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  1. What if Enterprise was encoded 4:3 on DVD?

    Here in Australia, Shock Entertainment is releasing The Bill on DVD. The show switched to 16:9 early in series 15 yet Shock didn't start encoding the DVDs in 16:9 until Series 19. A number of fans have asked them when all 26 seasons are released to go back and re-do 15-18 in its native 16:9 format and they've said "those series' will always be in 4:3." What we don't understand is why the licence holder which is FremantleMedia didn't provide them with the correct masters? For this show, Shock have clearly put quantity above quality.
  2. Since this show was made in widescreen, what would people have done if Paramount encoded the last two seasons on DVD in a cropped 4:3 format and they said "they will always be in 4:3"?
  3. I remember reading that Brannon Braga originally wanted to start the show like First Flight where they wouldn't start exploring until the second season but the studio told him "No,we want you to get them exploring right away" just with them wanting to cancel the show half-way through season 2. I think Brannon should've told them "Now hang on a minute. We wanted to do the show differently but we agreed to do it your way and now you want to cancel it in the middle of season 2?" So, how would the show have been if it was done the way Brannon wanted to do it? For example, how is Hoshi an expert in exo-linguistics when at the time they had only met two alien races? Maybe we could've seen her as a translator during diplomatic negotiations and be told that she has a knack for picking up new languages.
  4. I would've preferred to buy a 2-disc Special Edition with heaps of extras like the last one. My mum has seen both of these new movies and she wouldn't watch the last one again but would watch this one a second time.
  5. Regarding the ships on Marcus's desk, the first time I watched this movie I noticed them instantly (Cochrane's warp ship, the NX-01, the Warp 3 test ship from "First Flight" etc). When my mum and I sat and watched this on Blu-ray the other day, I had to point them out to her. I asked her if they looked familiar and she said "They're just ships".
  6. I don't know if it was intended but did anyone notice the uniform for Admira's Pike and Marcus looked very similiar to Kirk's admiral uniform from TMP?
  7. I watched this for the first time on Blu-ray last night and I quite enjoyed it. Alice Eve as Carol was definitely the highlight of the movie, especially in her blue Starfleet uniform.
  8. Question About Packaging

    I have a question for everyone. If the Star Trek season DVDs/Blu-rays were released in digi-style packaging with an outer slipcase, would the slipcase deter you from purchasing? Also Enterprise is considered to be the least popular series so if Paramount gave the digi-style packging with slipcases to the other series, would they leave the slipcases off this series due to it not being popular?
  9. I was watching the Starfleet Access segment for "The Trouble with Tribbles" on Blu-ray last night and I thought, why don't the producers hire Garfield and Judith-Reeves Stevens to write the next movie? They seem to know their Star Trek.
  10. If Benedict was Gary Mitchell and Alice was Dr Dehner, I might've seen this movie. They would've looked like those characters. About that underwear scene, look at Rachel Nichols and Zoe in the previous movie and Megan Fox in the first two Transformers movies. It's like Roberto and Alex are deliberately aiming at the teen male audience.
  11. About the scene with Carol Marcus in her underwear, I'm not at all surprised Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman wrote this. Also, should Alice Eve had been Dr Dehner?
  12. DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art

    But wouldn't it be considered misleading by putting a character on the cover art when they don't arrive for several years? Say Ezri on the cover of Season 4. Here in Australia, it is a product guarantee breach of the Australian Consumer Law to have any misleading information on product packaging. That includes DVD cover art as well.
  13. DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art

    So, is everyone saying that Paramount would never put a character on a season's cover art if they weren't even in it? For example, Beverly Crusher on the cover of TNG Season 2?
  14. I love this movie. I've never found anything bad about it. My only hope is that Paramount finally allows William Shatner to release his preferred version of the movie.
  15. DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art

    I would just like to ask everyone if we'd ever see this on the cover art of the different releases: - TNG: Guinan on cover of Season 1 - DS9: Ezri on the cover art of Season 6 - VOY: Seven on the cover of Season 2 The distributor who designs the covers says for the characters on the cover art do not necessarily have to be ones who are in that season, but can be anyone from the show as a whole. Hence, my example. Would Paramount ever do this? If not, why?