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  1. Gave up on TWD this season. The premiere was too much. Too brutal, too violent (even for TWD!) and the deaths, just... it was all too much. Tempted to look again but, not sure if I will.
  2. Not sure if its been said but Les Moonves said "September" a week or two ago at a press event as well. It'll be TNG's 30th anniversary month, too.
  3. It's been shared in a few replies to existing threads, but I think it warrants its own considering its the first real concrete information we've got. Star Trek: Discovery will take place 10 years prior to Captain Kirk's (prime timeline) 5 year mission (so roughly, 2255 - when Captain Pike commanded the 1701 with Number One and Lieutenant Spock.) The series lead will be a female Lieutenant Commander "with caveats" said Fuller (demoted? battlefield commission? something else?); she will not be the commanding officer of the ship itself, on purpose. It's been suggested by people "in the know" but not stated outright that they're looking for a woman of color rather than a Caucasian actress for the part. No one has yet been cast in any role. The crew will feature more aliens than you might expect; more even than previous shows apparently. The core cast is being built around 7 people. We may seem some upgraded/rebooted designs of existing species (Andorians recently hinted at in a photo Fuller tweeted). The serialized aspects of the plot are around an "event" we heard about in TOS (no one can figure this out yet!) - Axanar was ruled out, as was a real life Kobayashi Maru. Taursus 4 was a decade-ish prior to the shows setting. So everyone's trying to figure it out. Nothing suggested fits at the moment. We will have a gay character, for certain. That's as specific as they got, they didn't clarify further. An appearance by Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, was hinted at - with even Winona Ryder's name brought up (she played the role in the 2009 Kelvin timeline film). But she won't be central; just might appear. They're open to bringing in/referencing other TOS characters, but want to establish the crew first. I read that as "wait until season 2" but that's my opinion. TNG famously waited until season 3 to have Sarek appear, though they did have Admiral McCoy in the pilot. Scott Bakula said at last weekend's Vegas convention he's spoken with Fuller and is willing to appear as Archer; Archer's death was once given as 2245 in "In a Mirror, Darkly" from the Defiant's memory banks. So not sure how/if this will occur but its interesting to share. Section 31 may well make an appearance/have something to do with the story, but they didn't get too specific about that; Fuller has simply responded "maybe" when asked a few times now. Oh and, "there will be robots" - whatever that means.
  4. I'll admit I find those guidelines over-reaching. But Axanar over-reached FIRST. They went too far and forced a significant (and perhaps drastic) reaction: and this is what we have as a result. Crowd-funding was always going to cause problems, but crowd-funding $1 million? Yeah, thats enough for TPTB to say "hmm"... Fan films filled a void for this desert we've been in for a while, but, the day is over I feel.
  5. Saw it at a matinee yesterday; wasn't impressed. It lacked heart like the first one, and a lot of it was outlandish and laughable. First one you cared about the characters, who seemed real, and the story seemed potentially plausible as well. Not so here. Spiner's character was one of the few highlights. The bulk of the film was bunk, which really sucks because the first one was good. Ah well. If China likes it they'll make 3, if not, no loss at this point. As for sequels and remakes... that trend isn't likely to go. Despite the "doom and gloom" of them not doing as well, they're still doing well enough - especially overseas. 20 years ago, American audiences determined everything. Now? China does. Look at Terminator Genisys. It did $89 million here; and $300+ over there. Not a lot of money in movie land, but it made double its cost, which means while not a hit it also wasn't a loss - because of the Chinese market. The last Die Hard film did $57 million; a bomb by all accounts. Except it made money in China. Which is why they're doing a 6th. Our box office no longer matters; look at the foreign - especially Chinese - numbers if you want to know what will get made more of.
  6. That awkward moment when the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and the Inventor of Warp Drive are cell mates...
  7. So apparently, according to a cancellation notice on the Shore Leave convention site, Star Trek Voyager novel author Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing staff of the new series. The shows been hiring writers quietly for a while now, I know of a few others who've been added, but none are previously associated with Trek; the few I know of beyond the highly publicized Nicholas Meyer are thus far general television writers who've an associated to Kurtzman through his other series (Hawaii 5-0, Scorpion, Limitless) or Fuller through his previous shows. I find it fascinating that here, he's brought someone aboard with a Trek association, even if it is just a dozen or so novels. I'm not certain of her other credits, though I remember something about her having worked in Hollywood previously.
  8. I can't claim to have ever been a big fan film fan. But I was always impressed with how much New Voyages/Phase II managed to do; especially getting real TOS actors back in the fold. But I think the shit-storm of Axanar has soured a lot of people, and rightfully so. The guy in charge of Axanar really seems like a sleaze ball whose milked things for his own personal and financial benefit. And I have to admit to being a bit turned off when the actors themselves begin doing it and asking us to fund it (Renegades) because as much as I like their passion, I don't like the appearance it can have...
  9. I can't find any reason for this to be. I think at one point when we began the forum we had a rank restriction on it, but I can't remember for sure. Either way, we've upgraded many times since then and I find nothing in the forum or the groups still with any sort of restriction. And if it was a restriction, it would stop you from creating topics, not replying to existing ones... Anyone else having this currently? We did upgrade a few weeks/months ago again, and it has caused a few minor hiccups like this, but... this makes no sense.
  10. Wow. Is this some kind of stupid on there behalf or what? You don't reply to word Paramounts going to end their lawsuit against you by counter-suing like some jackass!
  11. Nice!
  12. I was beginning to wonder if I'd just imagined the whole thing of you coming back or not! lol. Guess not!
  13. Wow, what a good episode to be the last one you finally caught! Lucky! :D
  14. We've all been there. We've seen almost every single episode of a given series, whether TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT. But there is still one or two we missed. Somehow, some way. For a lot of us, this was because of the nature of the beast of reruns on television in the pre-DVD, pre-binge watching days. Now days new fans will never experience what it was to have spent years catching up on reruns like we had to! So what was your final "new" episode (to you, anyway) of a given series? I've no memory of what my last new (to me) TOS episode was, and TAS I only ever saw once it was out on DVD. But I remember for TNG, my last two episodes were "Lessons" and "Aquiel" - I know, such epic episodes to end on, right?! LOL. For DS9, years after I watched "What We Leave Behind" as it aired in June of 1999, I finally saw "Crossfire" from season 4 from 4-am daily reruns. For Voyager, it was season 1's "Cathexis" that was the last episode I'd missed from watching all of Voyager from season 4 onward. Enterprise, I saw all of as it aired so no missing links there. What about you?