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  1. The News/Announcements problems should be fixed now.
  2. screencaps?

    Hi Scotty - yes we're aware the screencaps are offline. We're having a few issues at the moment which we hope to resolve soon!
  3. My account hacked

    Yeah, just change your passwords guys. That should resolve things. I'll wipe out those spam postings for you.
  4. I'm criminally inactive here, I know, but there's no way I'm not crashing into a return thread for Terr! So lovely to see you back T... I can't believe it's been 4 years since I was over with you in the land of enchantment!
  5. And we're back...

    Alright folks, we've moved the boards to a quieter server as they were really hammering our primary TC server. Hopefully things should be back to normal now. There may be a few bugs after the move, bear with us!
  6. The case for rebuilding DS9 for blu-ray

    Guys I'll probably be writing an article at TrekCore about this soon enough, but I feel it's important to clarify the position of DS9 on Blu-ray here. * CBS have been looking into the possibility of doing the later shows - DS9 and Voyager - for quite some time. * They've obviously worked out these shows will be MUCH more expensive compared to TNG due to their CG elements. * Right now, there are NO PLANS in place to do either Deep Space Nine or Voyager. That's not to say things may change in the future, however if you're hoping that DS9 Season 1 will be hitting shelves after TNG wraps, I'd revise expectations. * This is a huge problem for CBS Digital (the team working on TNG). They've hired, trained and perfected a "dream team" who know Star Trek inside out. Once TNG is finished (in a matter of weeks), that team will have no big project to work on. Obviously you know what the implications of that are. That's everything. In a nutshell. I'm not able to go into more detail unfortunately, but this is an honest representation of where things stand right now.
  7. Upgrade Bug Reporting

    The Location text under the postcount is presented in a rather hard-to-read grey.
  8. Oh, you teases - ending that vid with the DS9 music. Had to be done!!
  9. There are 3 distinct shots of the station in "Birthright, Part I" - the other two are even more impressive than the one in the trailer (which I love!)
  10. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Thanks everyone! Really nice to read your birthday wishes!
  11. The gag reel is AWESOME!!
  12. Thanks for the contributor, priell3! prometheus - we're outdated by several versions of IPB here and no longer have support. This has given us big problems with spam in the last 6 months and forced us to only accept new members manually. The new version will be fully supported with new security and anti-spam technology. While it will probably required the board to be reskinned, we always try to keep the look as consistent as possible!
  13. Thanks to all our kind contributors so far - we've reached 68% of our target! There's still a fair way to go, so if you're able to - please visit our donation page here
  14. Hi all, As most of you already know, TrekCore is run through the generosity of a select few who volunteer their time unpaid. Supporting such a large site as TrekCore has always been a community effort, and we've been thrilled by your response in the past to help us with hosting costs. Now that we've used the last of the funds we raised last time, we're asking for your help once again in supporting the site and keeping it alive for the next two years. We're looking to raise in the region of US$1500 to cover hosting all our content (across four servers) for the next two years, domain name charges and a much needed upgrade to the Omega Sector board software to ensure it's supported and has the latest security. So, if you love this community and site as much as we do, please please please consider a donation - every contribution helps, no matter how small! Head over to our donation page here to donate! Thank you Adam and the TrekCore team
  15. Trek Book Club?

    Gus- those are some excellent suggestions. Last year we started covering the new book releases at TrekCore. We have reviews every month and interviews with each author. I'm very interested to hear feedback from people here about our coverage - does it appeal? Anything else you think we could do to cover the books?? You can find the articles here: