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  1. I just became a dad

    However did I miss this? Congrats and good luck! Parenthood is the greatest adventure offered us ordinary humans. The greatest part of it is, I think, discovering the unique qualities of each individual person and their likes and dislikes. Some children show a marked preference for things very early. How are you doing now that you've been a parent for about six months?
  2. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    A wonderful finale, but I'll really miss this show. I think that this finale beat all but a handful of TOS episodes in my book. Admittedly I need a rewatch, but I think the final two parter was more poignant than any TOS episode, with the sole exception of The City on the Edge of Forever.
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Binge watched GoT, so we've already started on the 5th season. At this rate, we're done before December starts, never mind Christmas...
  4. Rate the show in order of preference

    DS9: I was a fan of serial shows before they became a "thing". One of my favorites is Babylon 5, although nowadays I mostly watch it for the mid-90s nostalgia. I confess that one of the reasons why I love DS9 so much is its similarity to B5. I don't mind staying in one place, as it just means a larger recurring supporting cast. Strong, if not always likable characters with actual character development. Bashir was a very different man in season 7 than he was in season 1. TNG: This is the show I really grew up on although I remember watching TOS in reruns in the mid-80s. The ugly beige decor bothers me a bit, because the poor Enterprise looks like a cheap hotel that got its last redecoration in the 80s. Still, the show features interesting characters and great stories. ENT: This is IMO the most uneven of the shows. It has great episodes and almost unwatchable ones, but the wonderful 4th season makes the effort worth while. TOS: This one started it all, but the overt misogynistic 60s attitudes make the show hard to watch at times. That said, it's a product of its time and manages to tell quite a number of great stories, so I guess I'll forgive the clunkers (Turnabout Intruder, Spock's Brain, Space Seed). That said, I'm a huge fan of STC, which feels like a genuine continuation of the original. VOY: While this show has a few gems, I have to sift through a lot of rubbish to find them. My biggest gripe with the show is that it seems like such a huge step backwards after DS9, even if there was a lot of potential. They couldn't run to the nearest Starfleet base when they got into trouble but had to make it on their own, the conflict with the Maquis was resolved far too quickly, or rather it wasn't, they were just integrated into the command structure and everything went smoothly after that. The characters are bland and uninteresting for the most part, Janeway is poorly written, which is a shame because her character could have been great. Too much use of the big red reboot button. And Seven completely ruined the Borg as villains for me. I wonder how DSC stacks up against these... I guess what I'm hoping for is something akin to Battlestar Galactica, where all actions have consequences, only with a lot more optimism for the future. After all, if it's all doom and gloom, it can't be Star Trek...
  5. I got the coolest mom

  6. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    GoT. We've already started on season 4...
  7. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Great episode, loved it. I'm happy we don't have all that long to wait for the conclusion, but man, I would have loved to see a few more episodes...
  8. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Saw it last night and it was brilliant. Wonderful script and great acting. Looking forward to pt. 2.
  9. I enjoyed the original very much, even the panned middle episodes of the second season. So far, I've seen the first five episodes of the third season and my feelings are mixed to say the least. Lynch is a genius in my book, but sometimes the line between genius and crazy is very thin indeed. In the early episodes at least they spend far too much time away from the town of Twin Peaks. Kyle MacLachlan is proving to be an amazing actor, although his scenes as Dougie Jones make me squirm in my seat. I just want Cooper to be as he was before the Black Lodge...
  10. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    I want to see it again, but I'll wait for the blu-ray. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the soundtrack, which was much too discordant for my taste. I love the Vangelis soundtrack of the original.
  11. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    Blade Runner 2049. Amazing movie and a worthy sequel to the original. I actually enjoyed this one more than the original.
  12. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    We've been watching Twin Peaks: The Return on HBO Nordic. It's good, but so weird that I need a drink or two to watch it. Last week we also started on GoT. My husband has been wanting to watch it for quite some time already, while I've been less than enthusiastic. The first episode was good, and not as graphic as I'd feared. Very angsty, though, so it's best enjoyed in small doses.
  13. Happy 94th to one of the "Hidden Figures."

    Happy Birthday! I'm just so happy she's around to enjoy the public acknowledgment of her work.
  14. Phew, it's great to be back!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Great to HAVE you back... Sorry about the glitches that kept you away. :(

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      Good to see you, maneth!

  15. Profit and Loss

    Episode Name: Profit and Loss Episode Number: 18 Production Number: 438 Season: 2 Director: Robert Wiemer --- A Cardassian woman who was Quark's flame in the past arrives on the station. Quark is willing to do almost anything to get her back. -- I enjoyed this episode, it was wonderful to see that Quark has a softer side and is capable of feeling something more than mere greed. Sadly things don't quite turn out the way he would have preferred.
  16. Roger Moore: RIP

    He was my first Bond as well.
  17. Shadowplay

    Episode Name: Shadowplay Episode Number: 15 Production Number: 435 Season: 2 Director: Robert Scheerer --- Odo and Jax try to solve the mystery of a planet whose population is disappearing without explanation. They are not who they think they are.
  18. I Did A Horrible Star Wars Thing

    I felt horribly let down by the prequel movies when I first watched them. I remember coming out of the theater after seeing TPM and thinking "I wonder what the heck that was, but it sure wasn't Star Wars". AotC is my least favorite SW film so far (haven't seen The Clone Wars movie). RotS is somewhat better, I think, even if it was dark and dreary. That said, I've been able to enjoy the movies somewhat on subsequent viewings, but they certainly don't bring me the sort of pleasure that the OT, or even TFA and R1, do. I always feel sorry for Jake Lloyd. He was put in a very tough situation by a director who isn't very good at directing people by all accounts, and in addition, he had to act mostly before a green screen. So I tend to cut him a lot of slack. The "romance" between Anakin and Padmé made me squirm, mostly because it was so completely free of any on-screen chemistry. Again, this was something the director wanted, since from what I've read about making AotC and RotS, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman got along well with each other and enjoyed each other's company behind the scenes, but they were't allowed to show it. I don't understand what Lucas thought when he wanted the acting to be intentionally bland. Especially combined with the painfully clunky and cliché-ridden dialog. I do like the theory presented upthread about Padmé's death being due to the dark side of the force draining her of life force, makes a lot more sense than just dying of a broken heart. However, Padmé wasn't a force user and didn't really understand it, so maybe she thought she was dying of a broken heart. My favorite parts of RotS include the scenes with Palpatine just after he's turned, because there Christensen does a decent job of mimicking the movements of Darth Vader in his suit. The clenched fists particularly.
  19. Armageddon Game

    Episode Name: Armageddon Game Episode Number: 13 Production Number: 433 Season: 2 Director: Winrich Kolbe --- Bashir and O'Brien work to rid two alien races who have made peace after centuries of war of their most dangerous weapon. Little do they know that there's a plot to assassinate everyone who knows anything about those weapons.
  20. Whispers

    Episode Name: Whispers Episode Number: 14 Production Number: 434 Season: 2 Director: Les Landau --- After a security mission, O'Brien finds that things have changed on the station. Everyone seems to be against him. And for a good cause, it turns out.
  21. Paradise

    Episode Name: Paradise Episode Number: 15 Production Number: 435 Season: 2 Director: Corey Allen --- Sisko and O'Brien find themselves stranded on a planet where Federation tech won't work. The colony has rejected technology but the whole colony is rotten at the core...
  22. The Collaborator

    Episode Name: The Collaborator Episode Number: 24 Production Number: 444 Season: 2 Director: Cliff Bole --- Two candidates for the Bajoran position of Kai face off on the station: Vedek Bareil and Vedek Winn. Both are determined to win the position, but Winn is more ruthless and accuses Bareil of being a collaborator during the Cardassian occupation. --- The accusations turn out to be false, but only at the cost of revealing Kai Opaka as the instigator of the collaborations, since she elected to allow 43 people to be killed in order to save thousands. Vedek Bareil chooses not to tell, effectively handing over the Kai position to Winn. I suspect that this episode is loved by some and equally detested by others. A lot of the politics can get tiresome after a while, but I found it nonetheless interesting to watch all that scheming.
  23. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    My condolences, Robin. Losing a friend is hard. I'm optimistic on Discovery. The trailer looked great.
  24. I enjoyed Prelude to Axanar, and I'm really sad they pretty much spoiled things for ST fan movies, with the single exception of STC. I'm just so happy they'll get to complete the 11 episodes.
  25. Really enjoying my new QHD (2560*1440 pixels) screen!

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Makes me want to throw my 1080p 43" TV straight into the trash...:P

    2. maneth