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  1. George Lucas won't make another Star Wars movie

    ..... There is a God
  2. New Star Trek XII cast member announced

    Doesn't he look a little lithe to be a Klingon? That's how I see him. *shrugs* It could work, though. They made Christopher Lloyd menacing enough as Kruge, so it's not entirely impossible. But the consensus on how a Klingon is depicted these days usually means bulging muscles and mean looks. This is JJ we're talking about love... you know with ridgless TATTOOHEADED time travling romulans...
  3. The 8th Doctor

    I don't know, I found the Eigth Doctor to be very pretty, but I suppose that eight died as a result of his wounds from the Time War, or something like that. Or simply died from broken hearts. Eight was a soft, and sweet fellow, and was pretty badly broken by the time he regenerated. He would have not been in any condition to run around being brilliant.
  4. Moffat announces shock Doctor Who departures...

    As the Doctor put it... "Her nights, well that's between her and me."
  5. William Shatner vs Carrie Fisher

    Plus, we all know Doctor Who beats them both
  6. "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" (March 2012)

    I personally think it looks good, even if they do water it down a lot I'm sure I'll end up seeing it. That's part of having a younger brother.
  7. Vulcan caught smiling in TVH

    He's trying to imitate proper human behaviour upon meeting someone new?
  8. YOU LIVE!!!!

    *glomps and kisses*

    oh baby, I missed you so much!

  9. Q got bored with Jean-Luc, so he's trolling the Ponies!

    you think the clip is awesome?! I just watched the whole episode... Discord is Q in the umm.... whatever he is... The whole epp is here see for yourselves everypony! He even snaps his fingers! And calls Celestia boring.
  10. Q got bored with Jean-Luc, so he's trolling the Ponies!

    *runs in circles squeeeing loudly* PONIES!!! Tomorrow Ponies Doctor Whooves will take care of hi PONIES!!! *runs into a tree*
  11. Doctor Who companions

    Amy and Rory for sure ^_^ I liked Mels (Who would become River Song) for the one epp we saw her. "YOU SHOT MY TARDIS!" So funny... ^_^ But I suppose she doesn't count as a companion.... Martha was fun, but Gary's right. She was always trying to get in Ten's pants.
  12. Halloween Costume Ideas

    Go as the elephant man! Wear a paper bag over your head ^_^ Or go as "white trash" and glue different sorts of disposable stuff to a white shirt. mmm..... Go as... umm... A WIZARD IN MUGGLE GARB!