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  1. Festive greetings

    I can watch DS9 over and over however I've only watched Enterprise once all the way through. It had it's ups and downs (and I certainly preferred it to Voyager!!) but overall, it wasn't so great. I can rewatch most of TNG too, although it does seem a little dated, it's still enjoyable. DS9 is actually my all time favourite TV show, not just Star Trek. The character development is excellent and they're likeable too, makes such a big difference.
  2. Festive greetings

    Hey Mr.P!!!!!!! Nice to see you're still around. "waves" back!! How are things with you? Thanks for the greetings everyone. Yes, Garak could certainly spice up an episode, it's no wonder they decided to make him pretty much one of the main cast in the end. One of Trek's best creations. Look forward to talking to you all about Trek and other things.
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Humans. I've also been watching The Crown on Netflix, one episode left. Interesting to see the Queen in a different light.
  4. Festive greetings

    Just a quite introduction, I'm not new as such, but I haven't been here for quite some time (couple of years maybe?!) I don't know if any of the same people are still around, but anyway. I shall get myself reacquainted. I'm a big Garak fan, and DS9 is my favourite series. Not mad about the new version but it could be worse! Looking forward to seeing what the new series is like!
  5. Looking back at DS9 20 years on

    I hated B5, I recently tried to give it another go but I still hate it!!
  6. What if Doctor Who had been an American TV show

    No offence but it just wouldn't have worked, or at least it would be a completely different sort of show. I must admit though I do like some of the choices so if anyone out there fancies having a stab at an American version!! Christopher Walken what a dream that would be! Gene Wilder, enough to give kids nightmares I'd say he'd be so scary (but fantastic)! Jeff Goldblum, I can see that, the Dr does like to babble. Nicolas Cage?!?!? That would be the year I stopped watching as I can't stand him! What about Robert Downey Jr, he could be the David Tennant equivalent I'd say. I must admit I've never heard of some of those actors though so couldn't comment on whether they'd be any good or not. Safe to say though it's British through and through, Torchwood is what the American version would be like.
  7. Doctor Who: Your favorite Doctor

    Being an oldie I grew up watching Tom Baker so for me he IS the Dr. He's just so perfect for the role, you can believe that he's an alien!! One of the stories my mum likes to tell (you know what they're like!) is how scared I was of Dr Who when I was little, but it was Tom Baker in the opening credits that scared me not the monsters - lol. However, my favourite dr to watch is David Tennant. Just fantastic. As most of you feel the same I don't need to elaborate...... My 3rd favourite is Peter Davison which not many have mentioned but for me I loved his youthful outlook but still with the wisdom of someone who has lived a very very long time. I suppose he followed on from TB as well and I was slightly older then so appreciated it a bit more and I loved him in All Creatures Great and Small so had a soft spot for him already. My least favourites are Jon Pertwee (my husband's fave as that's who he grew up with but I can't take someone in those clothes seriously!!) and Sylvester McCoy, I actually stopped watching Dr Who then as it was so awful, didn't help I couldn't stand Ace either. Seriously bad!!
  8. Looking back at DS9 20 years on

    You've obviously had the same experience as me. I think part of it as well could be what others have said about Voyager, that on second viewing you already know it's awful so you're prepared and it means it doesn't seem quite so awful as first time round. There are several episodes of DS9 that I was prepared to hate and maybe that's why they didn't seem so bad. Like The Storyteller, it was a poor episode but I didn't hate it. I guess 2nd time round O'brien was already a favourite character so I probably looked at it differently, I think any episode he's a main part of shines as he's just so fab! As for DS9 as a whole, I've always thought it's the characters that have sold it (the story arcs helped them develop even more). As most of you have said to not only have a great main cast but for the supports to be fantastic too!! Well, I can only think of The West Wing where I've seen that happen. In fact, alot of the secondary characters are better (Garak, need I say more! ) That's where the other series fall down, TOS and TNG did have good main characters but the others were weak (apart from maybe Barclay + Q) but with Voyager, crumbs even the main characters were bland and one dimensional. I just couldn't get into that series because I didn't like anyone and there was no spark. I liked Enterprise to start with but then they seemed to cast aside most of the characters and it ended up only being about 3. I don't know why they changed the format but it quickly went down the toilet IMO. If you look at the characters from any of the series and see what they were like at the start compared to the end it's only on DS9 where they've grown. Anyway, DS9, fantastic in the 90's, even more fantastic in the erm, 10's?!? (that doesn't sound right - lol).
  9. They just showed the last episode of DS9 on the UK Syfy channel yesterday, I've been watching it again right from the start. (It's still sad when it's all over ). It's interesting though, because when DS9 was first shown I was in my early 20's. My perspective, tastes and the way I see things have obviously changed with age. (I'm now 42). While I was watching the series I would groan thinking 'oh I remember, I hated this episode' but on watching it again 20 years later I didn't hate it, in fact there were very few episodes I didn't enjoy. I'm still not that keen on ones centring on Klingons but the Emissary ones weren't as bad as I remembered and Vic Fontaine was nowhere near as vile as I remember - lol. In those days I couldn't wait for the series to be aired and I used to queue every other Tuesday for WHSmith to open so I could buy my video (yes VHS in those days!!! ). If it was a Vic episode I would curse my bad luck and think what a waste of money and now I have to wait a whole fortnight to see a decent episode!!! Even Keiko wasn't as annoying! Perhaps because I've had the experience of being a wife, I don't know. Characters who I loved first time round I didn't love quite so much (Odo and Bashir) some I loved even more (Quark and of course Garak!!) Sisko wasn't the crazy weirdo I remembered him to be but a passionate well balanced man who wasn't controlled by the letter of the law but by logic and reason, nothing is black and white. It's interesting how 20 years of life experience and maturity changes your perception, your ability to empathise and get enjoyment from something. It makes me want to take the same journey with Voyager or Enterprise as I was never so keen on them (and actively hated Voyager!!) Has anyone else found this?? Of course there are individual episodes I've revisited over the years (mostly Garak ones ) but watching the whole series through again was quite a different experience. It's always been my favourite show of all time, and not just my fave ST show, and now, I love it even more!!!
  10. Hippocratic Oath - DS9. I've been watching the rerun on SyFy, great to watch it all again right from the start. Funny how some episodes I found disappointing at the time I didn't mind, perhaps because I was prepared for their awulness?! lol. Course, once we get to Vic Fontaine I don't think anything will make those ones seem OK. ;-)
  11. The Wire

    LOL!!!!! I think it would've taken multiple Garak episodes to improve Voyager - lol.
  12. Rate this Series: Deep Space Nine

    I just started watching DS9 again right from the start as they've been repeating it on the Scifi channel. Up to Season 3 now I think. What I've been surprised is episodes that I thought I couldn't stand actually don't seem that bad to me now. Perhaps it's because my expectations were lower - lol. But really loving watching it right through again, I've seen some individual episodes numerous times (no prizes for guessing all the Garak ones - lol) but never right through since the first time. Still my fave series of all time.
  13. "Tell Morn your problems"

    Hey Morn, long time no see. No problems to report, just thought I'd stop by and share a bottle of kanar. What do you mean, 'yuk it smells like fish?!'
  14. Who else is addicted to Facebook?

    I haven't been on FB that long, maybe a year or so. In the end I joined because so many old friends were asking me if I was on it. It has been a good way of catching up with friends I hadn't spoken to in years but I wouldn't say I was obsessed. To be honest most of the stuff people post is complete crap. Links to videos, comments about what they had for dinner, photos of kids that I have absolutely no interest in seeing.
  15. Halloween Costume Ideas

    It amazes me how into it Americans are, from what I can gather from TV and forums. We didn't have anyone come round this year at all, perhaps the bad weather put them off. I must admit I hate the term 'trick or treat' as well. When I was little it was called guising and you had to recite a poem or sing a song and then someone rewarded you with monkey nuts, apples, satsumas, sweets or money. Now they just knock on your door and hold our their bag for a fist full of sweets!! And we used turnips not pumpkins, bah, it's not like the old days.