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  1. if

    Something quiet which doesn't require to make life-or-death choices and far away from crowded places... Night-shift engineering maintenance ?
  2. Butterfly Effect

    I hope he'll be worth waiting Here's an 'exclusive' overview of my work on Hesperide : (She's still missing hair and eyelashes )

    Nice job
  4. It could be a horrible time, but my daughter's smile enlighten anything :)

  5. It could be a horrible time, but my daughter's smile enlighten anything :)

  6. Omega Sector Closing Down

    It felt like heart attack for a while, you fooled me
  7. Scarface School Play

    I wonder if those kids watched the movie or if it was their parents' idea... and I wonder which one is worst
  8. Butterfly Effect

    I have a feeling they haven't lost much. The french TV is getting from horrible to worse lately. They're cancelling all the good shows or making an awful french voices that ruin everything. Or adding a weird opening like for "Heroes" : Usually we have choice between "Derrick", 100th repeat of "CSI : Miami" or some cheesy soap-opera At least, with all the cheesy stuff they're broadcasting, I could actually have my chance with Hesperide
  9. Butterfly Effect

    Vardon is still a part of the crew in Hespride's Fall. We hope to find a TV channel for this series. But I doubt that it will be shown in other countries than France. If everything goes right, I'll post episodes here (with English subtitles of course). I hope someone would give a damn about this series
  10. Butterfly Effect

    I apologise to my readers, Mrs P and Starfire. There will be no further writing of this fan fiction. It will become the "Hesperide's Fall" animated series, not related to Star Trek.
  11. ST:O

    I stopped playing STO. There's no more time for it, and I found it too expensive for what it is.
  12. What TNG Charrie are you?

    Worf 67% Jean Luc Picard 58% Geordi La Forge 58% Wesley Crusher 50% Commander Riker 50% Deanna Troi 42% Lt. Commander Data 25% Dr Beverly Crusher 0% I rather disagree with Worf, I think I'm closer to Geordi and Deanna.
  13. Omega Sector Fleet?

    Got a title of Ambassador for my character and the NX identification for my starship