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  1. The Orville

    So far the stories, themes, settings, music and even commercial breaks are pure 90's Trek and I love it. The fact that this and DIS are on at the same time is an excellent balance. What a time to be alive!
  2. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    I agree that this doesn't feel like Trek yet, but there are five other series' that the feel like Trek. I'm digging the differences.
  3. Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR Game

    When this comes out it'd be nice if there was somewhere for Omega Sector members to get together on PS4 - not sure how that would work...
  4. DISCOVERY Delayed Again ? No Release Date ?

    I get my car serviced beside one of the stages DIS is being filmed on here in Toronto. One day when I was picking it up I saw three or four crew members dragging out a side door what appeared to be a larger black board of some sort, roughly 12 feet longer by 6 feet high. Whatever it was it looked promising!!!1!
  5. Quick thoughts... I saw Into Darkness yesterday on the IMAX in 3D (first IMAX 3D experience) and I thought it was a well-made (not without it's issues, of course) entertaining summer blockbuster that delivers for both fans and non-fans alike. I consider myself a casual fan of TOS, but slightly more so when it comes to the TOS movies. With that said, I thought Into Darkness captured the spirit of the relationships between the crew and pays tribute to the original cannon respectably, but most importantly it was entertaining throughout. (3D conversion was worth the effort and worked well for the most part, as did the decision to shoot on film, yet again) The additions of Cumberbach and the great Peter Weller to the cast were absolutely killer. Cumberbach's a force who'll continue to rise onto to greater things and who's future I look forward to, as long as keeps working on the excellent Sherlock series on BBC. As for Weller, he never fails to deliver and I'm glad to see him back with a significant role in such a huge movie, taking a break from his college teaching gig (that's right, he has his Master's Degree in Roman and Renaissance Art). It'll be interesting to see what happens to the franchise moving forward without Abrahams at the helm. On a slightly more trivial note, the lens flair seems to be big issue for people yet again with this one. I didn't find it that distracting unless you're looking for it. Everything else (story, character interaction, big explosions and pretty colours) was enough to keep me from really noticing. 8/10
  6. Trek writer Rob Bolivar and Doug Drexler (VFX guru and designer of the NX-01) have launched their own campaign to get Enterprise back for a fifth season. Check it out below:
  7. Missing content

    Okay, I'll keep looking. It just when I dig through my profile into the post history, I can't seem to get very deep...
  8. Missing content

    It wouldn't be any more than four years, but I'm not sure of dates or anything. They're just some posts and topics I was looking to revisit. I didn't realize they'd be removed over time.
  9. Missing content

  10. Missing content

    It's been awhile since I've posted here, but much of my old posts and topics have seemed to have disappeared. Has there been any content removed from the forums over the past year, or so? Or has it been relocated? My apologies if this has been address in the past, but like I've mentioned, it's been awhile.
  11. "Firefly" returns to syndication on Science Channel

    Yes, that news source nearly gave me a heart attack. Any Firefly news is good news to me.
  12. The new Dr Who.

    Thanks for the responses everyone, but regardless of where I start, it'll have to go on the back burner for now. I'm still working my way through DS9, Enterprise, B5, Farscape, and SG:ATL, not to mention the non-Sci-Fi stuff.
  13. Re-Animator

    From Beyond is sick! I love it. I'm a horror fanatic and Re-Animator is definitely in my top ten. It's a must see for any Combs fans. *Viewer discretion is advised, BIG TIME. *
  14. The new Dr Who.

    Simple question from a Who Newb: Should I start from the beginning (2005), or pick up a specific season and go from there? I ask because I know that I would love the current show, but don't want to start watching it if I need previous seasons to get what's happening. I normally wouldn't ask such a question regarding a show that's in it's fifth season, but I thought that perhaps each Doctor has his own mytho and it'd be okay start with say Tennant instead of Eccleston.
  15. Farscape Guy

    That's brilliant!