaks" movie: When I'm in the right mood, and only then, I find it intriguing for two hours, my mind gets quite some digestion problems afterwards (including weird flashbacks that are trying to find connections between different images I've seen), and then I'm fed up with it again for a while. But yeah, the new "Twin Peaks" is intriguing, IMO. I'm glad the elements that make a linear sense are strong enough to serve as an orientation, so my mind is satisfied enough to enjoy the weirdness. And I took further advantage of the Sky subscription: Watched the first episode of the HBO show "The Young Pope". Interesting so far!
  11. I subscribed to the Sky streaming service and can see the new "Twin Peaks" too, now: Watched episodes 3.01 and 3.02. Indeed pretty bizarre stuff! That "arm" tree is spooky. I'm relieved there seems to be some kind of story after all. It's great they got so many of the old actors to reprise their roles. I'm back in the "Twin Peaks" mood now... good opportunity to rewatch more of the original show while waiting for new episodes (eps 3 and 4 probably will be online next week). So I also watched old episode 2.08. Also watched today: "Battlestar Galactica" episode 4.12 with my wife. And "The Fall" episode 2.01 (season 2 is available on Sky, too ... yay!)
  12. "Hannibal" episodes 3.12 and 3.13. Awww... what a romantic ending! Love wins! "Twin Peaks" episodes 2.05-2.07.
  13. My wife and I finally continued "Battlestar Galactica": Episodes 4.09-4.11.
  14. "Designated Survivor" episode 1.19. "Twin Peaks" episode 2.04. "Hannibal" episode 3.11. Really thrilling episode... but I can't quite believe they didn't wire Lector's phone in the first place. And "Tatort" (Münster) episode 2 "Fakten, Fakten" (="facts, facts").