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  1. What did you get for christmas?

    Assassin's Creed Revelations, Jack Daniels, new Converse and moneys!
  2. Merry Christmas from TheChronicOne

    Merry Christmas!
  3. Michael Dorn make appearance in Fallout 2

    He was in the latest one too! :D
  4. Vulcan caught smiling in TVH

    Clearly smiling because he just met Shatner!
  5. Starship Creator

    It may be helpful to locate an older version of quicktime, more closer to the year of the game release. That helped me to run it as it does primarily run on Quicktime and its associated gubbins.
  6. ST:O Free to Play?

    Not so. STO is one of the most solo-able games i have ever played. The majority of the story and missions can be done alone. This is how i chose to play it. Makes the galaxy seem so much bigger too.
  7. Boo. I just found this video on youtube. Never seen it before, but I thought it was weird how Picard and Shinzon are sat in the NX armoury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YrQrvbvHDg&feature=player_embedded
  8. I just want them left alone. The films are not ruined by these new additions but they are un-needed. Vader shouting "No" is another example of how everything in this world seems to bet getting dumbed down. We know Vader was having a change on conscience, we do not him to spell it out. Next they will have Luke reading the 'How to be a Jedi' manual in appropriate scenes, then graft Jedi robes onto him in Return of the Jedi. Unwanted additions that simply water down the original films. I fear I may be turning into one of those 'There-is-no-other-Trek-after-the-original-series' type people.
  9. Irene

    We get none of this stuff: Earthquacks, hurricanes. If I could take some of this shit away from you guys, I would. Much love from across the Atlantic.
  10. New series being pitched to CBS

    There isn't much for us to go off there so I am just going to class this as hype. There isn't enough to whet my appetite here. I don't care about the races or what state they are in. I want to know the characters but the fact is I am not going to get any depth from characters that are 'young and edgy'. I don't think it is time for another Trek series. Five more years perhaps. Then I'll be ready to hand it in...
  11. East Coast Earthquake

  12. 1 Billion People in 12 Years

    Lets hope most of them are Women!
  13. Star Trek Theme Park to be built in Jordan

    I'd go in a heart beat. Risk it for a biscuit.