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  1. Require a TNG book recommendation!

    Just to say, I ultimately read this, and enjoyed it immensely.
  2. ... and why? I've just finished reading Mr Shatner's Movie Memories. Fun read, but only on occasion does he allude to cast members not thinking highly of him. No real details are given, especially regarding Walter & James. Then when googling after, it appears he even fell out with Leonard towards the end of his life. Can anyone fill in with further details? I think I've been hypo-sprayed with a full tank of curiosity.
  3. Last Videogame You Played?

    I'm behind on many games. Thought I'd give Destiny a go. Juuuust waiting on an update to begin.
  4. The Enterprise-E

    I always thought the 24/26 deck issue was due to Starfleet, between FC and Nem editing out two numbers to speed up their 100 self-destruct countdowns. They ditched the numbers 24 and 25, just to mess with people hearing the countdown. So 26 was the new 24.
  5. TNG; Man of the people. Reminds me of my little crush on the councillor. Edit: my crush on her in the early segments of this ep. Not when she's old. I mean, really old. Bad elderly-prosthetics old.
  6. Require a TNG book recommendation!

    Thanks all for the suggestions! But this ^ nabbed my attention. I'm going to give it a tribble-n-try.
  7. It's been awhile...

    And you (all!)
  8. It's been awhile...

    Thanks all!
  9. Require a TNG book recommendation!

    Destiny, I'd heard a lot about. I could possibly try the first one and see how we go
  10. It's been awhile...

    Thanks, Sim! Yes, I like them all. I adore, what I call old-Trek (Prime Trek, I guess!) Only show I struggled with at times was Enterprise, but having said that, I thought S4 was fantastic.
  11. It's been awhile...

    He he!
  12. It's been awhile...

    Some Gagh and Blood wine sounds good! No side order of pain sticks, I see!
  13. Require a TNG book recommendation!

    Cheers Sim; I should have said. I have quite a 90s collection, including these. In my head, I had something 'more recent'. Even perhaps post Nemesis?
  14. Hi all, I haven't posted in a few years! It's been tricky. You *think* one wormhole will go one way, and then you're having to trudge back the long way round. The crew don't get on. The tribble outbreak didn't help. Then someone leaves their food replicator on all week whilst they take a holiday on the holodeck to slow roast a Gorn spaghetti dish, causing the warp core to drain completely. Urgh. Nightmare. Back I'm back, and the place is looking fantastic.
  15. Require a TNG book recommendation!

    Hi all, I'm sitting here in the mood to try out some Trek literature, and am looking for a recommendation, if you'd be so kind. Actually, I'm looking for THE book recommendation! TNG based. A one-off story, no parts one, two or three. Something with heart, and will take me back to those TNG days. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it muchly!