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  1. Frontier added a post in a topic Profile Banner   

    I can haz bannannaners?
  2. Frontier added a post in a topic Profile Banner   

    OK, theoretically, everyone should be able to do so now... let me know if not...
  3. Frontier added a post in a topic Was Star Trek Uncharted Pitched?   

    If a meeting took place, it was purely an indulgence of someone they didn't want to make a fuss while trying to buy out his web domain.  It's that simple.
    I doubt such even occurred, since Paramount - in charge of the films - would be buying said domain, and CBS - in charge of the shows - wouldn't be?
    Either way, if and when CBS finally decides to do something new with Star Trek on TV, they will have a plethora of talented and established people to choose from.  Giving the reigns of the first new series in 10 years to a novice with no credits to his name is never going to happen.  It's a fan-wank dream.  Especially when many established folks like Shatner, Frakes and Bryan Singer have pitched to them in the past.
  4. Frontier added a post in a topic Help finding a good shot of most of the crew in ops.   

    Not sure there is such a shot, especially since the likes of Jake, Quark, Odo, Bashir and Ezri ever had posts in Ops.  Only things I can think of are the promo shots you're not after? 
  5. Frontier added a post in a topic *Adult* Enterprise Gals   

    Well, that's damn odd.  A guest reported a post in this topic.  A topic that's 6 years old.  :|
  6. Frontier added a post in a topic Where is the Turnip Section?   

    I read Turnip as Trump and honestly there is a resemblance as I think on it... both physically and in number of brain cells... lol. 
  7. Frontier added a post in a topic Future combadge.   

    Nice. CGI or an actual pic?
  8. Frontier added a post in a topic Promenade.   

    If I'm ever rich I'm building a replica of the promenade. :D
  9. Frontier added a post in a topic Terry Farrell Talks DS9 and Rick Berman - New Interview   

    Frak Berman. Ugh.
  10. Frontier added a post in a topic VOYAGER and DEEP SPACE NINE - Coming Soon   

    That bit alone has me more excited than I have been for a novel in a while.

    The original DS9 relaunch was PERFECT and then they screwed it up.

    As for Voyager, we all know she'll get out of it even if convicted. They just brought Janeway back from the dead, they won't kill her again. lol.
  11. Frontier added a post in a topic Weird Glitch   

    We had something like this happen once before. I'll run it up the flag pole, see what we can find out.
  12. Frontier added a post in a topic First Human Head Transplant Ever to be Performed   

    Edited the title; the article's dated today and says "will be" performed. So it hasn't actually happened.
  13. Frontier added a post in a topic Which Star Trek novels have you read?   

    I could never make a list like that, let alone remember them all. Suffice of to say, I've read dozens like you lot. I remember reading 25 TNG numbered paperbacks in my freshmen year of HS alone - I had two study-halls, lol.

    IMHO, the numbered books where a roll of the dice. Very few where bad, but inaccuracy was more common. The post-2000 era novels have been far more accurate, but they've also gone so far out on the "creative liberties" tree by not being beholden to the "toy-box" principle (IE, everything has to go back as it was when the book is done) that honestly it's been turning me off for many moons now.

    When they blew up DS9 and replaced it with a new design... that just... ugh. Just, no. You don't get to do that. It's bad enough to kill a character off (Janeway; though they brought her back 4 years later) but to blow up DS9? Unacceptable.

    Pre-2000 was a mixed bag in accuracy and writing skill. Post 2000 is superior accuracy and writing, but they've gone mad with power. It's a no win scenario.

    I will say my favorite books are the Shatner ones. Especially his first "trilogy" - Ashes/Return/Avenger. I've re-read them a handful of times each. In truth it's Judith and Garfield Reeve-Stevens who write them, Shatner just guides things. But they're great stories and I just love them.

    The early DS9 relaunch - Avatar through Unity - where also perfection IMHO. Flawless. An 8th season of the show.
  14. Frontier added a post in a topic Should Enterprise be given another chance?   

    My gods, no.

    Let it go, NX-ers. It's been 10 years. I'm sorry your series finale stunk and you didn't get the full 7 years you expected, but enough is enough.

    If Star Trek is going to return to TV, it needs to do so from a whole new and fresh place.

    I love the 24th century, but I know there is no more to be done in it either.

    Trek needs to go forward again. 25th century or further. We can't wallow in what was.

    The only way to unite everybody and have people from TOS purists in their retired years to 24th century fans ranging 30s to mid-life and NXers and Abrams folks in theirs teens and 20s is to start from new. New crew, new ship, new premise, new time.

    21st century Trek has made the mistake of looking backwards for 15 years, and though Abrams trek helped bring in young blood, it hasn't done much else.

    Time to boldly go where no one has gone before again. Not where we've been once or twice already.
  15. Frontier added a post in a topic Board Policy Question   

    I can say that with the celebrity scenario... if it's a one-off "they're dead and this is how I felt about them" thing... I can't see issue with that.

    Maurice Hurley, producer for TNG, recently died. Everyone was speaking well of him. I couldn't understand quite why, because knowing behind the scenes info and rumor I do, Hurley wasn't well liked. Rick Berman himself just yesterday confirmed on twitter - perhaps the first confirmation anyone ever had of such - that Hurley was the reason Gates McFadden was fired from TNG for season 2. And anyway, knowing he caused grief in the early TNG days, when he died, I did personally post in the thread of such how I didn't quite understand why everyone was speaking well of him when they didn't think so. Granted, I had no personal opinion. I never met the man or worked with him, obviously, lol.

    Best advice I can give here, Kirok: don't go anticipating problems that may never happen.