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  1. Unable to access theme galleries

    We've been having some trouble with them, and so we're currently looking at solutions. They might be down soon for a few days.
  2. Many moons ago, we created the Theme Galleries ( - with the omission of the TOS section, because we knew the HD upgrade was coming. This last year I've been working on finally doing the TOS section, and while its close to initial launch, I've been poking around the other sections and realized we've got more material we can add to the entire thing. Back in the day, we utilized an early crowd-sourcing via this forum and anyone who wanted to go surfing through the screen captures galleries to build them all up, and I was wondering if we might have any interest in doing so again? It's totally volunteer, on your free time, on a whim. Before I make all those threads though, I'm curious to see if anyone's willing to lend a hand? So reply here if so, please!
  3. In a (very successful) effort to curb automated spam bots, the administration of the Omega Sector set things up so that after you have Registered, you must post two (2) replies to existing topics before you can create your own new topics. This is because automated spam bots are programmed to register, and then create new topics. By forcing a reply to be made prior to that ability being accessible, we have prevented 99% of (outside) spam on the forums. However, some folks still seem to have a little trouble with this. So, we've created this topic for you, a new member, to post your two replies. Just reply twice to this thread you are reading with anything. "Hi!" or a happy face ( ) - any old thing. Once you've done so in this thread, you'll then have the ability to create your own New Topics! This thread is only for new members who have just registered and need to make their two (2) replies to gain full access to making new posts. No one else should reply to it please.
  4. It's been shared in a few replies to existing threads, but I think it warrants its own considering its the first real concrete information we've got. Star Trek: Discovery will take place 10 years prior to Captain Kirk's (prime timeline) 5 year mission (so roughly, 2255 - when Captain Pike commanded the 1701 with Number One and Lieutenant Spock.) The series lead will be a female Lieutenant Commander "with caveats" said Fuller (demoted? battlefield commission? something else?); she will not be the commanding officer of the ship itself, on purpose. It's been suggested by people "in the know" but not stated outright that they're looking for a woman of color rather than a Caucasian actress for the part. No one has yet been cast in any role. The crew will feature more aliens than you might expect; more even than previous shows apparently. The core cast is being built around 7 people. We may seem some upgraded/rebooted designs of existing species (Andorians recently hinted at in a photo Fuller tweeted). The serialized aspects of the plot are around an "event" we heard about in TOS (no one can figure this out yet!) - Axanar was ruled out, as was a real life Kobayashi Maru. Taursus 4 was a decade-ish prior to the shows setting. So everyone's trying to figure it out. Nothing suggested fits at the moment. We will have a gay character, for certain. That's as specific as they got, they didn't clarify further. An appearance by Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, was hinted at - with even Winona Ryder's name brought up (she played the role in the 2009 Kelvin timeline film). But she won't be central; just might appear. They're open to bringing in/referencing other TOS characters, but want to establish the crew first. I read that as "wait until season 2" but that's my opinion. TNG famously waited until season 3 to have Sarek appear, though they did have Admiral McCoy in the pilot. Scott Bakula said at last weekend's Vegas convention he's spoken with Fuller and is willing to appear as Archer; Archer's death was once given as 2245 in "In a Mirror, Darkly" from the Defiant's memory banks. So not sure how/if this will occur but its interesting to share. Section 31 may well make an appearance/have something to do with the story, but they didn't get too specific about that; Fuller has simply responded "maybe" when asked a few times now. Oh and, "there will be robots" - whatever that means.
  5. So with stuff actually happening on this front for the first time in a while, I thought it was appropriate to begin a pin thread for it. The other week, WB/DC officially announced that Batman Begins/Dark Knight director Chris Nolan has been put in charge of the Superman franchise as well. Though not expected to direct the film, he's likely to produce, and in the mean time is operating in what's been dubbed a 'mentor' capacity to the troubled Superman film franchise. Today comes word that David Goyer, who is part of the story/writing team for Begins/TDK, has been hired to pen the next Superman film. Rumor is it will be title 'The Man of Steel' which has been the rumor for years. It will not be connected in any way to Superman Returns. Brandon Routh, Bryan Singer, have no involvement now or likely in the future. It's a bit of a reboot, without re-treading the origin story ground. Word is they're basing things off the settings and atmosphere from the 1986 mini-series of comics, ironically, also title 'The Man of Steel'...
  6. Uncharted: The Movie: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

    Hmm. Not who I'd have cast at all. Much too young, IMHO. I'd have gone with someone 10 years older.
  7. Trying to fill in some gaps in our coverage. If you're up for it, take a look at our HD TOS Screen Captures and post your favorite shots of the original NCC-1701 here for inclusion in our theme galleries.
  8. If this is true its a game changer! Whoa!!

    IF cast extremely well, and IF it doesn't just cover 15 years of blowing sand storms but, like the books, covers Khan's rise and beyond, I could see it being really cool. I, for one, am hoping Discovery is successful enough that CBS brings Fuller back to do his original anthology idea. That would be great. I'm ready for another golden age of Trek TV.
  9. Pavel Chekov (HD Only)

    Just realized we never finished the TOS theme galleries. So I'm working on them again. If anyone wants to add some Chekov screen caps, feel free (and encouraged!)
  10. Enterprise Avatars

    Uhh... these are literally just the avatars I made years ago? *Confused*
  11. Even DC Bosses Says DC Movies Were Bad

    I can tolerate them because I love the characters otherwise, but the DCEU until WW has been mediocre are best. Hopefully WW, which I actually enjoyed (as did most people) signals they finally figured it out.
  12. How You Became a Trekkie

    In honor of 40 years of Star Trek, I'm curious about how you became a Trekkie... Who got you into Trek and who else in your real life is into it? What was the first bit of Trek you watched? Why did you watch your first bit of Trek and beyond? When did you first watch Trek? Here are my answers... Who: My sisters one-time boyfriend, when she was in High School. What: Episode of TOS 'Arena' Why: Combination of bordem and fascination. When: Summer of 1996. To be more detailed, which I encourage everyone to be, here is the story to go with those quick facts. My father died in February of 1996, when I was 11. That summer was tough, because he had been injured in an accident when I was 4, and thus always home with us (a stay at home dad before the concept existed) and so it was odd for him not to be there. Bored, I was flipping channels one evening and saw this shimmering sparkle FX, looked pretty cheesy, but it caught my eye for a second. It was the away team beaming down the Cestus III in 'Arena'. I realized the show was called Star Trek, because my sisters boyfriend at the time was a fan of it and had mentioned it once or twice. So I watched, both bored and fascinated. Later in the summer, I ended up spending the day with him, just the two of us, when my sister had to work one day. So we watched TWOK, and that film is what really locked me down into being a Trekkie. I understood very little of it compared to now, but to an 11 year old, it was a cool film with space ships, blood, and lots of lasers. I stayed in TOS-only until that fall. First Contact came out in theatres, and even though I didn't know anything about TNG, I simply had to see it. I still remember seeing the Picard/Worf confrontation scene on the big screen and being in total awe of it's power, and the power of the Lily/Picard confrontation scene to follow. Soon after, sisters boyfriend gave me a tape of 'Trials and Tribble-ations' to get me into DS9, too. Which I had been resistant of for some reason. He figured a crossover would do the trick; and it did. It took me until that spring to get into Voyager - when I saw something about the Borg being on Voyager on TVGuide. Had no idea about Jeri Ryan, I just knew the Borg where cool from First Contact. Watched some summer reruns, and tuned in for the 4th season premiere in September. And thus I was assimilated. I spent a lot of time from 1996 to 1999 hunting for every episode of Trek on TV I could find. Early Voyager was no where at the time, early DS9 was on weekdays on my local FOX at 5 PM, TOS disappeared to Sci-Fi only at some point during it all, and when I couldn't find TNG on TV? I went to for help, and they provided info on who owned the rights in any specific area. The same local, rinky-dink station that had first aired TOS for me, owned but didn't air TNG. So I e-mailed them and asked them to. A month later I got a reply saying, more or less, "OK" and a month later? TNG appeared as if from no where. Seems all it took was someone expressing a little interest.
  13. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Gave up on TWD this season. The premiere was too much. Too brutal, too violent (even for TWD!) and the deaths, just... it was all too much. Tempted to look again but, not sure if I will.
  14. Rumor : DISCOVERY Coming in September 2017 ???

    Not sure if its been said but Les Moonves said "September" a week or two ago at a press event as well. It'll be TNG's 30th anniversary month, too.
  15. If you're like me, you've heard this sort of thing oh so many times, that you're already rolling your eyes, yawning, and saying, "Yeah, yeah, I'll believe it when I'm in the freaking theater..." Anyway, for the 600th time, "Ghostbusters 3" is in development. Only this time... the word coming is from... the studio? :huh: :shock: One of the original GB's, either Ramis or Aykroyd, confirmed the development. Though, considering Aykroyd's track record of Chicken-Little-esque comments concerning this film... gotta take that with a grain of salt the size of Mr. Stay Puft. That said... we'll see. We'll see. I've been saying, "We'll see" since I was 5 years old.
  16. How did you Hear of Us?

    Just curious... How did you, whomever you are, reading this post, hear of us? Let us know!
  17. It Seemed About Time...

    In just shy of one year, we'll have an all new Star Trek series to watch for the first time since Enterprise ended in 2005. So it seemed about time to create a forum for discussion of that series. Try to keep things civil and remember that as of right now, we know virtually nothing about the show. So everyone at this juncture is just discussion hopes and dreams (and maybe even nightmares?)
  18. Petition to Change the Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

    I'll admit I find those guidelines over-reaching. But Axanar over-reached FIRST. They went too far and forced a significant (and perhaps drastic) reaction: and this is what we have as a result. Crowd-funding was always going to cause problems, but crowd-funding $1 million? Yeah, thats enough for TPTB to say "hmm"... Fan films filled a void for this desert we've been in for a while, but, the day is over I feel.
  19. INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE Bombs at the Box Office

    Saw it at a matinee yesterday; wasn't impressed. It lacked heart like the first one, and a lot of it was outlandish and laughable. First one you cared about the characters, who seemed real, and the story seemed potentially plausible as well. Not so here. Spiner's character was one of the few highlights. The bulk of the film was bunk, which really sucks because the first one was good. Ah well. If China likes it they'll make 3, if not, no loss at this point. As for sequels and remakes... that trend isn't likely to go. Despite the "doom and gloom" of them not doing as well, they're still doing well enough - especially overseas. 20 years ago, American audiences determined everything. Now? China does. Look at Terminator Genisys. It did $89 million here; and $300+ over there. Not a lot of money in movie land, but it made double its cost, which means while not a hit it also wasn't a loss - because of the Chinese market. The last Die Hard film did $57 million; a bomb by all accounts. Except it made money in China. Which is why they're doing a 6th. Our box office no longer matters; look at the foreign - especially Chinese - numbers if you want to know what will get made more of.
  20. Hertzler and Cromwell Arrested Protesting Fossil Fuels

    That awkward moment when the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and the Inventor of Warp Drive are cell mates...
  21. So apparently, according to a cancellation notice on the Shore Leave convention site, Star Trek Voyager novel author Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing staff of the new series. The shows been hiring writers quietly for a while now, I know of a few others who've been added, but none are previously associated with Trek; the few I know of beyond the highly publicized Nicholas Meyer are thus far general television writers who've an associated to Kurtzman through his other series (Hawaii 5-0, Scorpion, Limitless) or Fuller through his previous shows. I find it fascinating that here, he's brought someone aboard with a Trek association, even if it is just a dozen or so novels. I'm not certain of her other credits, though I remember something about her having worked in Hollywood previously.
  22. Heya!

  23. James Cawley just called it quits.

    I can't claim to have ever been a big fan film fan. But I was always impressed with how much New Voyages/Phase II managed to do; especially getting real TOS actors back in the fold. But I think the shit-storm of Axanar has soured a lot of people, and rightfully so. The guy in charge of Axanar really seems like a sleaze ball whose milked things for his own personal and financial benefit. And I have to admit to being a bit turned off when the actors themselves begin doing it and asking us to fund it (Renegades) because as much as I like their passion, I don't like the appearance it can have...
  24. I Have A Question

    I can't find any reason for this to be. I think at one point when we began the forum we had a rank restriction on it, but I can't remember for sure. Either way, we've upgraded many times since then and I find nothing in the forum or the groups still with any sort of restriction. And if it was a restriction, it would stop you from creating topics, not replying to existing ones... Anyone else having this currently? We did upgrade a few weeks/months ago again, and it has caused a few minor hiccups like this, but... this makes no sense.
  25. Axanar Countersues Paramount, CBS In Copyright Case

    Wow. Is this some kind of stupid on there behalf or what? You don't reply to word Paramounts going to end their lawsuit against you by counter-suing like some jackass!