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  1. "Game of Thrones" episode 7.02. It's really getting thrilling, this slow build up towards the end battle!
  2. Pretty cool trailer, I'm excited! =) Sure, it's rather heavy on the pew-pew, but which trailer of previous Star Trek shows didn't emphasize the pew-pew? At any rate, it does look really good. I hope the stories and characters will be of the same caliber!
  3. "Twin Peaks" episode 3.10.
  4. I think I should watch something in Martin Landau's honor, too. I don't really feel like "Space: 1999", but maybe the "X-Files" movie? I'll put it on my list. RIP, Martin Landau! Just watched "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 3.08. An decent half-season finale for the summer break, I guess.
  5. "Game of Thrones", episode 7.01. Yay, the show is back!
  6. My wife and I watched "Game of Thrones", episode 6.10 -- last season's finale, to prepare for the new season. Was a bit tricky to remember all the connections again.
  7. Finally watched "Twin Peaks", episode 3.09 (it's last week's episode, I'm a bit behind). Nice it was centered on the familiar characters again!
  8. Nothing against the actor... and I don't hate Matt Smith's Doctor. Different styles and approaches is what keeps DW fresh! It's just that his style was one that wasn't my cup of tea (yeah, too "spastic" mostly), but I liked many of his stories nevertheless. Also I felt after the outstanding David Tennant, it maybe wasn't a good idea to cast another "young, energetic, charming guy"-type as the Doctor. At any rate, while I don't hate Matt Smith's Doctor and would never want to erase his tenure from the show, I can't say I was disappointed when he left (unlike in case of Tennant or now Capaldi), but was glad it was time for someone new. As for Whittaker? It's IMO a nice bonus her Doctor will be a woman for a change, but in itself, it isn't a virtue... it's more important that she's a great actress and if she'll suit the role and give it her own unique flavor. But considering the track record of decisions in the production team of NuDW so far? I have the greatest confidence she's an amazing actress and I'll most likely love her. I better say nothing about that, after deranging KM with my weird ideas lately! It'll be interesting to see how Whittaker et al handle this precedent of a female Doctor. Many previous Doctors had some kind of "quirky" personality, so I wonder if #13 will have, too? Or will she rather be the "lady" type? Or... endless possibilities! This is amazing!
  9. My wife and I watched "Sherlock", episodes 4.02 and 4.03. I increasingly feel they cramp a little too much into too few screen time. And i have to say this Saw-like stuff in the last episode somewhat disgusted me. I just don't get what people get out of this kind of sadism. For genuine questioning of morals, such scenarios are just way too grotesquely vulgar. IMO.
  10. Well I have to admit I did not miss Matt Smith. But apart from that, agreed!
  11. Interesting choice! *SPOILERS* Nice that it's a woman, for a change! The first female Doctor, yay! Beyond that, I can't say I have much of an opinion... I don't remember having (consciously) seen her before. "Broadchurch" has been on my list for a while, perhaps I'll check it out. But it's great DW stays true to itself by... changing! With Chibnall and Whittaker, I imagine the tone of the show will be different than before...
  12. I've been reading a lot about Buddhism in the past days. It's one of the major world religions I've so far not known much about. I've been reading in two introduction works, "Buddhismus" by Hans Wolfgang Schumann which is more popular, and "Einführung in den Buddhismus" (="Introduction to Buddhism") by Michael von Brück, which is more of an academic work. To find a Baha'i approach, I consulted "Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith" by Moojan Momen. And I read some translations of Buddhist scriptures, mainly from the Pali Canon, from the Pitaka of teachings, mostly German translations by Karl Eugen Neumann. And "Udanavarga", a Tibetan text that isn't part of the Pali Canon, but shows some similarities to the "Dhammapada", translated by Michael Hahn. So far, it has been most enlightening. I imagine that Buddhism is more easily accessible for Western atheists than, say, the monotheist religions, because you can as well see Buddhism as just a philosophy -- if you leave aside all the metaphysical embellishments around the core teachings. The practize of meditation has even been scientifically proven to work, so supporters of Buddhism never get tired of emphasizing how Buddhist teachings are absolutely compatible with modern science. As I've mostly focused on the core teachings of the perhaps oldest Buddhist school, Theravada, which -- perhaps -- contains the most original teachings and least later additions and influences from other sources (compared to Eastern Vajnarana, Tantrism and Mahayana), I'm indeed surprised how thoroughly rational, intellectually challenging and coherent the teachings are (as far as I've been able to comprehend them so far), so much it makes sense to look at it as a scientific attempt to categorize and lay out a theory about the inner workings of human perception. For me personally, it's also an intellectual challenge to bring Buddhist teachings in coherence with Baha'i teachings, to increase spiritual growth (hopefully ): Although the Baha'i religion stands in the tradition of Abrahamitic monotheism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and uses many similar terms and concepts, the Baha'i teachings explicitly acknowledge Buddha as a "Manifestation of God" alongside Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and Baha'u'llah; in fact, you cannot embrace the Baha'i Faith, without at the same time accepting the authority of the other Manifestations, including Buddha. But how do you reconcile a faith/philosophy, that explicitly denies the existence of a soul, refuses to make statements about God and has a particular idea about reincarnation (though not of the self or soul, but of certain attributes) with monotheist conceptions? However, if you believe in Baha'u'llah's teachings and Baha'i theology, you have to. I've got quite a few ideas about that, and insights which have been most enlightening to me, but I assume nobody here is particularly interested in them, so I won't bother writing them all down. (If you're curious, just ask!) Just so much: A major teaching in the Baha'i Faith is about the importance of detachment from material, worldly matters on the path of salvation; Buddhism obviously is much more detailed on the "how" of achieving that, which is of huge benefit for my Baha'i interests. Also, the practize of meditation (I've started meditating a week ago, mostly mindfulness exercizes inspired by Buddhism), which is explicitly demanded in the Baha'i Faith, has yielded interesting effects on me already.
  13. Last night, I rewatched some "X-Files": Episodes 1.19 "Shapes" and 2.01 "Little Green Men".
  14. "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 3.07. I actually find the show decently entertaining. Really not a special show ... but since it's for free on Amazon, it's good enough for an hour per week, IMO. And my wife and I finally started "Sherlock" episode 4.01: We both haven't seen the new season yet. I really liked the episode! Though all this espionage/James Bond-like stuff is maybe a bit strong... I'd rather see more "standard" episodes about... I don't know, less extravagant cases. Anyway, two more episodes to go!
  15. "Homeland" episode 1.08. "The Twilight Zone" episode 5.01: "In Praise of Pip". And "Sherlock", the special episode "The Abominable Bride". Pretty cool special!