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  1. Resolutions

    This was THE definitive J/C episode. The writers really screwed it up. Dang, Kirk would've done it all different. For months, there were little hints, nudges, winks, etc for J/C. Then nothing. Meanwhile a certain blonde **cough** shows it and you know the rest.... :huh: :shock: Aside from that, this could be considered the Harlequin Romance episode. Plus the little sidenote with the Doc and his old love was very sweet. An old love, a new love... could've gone places....
  2. Deadlock

    Harry's death should have had more impact. It was so quick and pointless that I guessed right away that it would be reversed somehow. Instead he should have been severely injured and taken to sick bay. Harry and Naomi dying at the same time would have been dramatic. The doc having to choose between two dying patients and losing them both.... Just an idea. Though still I'm surprised that being from an alternate reality didn't affect Harry or Naomi that much. I read a fan fic recently that dealt with the fact that Harry was dead and an alternate took his place. It was pretty interesting.
  3. Threshold

    Plus what about the lizard babies left on the planet? Isnt' that tempering with the natural development of the world? With the Prime Directive and all those Starfleet rules, I'm surprised there wasn't more a discussion regarding the children.
  4. Was Chakotay a worthless character?

    What I do understand is why Chakotay stayed in Starfleet after he returned to Earth. In the Homecoming series, he accepts the position as Captain of Voyager but the writers never really explained about the Maquis fight and its resolution. Chakotay was a Maquis leader! I thought he should have at least considered re-awakening the protests against Starfleet. That would've made an interesting story... Janeway and Chakotay on opposite sides of a conflict.
  5. Baby Borg Theory

    Maybe not the children, but I would've thought that the Borg ship itself would have been important. With all the enemies the Borg have, it would have been prudent to collect the broken ship to prevent Borg technology from being studied. Obviously, Voyager made great use of the salvage.
  6. Likes and Dislikes

    The Doctor Especially in the episode "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy". Go for it, Doc! (Though I wonder what revenge Paris planned for him after learning of Doc's Belanna fantasy)
  7. Baby Borg Theory

    True, but then again, it was never really explained how long the maturation chambers lasted or how fast they accelerated the normal growth. Or what the Borg considered a mature drone. A teenager would have the basic adult structure and Borg tech could take care of any elevated hormonal levels and erratic thought patterns.
  8. Baby Borg Theory

    True, true... Okay then Borg babies happen, which raises the question, do Borgs have babies? Is there a maternity suite somewhere? In several fanfics I've seen, it's been considered that Borg drones would be sterile (like insect drones on Earth) which in a sense would make sense. Maybe the Borg harvest the reproductive organs and create test tube babies. As for that borg baby Seven saved, considering the writers never mentioned what happened, I'ld like to think they took it back home.
  9. The "Captain Butt Kisser" thread

    But the part that I found most annoying about Seven was the episode (really I don't remember right now) where someone pointed out that Seven with all her Borg brains was the smartest person on the ship. Annoying!
  10. The Vaadwaur

    Of course they were retarded. That explains why a lot of the end stories were about Seven and her "humanity". The Hirogen were hunters pure and simple but the Vaadwaur... those were a sadistic race if Neelix's fairy tales were any clue. It would have been interesting to see them in action plus think of all the races that would have been pissed with Janeway for waking them up. Voyager would've had enemies on both sides.
  11. Baby Borg Theory

    Considering the attitude of Borg "perfection", I think the writers made a mistake adding the children. Over and over, Seven and other borg spoke about how certain people were ignored or destroyed because they weren't worthy of assimilation. Knowledge was the goal and children had none. Of course, this is how Seven was created (taken as a child) but still... there was no reason for taking her or putting all that energy into a maturation chamber considering all the millions of people available in the quadrant. This is just another example of writers taking creative license without considering the all the consequences. (like 7/C this isn't a soap opera).
  12. Maneuvers

    It confused me how Seska was smart enough to extract Chakotay's DNA but not enough to realize it didn't work. All that technology and she didn't think to stay out the Kazon's bed until she knew the DNA did its job. (I'm guessing it would've been similar to in-vitro) All that scheming and posturing to have a plot reversal at the last minute. Seemed like the writers didn't know what they were doing. The plot seemed to be leading to Chakotay having a son on board the ship. It could have made sense if the whole "DNA extraction" was just a con job by Seska & her Kazon lover to lure Voyager into a trap.
  13. Persistence of Vision

    There's a lot of rumours regarding what Chakotay dreamed about. I thought it was interesting to see a peek in the characters' thoughts and dreams. The later seasons got away from that.
  14. Elogium

    But now Janeway knows where to go for mating advice! Seriously though if Kes is an example of an Ocompa in heat, (sweaty, black circles, swollen tongue...) I'm surprised their species didn't die out long ago. Plus the fact that they only have one child in their life ???? should've wiped them out in a short time.
  15. Voyager vids on Youtube.

    Definately. Especially the SMURF!