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  1. D'oh! Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Given the fact that Discovery isn't going to be broadcast anywhere, a new fan can jump in at any time and then go back to watch the show from the beginning on the streaming service. So I expect that they'll lean heavily towards serialization, with binge watchers as the ideal long-term audience. That said, they need something to pull in viewers in the first place. As a Trek fan living outside the US, I have no idea what else NBC is going to offer on its streaming service except Discovery and how much they have invested in the show as a way to get people to sign up for the service.
  3. Pretty much all of TOS is linear storytelling. Most Trek episodes since have at least an A and a B story, and possibly C and occasionally D (maybe just a scene or two) as well. I don't think DSC is going to do completely linear storytelling over a whole season, but rather, episodes where the main story is interleaved with more episode specific scenes, or vice versa. DS9 and Babylon 5 did this really well.
  4. Gone With The Wind on blu-ray. Beautiful.
  5. That was weird... It took me forever to post anything yesterday, I hope it's only temporary.
  6. Yeah, this round avi default is stupid. But I'm very glad to be back!
  7. Great to be back!

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      Welcome back! ;)

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  8. Such a good movie. One of my all-time favorites. I've watched it more times than I can count; it's an instant pick-me-up. I've watched it so many times by now that if I want to watch it again, I'll have to wait until my husband and son go camping and leave me in peace.
  9. MacGyver, The Wish Child. Featuring memorable guest performances by George Takei and Tia Carrere.
  10. This is so sad. I remember him best as Fred Haise in Apollo 13.
  11. Yay! This is wonderful news. I'm over the moon.
  12. Gisele certainly looks the part, but can she act? That should be the first and last consideration in any casting decision...
  13. Welcome aboard. Have fun!
  14. Welcome aboard! Post long and prosper. My favorite Trek is DS9. I like them all, although I have to admit that some of VOY is tough going. At its best it's great, but the great episodes are, IMO, few and far between. I tend to prefer long story arcs over episodic shows, so VOY makes me feel like it was a missed opportunity. I'm also a fan of well-made fan productions, such as Star Trek: Horizon and Star Trek Continues (see my avatar).
  15. STID. This one improved a lot on second viewing.
  16. RIP A great talent is gone.
  17. Welcome back!
  18. Welcome back!
  19. Started the second season of the X-files on the weekend. Both episodes have familiar names, Little Green Men (DS9) and The Host (TNG). The latter featured Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral on BSG). We also watched the following episode, Blood. William Sanderson did a great job as a very disturbed man.
  20. Wow, Mutai, that must have been amazing.
  21. Ah, the one nearly all of us love to hate. :lol: To think they considered casting the guy who played Okona as Riker! *shudder*
  22. ST09. I like this movie more every time I rewatch it. My original disappointment seems to fade and I can enjoy it for what it is, rather than missing things that I originally looked for and that weren't there. The lens flare is a lot easier to handle on a 50 in TV than on a movie screen too.
  23. I would have been surprised if STB had made it to the top ten...
  24. For me, the lips and voice being out of sync completely destroys the experience. I can deal with it if it's animation, where lip sync is approximate at best anyway, but live action? Yuck! I tried to watch The X-files and Babylon 5 dubbed into Spanish when I lived there, but I just couldn't do it. But then, I'm a fast reader so I have plenty of time to concentrate both on the reading and the actors' faces. The Muppet Show taught me to read faster than anything else could, way back when.
  25. Yeah, R1 is still pulling in the crowds.