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  1. is enjoying some Green Tea

  2. is enjoying some Green Tea

  3. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    TOS The Tholian Web
  4. Returning after a LONG absence

    Welcome Back Have a drink
  5. d'oh, d'oh, and triple d'oh

    What Glenn Said........
  6. Is Revenge of The Fallen This Bad?'s kinda Loopy fun
  7. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    TNG: Captain's Holiday Love it. Still makes me smile after all this time
  8. Rate this ship: Enterprise NX-01

    I give it a 7. Not my favorite, but not too shabby
  9. What are you doing?

    Listening to an old Michael Jackson CD I made a while back I sure enjoyed his music when he was a talented young Black man, and not the creepy White guy he later became....
  10. Five RIPs in a few days :(

    RIP MJ and FF I used to have Farrah's poster when I was a teenager And I've always enjoyed MJ's music
  11. Rate this Klingon Ship: Negh'Var Class

    I'd call that an intimidating ship!!
  12. Is there any need for another series?

    I myself would LOVE to see a new Animated series based on the NEW FRONTIER book series
  13. The Kitty Thread

    Chicken Cat!! I love it!! The Poultry Pussycat!
  14. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

  15. Caption 27 voting

    I too hath voted