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  1. Frontier added a topic in Star Trek (2017)   

    Kirsten Beyer (Trek Lit author) joins Writing Staff
    So apparently, according to a cancellation notice on the Shore Leave convention site, Star Trek Voyager novel author Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing staff of the new series.  The shows been hiring writers quietly for a while now, I know of a few others who've been added, but none are previously associated with Trek; the few I know of beyond the highly publicized Nicholas Meyer are thus far general television writers who've an associated to Kurtzman through his other series (Hawaii 5-0, Scorpion, Limitless) or Fuller through his previous shows. 
    I find it fascinating that here, he's brought someone aboard with a Trek association, even if it is just a dozen or so novels.  I'm not certain of her other credits, though I remember something about her having worked in Hollywood previously.
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  2. Frontier added a post in a topic Heya!   

  3. Frontier added a post in a topic James Cawley just called it quits.   

    I can't claim to have ever been a big fan film fan.  But I was always impressed with how much New Voyages/Phase II managed to do; especially getting real TOS actors back in the fold.
    But I think the shit-storm of Axanar has soured a lot of people, and rightfully so.  The guy in charge of Axanar really seems like a sleaze ball whose milked things for his own personal and financial benefit.  And I have to admit to being a bit turned off when the actors themselves begin doing it and asking us to fund it (Renegades) because as much as I like their passion, I don't like the appearance it can have...
  4. Frontier added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    I can't find any reason for this to be.
    I think at one point when we began the forum we had a rank restriction on it, but I can't remember for sure.  Either way, we've upgraded many times since then and I find nothing in the forum or the groups still with any sort of restriction.  And if it was a restriction, it would stop you from creating topics, not replying to existing ones...
    Anyone else having this currently?
    We did upgrade a few weeks/months ago again, and it has caused a few minor hiccups like this, but... this makes no sense. 
  5. Frontier added a post in a topic Axanar Countersues Paramount, CBS In Copyright Case   

    Wow.  Is this some kind of stupid on there behalf or what?  You don't reply to word Paramounts going to end their lawsuit against you by counter-suing like some jackass! 
  6. Frontier added a post in a topic Star Trek Beyond - Ds9 Trailer   

  7. Frontier added a post in a topic I'm Back, Yo.   

    I was beginning to wonder if I'd just imagined the whole thing of you coming back or not!  lol.  Guess not! 

  8. Frontier added a post in a topic Final New (to You) Episode?   

    Wow, what a good episode to be the last one you finally caught!  Lucky!  :D
  9. Frontier added a topic in Trek General   

    Final New (to You) Episode?
    We've all been there. We've seen almost every single episode of a given series, whether TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT. But there is still one or two we missed. Somehow, some way. For a lot of us, this was because of the nature of the beast of reruns on television in the pre-DVD, pre-binge watching days. Now days new fans will never experience what it was to have spent years catching up on reruns like we had to!
    So what was your final "new" episode (to you, anyway) of a given series?
    I've no memory of what my last new (to me) TOS episode was, and TAS I only ever saw once it was out on DVD. But I remember for TNG, my last two episodes were "Lessons" and "Aquiel" - I know, such epic episodes to end on, right?! LOL. For DS9, years after I watched "What We Leave Behind" as it aired in June of 1999, I finally saw "Crossfire" from season 4 from 4-am daily reruns. For Voyager, it was season 1's "Cathexis" that was the last episode I'd missed from watching all of Voyager from season 4 onward. Enterprise, I saw all of as it aired so no missing links there.
    What about you?
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  10. Frontier added a post in a topic TO BOLDLY GO Rare Photos from TOS   

    You'd almost think somebody was putting out rare photos are a regular interval for the better part of 10 years or something...
  11. Frontier added a post in a topic I can't submit posts.   

    Are you still having this issue?
  12. Frontier added a post in a topic ST Rejected Scripts   

    I've got a story treatment for a never done Voyager episode where they found the lost Constitution-Class USS Defiant (NCC-1964) from "The Tholian Web" - never even read it... I should... lol.  Its from the production offices; was an idea that almost made it but didn't.
  13. Frontier added a post in a topic TO BOLDLY GO Rare Photos from TOS   

    Hmm, rare photos being a popular thing?  Who'd have thought? 
  14. Frontier added a post in a topic Terminator 6 Confirmed?   

    Please be careful with your topic titles on such things as movies/shows being "confirmed" until/unless they're actually confirmed from a studio and/or press release.    Arnold making a comment is far from any level of confirmation of anything than Arnold's hopes/ambitions. 
  15. Frontier added a topic in Star Trek (2017)   

    What We Want VS What We'll Get?
    Everything is on the table, or up in the air, or whatever phrase you like, concerning this new show.
    But if you had a vote and a guess on some core elements, what would yours be for the following?
    Universe: Prime or JJ-Verse?Setting: Enterprise or Elsewhere?Episodes: All-at-Once (binge) or One-at-a-time (old fashion)How Much: 13 episodes (pay cable), 16 (basic cable), 20 (hybrid), 24+ (standard)Cast: A Few "Names" or Just Good Actors?Captain: Human, Alien? Male, Female?
    My wants/what I think we'll get
    Universe: Want and Think We'll Get is the Same: Prime. JJ-verse keeps sounding more-and-more a Movie only domain.
    Setting: Somewhere Else. I think we'll get the Enterprise though, because it's been the foundation of 3 of 5 series.
    Episodes: I think we'll get them old fashion, one at a time. I'd rather have them all at once.
    How Much: I'd like as much as week can get. I think we'll get about 20 episodes. I doubt we'll see more than that, and doubt we'll see less than 16.
    Cast: Just good actors. Star Trek with some names would be interesting, but the bigger the star the less likely they'll do conventions and such. I think that's important. I think we'll get at least 2-3 names for prominent characters though. I don't see us being able to get names on the same level as house "House of Cards" was able to.
    Captain: I want a female. Human or Alien. I think we'll get a male (I don't see CBS being brave enough.) human.

    What about you?
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