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  1. Sarah Connor Chronicles

    This show turned out surprisingly more addictive than I thought it would. And I kinda feel bad for some of the cast members; here they are, working their asses off and Summer Glau steals the whole show. I mean, I'm impressed with Lena and all, but Cameron OWNS that show. She's the reason I started watching it in the first place.
  2. Amen!! As long as Jack and Barbarossa are back--and Tia Dalma/Calypso in some quirky. freaky cameo--I don't care about Will and Elizabeth. But yay--Pirates 4!!!!
  3. The Collective Vs The Assembly

    As Seven once said in answer to every question Janeway posed to her when they first met, "We are Borg."
  4. Girl trouble...sorta.

    Oh, goodness me!
  5. Girl trouble...sorta.

    Which quirks?
  6. Girl trouble...sorta.

    Ultimatums can be funny. I've never been in a sitch where I was issued the "it's them or me" type of ultimatum. I got a different kind. This guy I was seeing covered his dorm walls with porn (actual porn) and called them art. His attitude with everything was always, "if you don't like it, leave." So I left and never came back. Haven't spoken to him since. Hear tell, he doesn't like that too much. Asked a friend of mine to relay his apologies. <cough>loser<cough>
  7. Girl trouble...sorta.

    LMAO Dude--your dating life should be a documentary. The girls sound like they're not sure what they want...just yet. Where I am, they all just want to get married (make me yak!) and they don't care whom they marry, or that all the girls they invited can't stand them. What is it with us anyway?
  8. Girl trouble...sorta.

    Well, that's always good.
  9. Just a note to say HELLO!

  10. Girl trouble...sorta.

    Oooooooh, I just hate those.
  11. Hellas

    See, I knew that would do the trick.
  12. Past Prologue

    I like the Duras sisters! I wish we'd gotten to see B'Etor try to mate with more people.
  13. Babel

    I liked how Kira "convinced" the Bajoran scientist to cure the Babel virus.
  14. Hellas

    Perhaps we could start nominating Klingons.
  15. Favorite TNG Episode

    I can't choose. It's too difficult. *sigh* I guess I really dig the episode when the TNG crew wakes the 21st century people and have to explain the future--and the Romulan Empire--to them. I guess by using folks from our century, the writers made me I feel like I was there and for a split second, Romulans were real. When Data explains the Neutral Zone and says, "...the Romulan Empire," I always get chills.