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  1. Hello, I just saw your post on the rate TNG/Crusher thread and must say it's so thrilling to see another Beverly fan about here :)

  2. STAR TREK: Omega Sector Reviews

    I have a question, since when does Uhura kissing Spock automatically mean she's sleeping with him? And possibly the only reason Uhura was used in her relationship with Spock here was basic marketing-if you're making a movie and want to appeal to EVERYONE, there most likely will be some romance in it. And even though, yes, I agree there should be some strong female characters, you have to give some credit to the fact that Uhura was with Spock, and not Kirk, to me that would have made her even less of a strong figure.
  3. STAR TREK: Omega Sector Reviews

    I actually kind of liked the Spock/Uhura relationship, it does make sense in a way. For those who argue "Uhura kissed KIRK in Plato's Stepchildren", they weren't responsible for their actions number 1, number 2, all of the characters are without the years of experience they had on the original series. Then there's the whole alternate timeline deal, so it would be weird if they kept everything the same. I see the arguement how it was a little underdeveloped, but I guess they wanted to keep you guessing on who she was interested in, Spock or Kirk; and also they can't cover EVERY LITTLE THING in Trek history, or every little subplot. They truly had feelings for each other as well, I thought it was kind've cute. And no way was Spock favoring her, like it's been said he clearly said that's what he wanted to avoid, and that scene was kind of a hint that something was up with those two. Also, Kirk is so cocky, and definitely has other undesirable qualities; is it really that much of a surprise that she WOULDN'T want to be with Kirk? I can tell you one thing, I think most girls would like Spock better, if they don't already. I know I do As for the actual movie itself, they can't cover every character and dive into every history, nor can they restate EVERYTHING from the original Star Trek universe, nor will everything get all the usual technobabble. All in all I think they did all right, and generally give it a nine. For Nero, there are definitely more points they could've made or covered, they could've included an actual LESSON in the movie, leave a little bit of the humor out, and not reuse every other great line from the original series ie: "Dammit I'm a doctor not a-!" "...pointy eared hobgoblin", and much much more. Spock: I thought Zachary Quinto did a great job as Spock, sounds and looks like him. Even if Spock acted a little like a jerk at times it was cool seeing that part of him, and don't forget he's young too. Zarchary Quinto: Same deal, pretty much with all the actors, cept I'd like to add: I liked this Uhura more, because she truly was stronger than the old Uhura. She may not be the strongest character, but it was better. Women do need to be portrayed better in Trek, and hopefully if they continue with more movies/ even (dare I even suggest) a series, they'll add that in there. My parents also pointed out (half jokingly) that there were no hispanic characters. At any rate the movie'll be successful with non fans, and I think most Trek fans wil just be ecstatic to have something new. For me, this was the only Trek movie I've ever gotten to see in theaters, so I'm happy with it anyway. And maybe after seeing this people will be more predisposed to watching Trek. I know I've already converted two of my friends to the Trek side, let the force not be with them lolol.
  4. star trek and school

    In my school in seventh grade we had a program called E.X.P.A.N.D., I don't remember what that stood for, but it was for anyone that showed an exceptional accomplishment or talent. Basically you could choose to take a class for a quarter of a year or you could take the course afeter school; or both. During that year our topic was philosophy, and we had to do a project at the end on the philosophy of something. Both me and my trekkie friend did this project where we dressed up, gave a small skit, and then showed some clips highlighting philosophical moments of Trek. We used the pilot of DS9, "Where no one has gone before", and another TNG episode I believe. It was great because the entire year the class would groan whenever I started talking about Trek. Then they saw the clips and decided it wasn't so bad after all. Victory was mine! I also did a couple of book reports, on The Children of Hamlin, one of the A Time To novels, Warped, and Hollow Men.
  5. *Pinned* Star Trek Icon Contest: April - Pets

    8, 13, 3
  6. Lessons

    I have to agree with the other Ael and Voyager, and one of the only reasons I watch this episode is to watch Crusher's death glare lol.
  7. The Devil in The Dark

    I loved this episode, the first time I saw it I was scared at first, all like "Spock don't mind meld! Spock NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then I was happy that they find out that the Horta was just protecting it's eggs. I mean, really, when have you ever seen naturally occuring spherical formations of minerals?
  8. Belanna's Artwork

    I just saw all the P/C icons, I love them all!
  9. Musicals!

    This has gone untouched lately, and I wanted to see if anyone else has seen Billy Elliot. Has anyone? I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's now one of my favorites.
  10. Finally, Good Posters!

    There are no words to describe the horror.
  11. Belanna's Artwork

    I love the cat ones and the Star Trek ones! Though I have to say to the Neelix one O.o
  12. Star Trek Icon Contest: March; Captains & Commanders

    3, 6, 10, though I have to say it's a hard choice
  13. Star Trek Toy Commercial

    Ok that was so bad it wasn't even funny, I doubt any kid would even think of buying the figures unless they're already fans. I think my favorite part had to have been "Beam Captain Kirk to the planet! And then beam him back up again!"
  14. Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Vs. Stargate

    Alright, for me it is so close between Stargate and Star Trek, but Trek wins out in the end. First off, Star Wars: I just can't get into it that much, I've seen three movies and parts of others and it just doesn't interest me. I don't really HATE it, but I don't like it either. I'm going to try to give it a try though, watch the original trilogy in its entirety. Second Stargate: I love SG-1, but Atlantis just never cut it for me, idk y. At any rate, I loved the characters and loved how it's set to our time yet still sci-fi. Star Trek is still my favorite T.V. show, and the thing that always gets me is watching through all the seasons of a series, and seeing just how far the characters go and how they develop over time. What they learn and the bonds they form are always so meaningful, and Trek as a whole is probably the most meaningful show I have ever seen.
  15. Novel Cover revealed!

    I don't know if anyone else has seen it, but there's an application on Itunes for a Star Trek manga four part story that builds up to this new movie. Idk if it's just for the Itouch or not though. I've yet to see the last part yet as it hasn't come out, but from what I've read so far I'm confused, and I think it mixes up canon even more than what was given to us already. I'm determined to still give this movie a chance, though really now, they've gone too far.