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  1. so much stuff to do, so little summer vacation... :sigh:

    1. Sim


      What are your plans? :)

    2. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Enjoy what you can of it!


  2. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    yesterday, i watched the latest episode of Castle with the parents. and also the series premiere o that new BBC America show Atlantis. also caught episodes of Farscape and Dr. Quinn at my dogsitting client's house after being at the parents'.
  3. What does your desktop look like?

    showcasing my current obsession (and inspiration for my NaNoWriMo novel plot)....seaQuest's Ben Krieg and Katie Hitchcock: it needs to be resized as its original size is like 1240x1060 or something and i think my default view is 1024xsomething else. as you can see on the top left, the words cut off on the edges. but at this point, i dun care abt the words--and neither does the muse, LOL.
  4. The Church of Space Totty

    :waves to Mish: (thanks, Plexus! ) THERE you are! now i don't mind playing hide and seek with you, Rhiohr, but just tell me before you hide, okay?
  5. The Church of Space Totty

    dungeons are downstairs. pretty sure they were added during the last expansion. :hears Vare cussing and winces: Well, Garak's in deep shit. They better batten down the hatches on the station when she gets there... anyone seen Rhiohr, btw??
  6. The Church of Space Totty

    :wanders in and trips over something: OWDAMNIT. what is this box doing in the middle of the doorway??
  7. Star Trek: Voyager - The Reboot

    so i saw this thread linked in your sig. and i like what you have so far! i'll join the others in saying that the brig scene is the best so far. i'll be interested to see your take on Chakotay's conversation with Kathryn over making B'Elanna chief engineer.
  8. Star Trek: Abandoned - season three

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEE YOU UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry it took me several days to get here...schoolwork and last weekend was crazy-busy, with two dogsitting jobs and running all around town. gah!!) SO! this was REALLY fascinating. i liked how there's so much confusion about how it worked and Eyrn's dancing around the subject. ALSO, very intriguing how his and Nathan's minds interconnected, so now Nathan knows about Eyrn's feelings for Tom. hehe. as an aside, poor T'Sora. i know what crossed her mind abt the same time it crossed mine. re: the teaser for ep twelve: :goggle: um, what are they doing?? (besides the obvious, that is) Will is not gonna be a very happy camper when he finds this out.... ep twelve, act one can be summed up in two words: oh SHIT. and finally.... :taps foot:
  9. new signature banner requests?

    i'm not sure how that answers my question
  10. What Do You Look Like?

    well since the last picture i probly posted was eons ago....have a more recent one. for those who have known me for years, yes i've lost weight. post-surgery trauma will do that to you :/ and when i got better, i started Weight Watchers. the kitty on my shoulders is Janice, one of our adoptees at the rescue i volunteer. (i still have Meru but she'd never do that pose! and she's too heavy! Janice is a delicate lil thing)
  11. don't know if any members of the signature team are active anymore.... but i found the one and only seaQuest banner and i was hoping i could ask for some more to be made? also, there are no NCIS ones :pout: just wondering if those could be made. i would be happy to hunt down seaQuest photos in exchange for the banners being added to the Omega Sector collection. thx!
  12. ssoooo many members so few posters....

    i got sick last summer and i've been busy in seaQuest fandom lately, plus i also am back in school. but it was largely my health that kept me away. i might try to occasionally post if i can remember to do so
  13. Star Trek: Abandoned - season three

    :looks in: :realizes just where you left off: :POUT:
  14. The Catsuit Conundrum

    sticking my head in here to say i agree with everything Plexus (yes i'm still used to callin you that! lol) said. my current obsession (or maybe i should say re-obsession) is seaQuest for anyone who remembers that show. now things got screwed with in second and esp third season but in the first, things were great. now there were only two female main cast members BUT they were both treated with respect as far as i could tell. Katie Hitchcock (who was the chief engineer and played by Stacy Haiduk) was strong, sassy and flat out brilliant. Kristin Westphalen (CMO/head of the science team, played by Stephanie Beacham, formerly of Dallas fame) had a couple-three degrees in various marine sciences in addition to her vast medical knowledge. she too was brilliant, outspoken in a lot of her opinions, and wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with anyone, be it the military higher-ups or a villain. neither actress was made to wear catsuits of any sort. in fact, i think the sexiest thing we saw was each of them in a swimsuit one time each. Katie's was a simple metallic blue one-piece, Kristin's was a black and white one piece. (this may be edited if i recall anything else!) Kristin's slowly blooming relationship with Captain Bridger wasn't done for ratings was a natural progression--and attracted a HUGE following, some of which still exists today. Katie didn't have any onscreen relationships, but there was quite a lot of (sadly) unused potential UST between her and Ben Krieg (supply officer AND her former husband, heh). i'll end my babbling by just wondering aloud why Trek's TPTB can't take a hint from examples like seaQuest's first season and use it to their advantage.
  15. Star Trek: Abandoned fivers

    OMG my face hurts....i'm dying. that was fabulous! thanks for the Abandoned treat! (now what about the actual we get more of those any time soon?? :bats eyes: )